Today, I bought an overpriced scheduler. It was nice when I first saw it, but as I walked over to other shops, I saw nicer, thicker & better ones, which costs a little bit more.

I think my mum is right: I'm incapable of handling financial stuff myself, because I just buy without considering much.

My new scheduler. This little book costs $13.70 *proceed to faint*
Yeah, I do think about it before I buy stuff.. But I don't know why there's always something better after I buy it.

I don't really buy schedulers so I thought it was an ok price, but after I went to other shops, I realized that I was wrong. Well, too bad for me, the money cannot be refunded so I'm stuck with this.
Shall love it to bits then.

I tried so hard to prove to everyone that I can be an individualist, I am matured enough & all. But really, I'm not even close.

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