Changed my blogskin again! Much wider space, can read better ^^
Daddy is back from China! Yay! My chauffeur & ATM is back!
Lol. Just kiddin'.

This picture is taken on my phone! Not bad rightttt

Went to the new mall near my house today! Wheeeee I love the North!
It's called myVillage@SerangoonGardens. It's not fully opened yet & quite small.
Met Melissa & Melinda there with their parents ; both of them went to NYP! Saw Jerrard + Jonathan too! They didn't see me though :/

The dining stores were not opened, so headed to Sushi Tei instead.

Mummy & I
Testing out the Pudding Camera app

I was bored so I started taking pictures. The most difficult task EVER is to take a photo with my brother!

Attempt #1

Attempt #2

I tried manymany times but ALL FAILED! I shake my head back & forth, I shake my head left & right *Sing's to Willow Smith's 'Whip my hair' tune. OK OUT OF TOPIC*

Changchangchangchang~ FOOD ARRIVED!

I super duperduper love this Chocolate Wafer they have!
Ever since my family got it complimentary because of some wrong order or something my dad complained to them about.... I FELL IN LOVE WITH IT!
I don't know why, I just love it! I've been craving for it since foreverrrrrrr.

Went to Dessert Bowl after that!

Nice effect right. RIGHT!?

Bro & I shared this Mango Pamelo

My maid's durian thing! Not bad!

Mum's weird pear thing with almond. Eeks, I don't like almond.

My favorite is still the 'Ai Yu Mango' dessert there, after the time I went with ZiEn & GuiLin (they recommended it!)


Any one of you here checks into Foursquare?
Well, I went home quite happily, but was in horror when I got home. Some bitch stole my Serangoon Gardens mayorship AGAIN! *curses & swears*

SERIOUSLY, WTF!? I only have mayorship to 2 places, that's pathetic enough. WHY MUST YOU SNATCH WITH ME!?

I was mayor & stole back the title from her so many times, I thought she got the hint. But NO, she just HAD to steal my mayorship!
Urghhhhhh! So mad pissed, but then again it's so stupid because it's just some virtual ownage of the place.

But you know what. I'm not gonna give up till I kick that ass out of my territory, I don't care how many times I'm gonna do it *sings & dances to 2PM's Again&Again*
Did a personality test recently, & it came out quite true!
My result is 'you are an advocating dreamer'.
Here's my full report! Check this out!
You can do it also, at! Hehe..

So.. Recently I've been on MC!

On Tues & Wed, hehe..

Headache & gastric (damn you menses!). I think I need to do a full body check up soon, because I've been getting regular headaches, urghhhhh.
As a Singaporean, I'm very KiaSi (scared of dying). I'm afraid that there's a tumor in my brain or something like they show in dramas. *CHOY! CHOY! dai ga lai xi! crosses fingers*
I hope the people around me & I will be fine. Take care of yourselves everyone!

Vitamin water, anyone?

Left is Fruit punch, Right is Dragon fruit flacoured!

Went Bugis with the monkey recently & ganged up with 3 Korean girls. Shouted "I LOVE VITAMIN WATER!" & got these for free! :D
Vitaminwater is a new product I guess? Haven't been seeing it anywhere.
It's just.. Water with a tinge of flavour. The word 'vitamin' captured me! I mean, how bad can vitamins be!? (hahaha I sound so auntie!)


Been going to NEX recently. Well, it's near my house..
I think I'm addicted to milk tea! So many new Taiwan bubble tea shops in Singapore recently. Koi, Gong Cha, I <3 TaiMei & the latest one I saw was Drink Tea! Saw it at the basement so decided to try it.

Normal Milk Tea. Ok lah not bad but nothing fantastic. The pearls are Roselle pearls :O

Top one is Roasted Milk Tea with normal sized pearls, bottom is Hazelnut Milk Tea with mini pearls. Both are nice ^^

Texas Ang Moh Chicken!?

This is found at the top level of NEX! Mmmm I love fried chicken! (But very fattening :( )
This' similar to Popeyes.. They also have a biscuit, which IMO is like a bread, really. Only very.. Biscuity like, with crumbs falling off easily...
This is a 3 pcs chicken set. I like the fries! But I'll pick KFC chicken over this, sorry :(

CNY is comingggggg! Let's cut down on our food intake, coz we're gonna stuff ourselves with a lot of food during the CNY period. Been trying to go on a diet, but it's difficult >.<
Food is mad tempting, damn it.
Guess who I met on the bus otw to school today? My late buddy too! Hahahaha!


It's UID lesson now.. I don't know what we're supposed to do hehe.
Got back a test paper just now & let's just say it wasn't good..
I thought that maybe having failed so many tests before, I will feel indifferent towards it, but..
Ok lah, I was strong bout it though. Not bad! :)

Ate this ytd! So red hehe.. They're not bad! ^^

Think I'm starting to like spicy food! The burn on the lips making my lips very red & thick like cushion hahaha! I like to play with my them coz very nice =.= *weirdo*

I'll be at NP's Open House on Saturday! Those who are coming, you can find me at the Atrium's Photography Club booth from 1-6pm! See you there! :D
Wanna see how I look like tdy?


Today was much better than I expected it to be.

