Changed my blogskin again! Much wider space, can read better ^^
Daddy is back from China! Yay! My chauffeur & ATM is back!
Lol. Just kiddin'.

This picture is taken on my phone! Not bad rightttt

Went to the new mall near my house today! Wheeeee I love the North!
It's called myVillage@SerangoonGardens. It's not fully opened yet & quite small.
Met Melissa & Melinda there with their parents ; both of them went to NYP! Saw Jerrard + Jonathan too! They didn't see me though :/

The dining stores were not opened, so headed to Sushi Tei instead.

Mummy & I
Testing out the Pudding Camera app

I was bored so I started taking pictures. The most difficult task EVER is to take a photo with my brother!

Attempt #1

Attempt #2

I tried manymany times but ALL FAILED! I shake my head back & forth, I shake my head left & right *Sing's to Willow Smith's 'Whip my hair' tune. OK OUT OF TOPIC*

Changchangchangchang~ FOOD ARRIVED!

I super duperduper love this Chocolate Wafer they have!
Ever since my family got it complimentary because of some wrong order or something my dad complained to them about.... I FELL IN LOVE WITH IT!
I don't know why, I just love it! I've been craving for it since foreverrrrrrr.

Went to Dessert Bowl after that!

Nice effect right. RIGHT!?

Bro & I shared this Mango Pamelo

My maid's durian thing! Not bad!

Mum's weird pear thing with almond. Eeks, I don't like almond.

My favorite is still the 'Ai Yu Mango' dessert there, after the time I went with ZiEn & GuiLin (they recommended it!)


Any one of you here checks into Foursquare?
Well, I went home quite happily, but was in horror when I got home. Some bitch stole my Serangoon Gardens mayorship AGAIN! *curses & swears*

SERIOUSLY, WTF!? I only have mayorship to 2 places, that's pathetic enough. WHY MUST YOU SNATCH WITH ME!?

I was mayor & stole back the title from her so many times, I thought she got the hint. But NO, she just HAD to steal my mayorship!
Urghhhhhh! So mad pissed, but then again it's so stupid because it's just some virtual ownage of the place.

But you know what. I'm not gonna give up till I kick that ass out of my territory, I don't care how many times I'm gonna do it *sings & dances to 2PM's Again&Again*

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