Wanna see how I look like tdy?


Today was much better than I expected it to be.

Woke up a little late (expected line from me).
Ohohoh, MY iPHONE ALARM CLOCK RANG TDY! YESSSS! I was worried it won't ring! *wipes away sweat on my forehead*

Anw, dad fetched me to school! I feel very excited as I type this, because normally my dad will be angry with a black face coz I'm always late & expects him to be my chauffeur, + it's early in the morning & he'll be late for work. But today, HE WAS ALL SMILES! :D

I'm positive that majority of my genes were from him. We don't only look a like, we're weird too!

This is a replica of me last sem. Tired of studying yet still get bad grades. Was so frustrated, I wanted to give up.

But things are different now! Got back some of my results tdy, & boy am I satisfied with it!
So glad that I nvr saw appalling 'F' grades ; a far cry from last semester! Yeah, you can imagine how bad & sad I was with my results last sem, 'F' was like a regular :(
But then again, the papers were kind of easy this time round. I'm praying hard for the rest of my papers.

Treated myself to Canteen 3's big & squarish prata! MMMMM! <3

Life's gonna get busy again. I've got so many things to do, unfinished stuff :/
Like now, I need to do my ppt for COMISS on one of my favourite country: JAPAN! :D Seriously I have no idea WHY AM I BLOGGING NOW.
Hope my grp members did something as there's lesson tmrw.

There's photography meeting tmrw! Kinda looking forward, coz I hope to make it into the committee. I nvr seem to settle down in CCAs, always running about.

Alright I'm going back to do my work. & if you're here at this time (wee hours of the morning), then HELLO YOU HAVE THE PRIVILEGE OF SLEEPING EARLY, SO GO!

Good night.

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