Woke up a little late (expected line from me).
Ohohoh, MY iPHONE ALARM CLOCK RANG TDY! YESSSS! I was worried it won't ring! *wipes away sweat on my forehead*

Anw, dad fetched me to school! I feel very excited as I type this, because normally my dad will be angry with a black face coz I'm always late & expects him to be my chauffeur, + it's early in the morning & he'll be late for work. But today, HE WAS ALL SMILES! :D

I'm positive that majority of my genes were from him. We don't only look a like, we're weird too!

This is a replica of me last sem. Tired of studying yet still get bad grades. Was so frustrated, I wanted to give up.

But things are different now! Got back some of my results tdy, & boy am I satisfied with it!
So glad that I nvr saw appalling 'F' grades ; a far cry from last semester! Yeah, you can imagine how bad & sad I was with my results last sem, 'F' was like a regular :(
But then again, the papers were kind of easy this time round. I'm praying hard for the rest of my papers.

Treated myself to Canteen 3's big & squarish prata! MMMMM! <3

Life's gonna get busy again. I've got so many things to do, unfinished stuff :/
Like now, I need to do my ppt for COMISS on one of my favourite country: JAPAN! :D Seriously I have no idea WHY AM I BLOGGING NOW.
Hope my grp members did something as there's lesson tmrw.

There's photography meeting tmrw! Kinda looking forward, coz I hope to make it into the committee. I nvr seem to settle down in CCAs, always running about.

Alright I'm going back to do my work. & if you're here at this time (wee hours of the morning), then HELLO YOU HAVE THE PRIVILEGE OF SLEEPING EARLY, SO GO!

Good night.

Today, I bought an overpriced scheduler. It was nice when I first saw it, but as I walked over to other shops, I saw nicer, thicker & better ones, which costs a little bit more.

I think my mum is right: I'm incapable of handling financial stuff myself, because I just buy without considering much.

My new scheduler. This little book costs $13.70 *proceed to faint*
Yeah, I do think about it before I buy stuff.. But I don't know why there's always something better after I buy it.

I don't really buy schedulers so I thought it was an ok price, but after I went to other shops, I realized that I was wrong. Well, too bad for me, the money cannot be refunded so I'm stuck with this.
Shall love it to bits then.

I tried so hard to prove to everyone that I can be an individualist, I am matured enough & all. But really, I'm not even close.

WHOO! It feels so weird to actually blog again! It's been... Long.

So. 2010.
Let's just say it was a shitty year. I mean, yeah I had fun in some stuff & all, but overall it was.. Horrible.

This post sums up the Top 3 horrible stuff that happened. There's definitely more, but these are more personal, life-changing ones that hurt me the most. Well, like they say, ppl tend to remember the bad stuff rather than the good stuff. Plus I want to point out my mistakes, so I can have a better 2011.

1) I got my O Levels Results.
My English results pulled me down tremendously, almost everyone I knew was shocked by it. I mean, it's one of my best subjects yet I got the lowest grade for it. FML. Even my mum was like: "woah, the rest is not bad, but your English.. I thought your English was good?"
I just went up my room & cried.
Yup, the rest was ok.. In fact, it was great, considering I didn't study that much. Huge improvement from my shameful prelims results!
Me, very sad.. HAHA, say WHAT!?

Couldn't make it to my ABM course in NP, so settled for IT there, which was my 4th choice btw.

2) Went to poly, results were just... Well, nothing glorious.

3) Left Secondary School & the friends there, in hope of having a nice time in Poly & make friends as great as them. Who knew...
Sec School: HAHAHA OMG YA LOH HAHA SO FUNNY RIGHT! *totally unglam*

: Uhm. Err. Ya. Erm.. Oh I don't know. *try my best to be refined & not unglam so ppl won't think I'm weird.*

I didn't talk much at all. Hated it. Really, these few months in poly, I hated the life there to the core. I wondered why wasn't I in another class. I'm much closer to my coursemates than my classmates.

I remember giving a suggestion for a performance we had to do. I don't know why it was used, some ppl in class didn't quite agreed to it, but in the end they accepted to it grudgingly. I mean, hello it's only a suggestion you can like, change it!? Everyone's face was black & we were all tired, so yeah. I tried so say we can change, but they're like, nvm. So we just sticked to it.

It still left a deep scar on me coz I guess that was how my classmates didn't want to talk to me. I tried to talk, but nobody cared much. It hurts to know that you've been trying to put in effort but nobody sees it, you know?
From then on I didn't talk much anymore. I didn't want to care anymore. I became.. Quiet.

I'm glad at that point of time I wrote e-mails to Ally & Yanni so I didn't really bottle it up. & I'm thankful for Wilson, such a great coursemate, a lame lame one btw, for actually caring.
The only photo I got. You can say he's my overnight studying buddy! But I gave up coz I wanna sleep. Lol, *pig*

Things aren't that bad now though. I'm glad I've got closer to some ppl in class, like Nga Kei. I'm glad that we're similar in many ways, coz we're Virgos. I guess Heaven is kind to me afterall.
Nga Kei & I watching 'Tron: Legacy' recently! If she sees this I presume she will 'kill' me haha!

I miss my old friends sosososo bad. I miss my old life. I want it back badly. But there's no turning back anymore. So I shall settle down & get used to this shit life & make my life good again.

I want to be confident again.
I'm just waiting for my results for O Level English (retook it. I don't get defeated that easily.) Hopefully I can change my course & start afresh.

I'm praying everyday.

Whoo! I love this blogskin I found! :)
Will blog more, keep a look out!