WHOO! It feels so weird to actually blog again! It's been... Long.

So. 2010.
Let's just say it was a shitty year. I mean, yeah I had fun in some stuff & all, but overall it was.. Horrible.

This post sums up the Top 3 horrible stuff that happened. There's definitely more, but these are more personal, life-changing ones that hurt me the most. Well, like they say, ppl tend to remember the bad stuff rather than the good stuff. Plus I want to point out my mistakes, so I can have a better 2011.

1) I got my O Levels Results.
My English results pulled me down tremendously, almost everyone I knew was shocked by it. I mean, it's one of my best subjects yet I got the lowest grade for it. FML. Even my mum was like: "woah, the rest is not bad, but your English.. I thought your English was good?"
I just went up my room & cried.
Yup, the rest was ok.. In fact, it was great, considering I didn't study that much. Huge improvement from my shameful prelims results!
Me, very sad.. HAHA, say WHAT!?

Couldn't make it to my ABM course in NP, so settled for IT there, which was my 4th choice btw.

2) Went to poly, results were just... Well, nothing glorious.

3) Left Secondary School & the friends there, in hope of having a nice time in Poly & make friends as great as them. Who knew...
Sec School: HAHAHA OMG YA LOH HAHA SO FUNNY RIGHT! *totally unglam*

: Uhm. Err. Ya. Erm.. Oh I don't know. *try my best to be refined & not unglam so ppl won't think I'm weird.*

I didn't talk much at all. Hated it. Really, these few months in poly, I hated the life there to the core. I wondered why wasn't I in another class. I'm much closer to my coursemates than my classmates.

I remember giving a suggestion for a performance we had to do. I don't know why it was used, some ppl in class didn't quite agreed to it, but in the end they accepted to it grudgingly. I mean, hello it's only a suggestion you can like, change it!? Everyone's face was black & we were all tired, so yeah. I tried so say we can change, but they're like, nvm. So we just sticked to it.

It still left a deep scar on me coz I guess that was how my classmates didn't want to talk to me. I tried to talk, but nobody cared much. It hurts to know that you've been trying to put in effort but nobody sees it, you know?
From then on I didn't talk much anymore. I didn't want to care anymore. I became.. Quiet.

I'm glad at that point of time I wrote e-mails to Ally & Yanni so I didn't really bottle it up. & I'm thankful for Wilson, such a great coursemate, a lame lame one btw, for actually caring.
The only photo I got. You can say he's my overnight studying buddy! But I gave up coz I wanna sleep. Lol, *pig*

Things aren't that bad now though. I'm glad I've got closer to some ppl in class, like Nga Kei. I'm glad that we're similar in many ways, coz we're Virgos. I guess Heaven is kind to me afterall.
Nga Kei & I watching 'Tron: Legacy' recently! If she sees this I presume she will 'kill' me haha!

I miss my old friends sosososo bad. I miss my old life. I want it back badly. But there's no turning back anymore. So I shall settle down & get used to this shit life & make my life good again.

I want to be confident again.
I'm just waiting for my results for O Level English (retook it. I don't get defeated that easily.) Hopefully I can change my course & start afresh.

I'm praying everyday.

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