Did a personality test recently, & it came out quite true!
My result is 'you are an advocating dreamer'.
Here's my full report! Check this out! http://www.personaldna.com/report.php?k=DPchHPdRjrdHnVh-BM-AAADA-a30b&u=b514959cc836
You can do it also, at http://www.personaldna.com! Hehe..

So.. Recently I've been on MC!

On Tues & Wed, hehe..

Headache & gastric (damn you menses!). I think I need to do a full body check up soon, because I've been getting regular headaches, urghhhhh.
As a Singaporean, I'm very KiaSi (scared of dying). I'm afraid that there's a tumor in my brain or something like they show in dramas. *CHOY! CHOY! dai ga lai xi! crosses fingers*
I hope the people around me & I will be fine. Take care of yourselves everyone!

Vitamin water, anyone?

Left is Fruit punch, Right is Dragon fruit flacoured!

Went Bugis with the monkey recently & ganged up with 3 Korean girls. Shouted "I LOVE VITAMIN WATER!" & got these for free! :D
Vitaminwater is a new product I guess? Haven't been seeing it anywhere.
It's just.. Water with a tinge of flavour. The word 'vitamin' captured me! I mean, how bad can vitamins be!? (hahaha I sound so auntie!)


Been going to NEX recently. Well, it's near my house..
I think I'm addicted to milk tea! So many new Taiwan bubble tea shops in Singapore recently. Koi, Gong Cha, I <3 TaiMei & the latest one I saw was Drink Tea! Saw it at the basement so decided to try it.

Normal Milk Tea. Ok lah not bad but nothing fantastic. The pearls are Roselle pearls :O

Top one is Roasted Milk Tea with normal sized pearls, bottom is Hazelnut Milk Tea with mini pearls. Both are nice ^^

Texas Ang Moh Chicken!?

This is found at the top level of NEX! Mmmm I love fried chicken! (But very fattening :( )
This' similar to Popeyes.. They also have a biscuit, which IMO is like a bread, really. Only very.. Biscuity like, with crumbs falling off easily...
This is a 3 pcs chicken set. I like the fries! But I'll pick KFC chicken over this, sorry :(

CNY is comingggggg! Let's cut down on our food intake, coz we're gonna stuff ourselves with a lot of food during the CNY period. Been trying to go on a diet, but it's difficult >.<
Food is mad tempting, damn it.

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