The title says it all.

Yup, Derrick Hoh came down to Ngee Ann Poly on the 9th of February for a Campus Concert!
Why did he come to NP? Because he's NP's alumni student!
He used to be the President of Song Composing Club ok, don't play play!

So lucky that I managed to get hold of the tickets!

The first day I went, all of the day 1 tickets were swept & taken in a few hours.
Second day I went, NO BOOTH!?
So on the third day.. I almost forgot about it X.X
Thanks to Allison's reminder call (coz she just left the booth), I *ahem* went out of class for awhile *ahem* & rushed all the way to the Student Plaza to get these!

1 NP student is entitled to 4 tickets.
1 for me, 1 for CaiQin, 1 for Fionn, 1 for LiYin! ^^

The concert starts at 6pm as stated on the ticket, but at around 4-5pm, the queue was already like this:

Crazy or what lah, siao!

It was super chaoticccccc, we had to keep moving up every what, 5 mins!? It was difficult for me because Cai left to buy dinner for us & I was all alone talking on the phone with Fionn because she's not a NP student *ahem* so she don't know how to go to LT 26.

This wasn't the only queue; there's another one opposite for fans in his fan club, media and winners of competitions.

Us before we went in!

Can you believe that we were like standing up eating chicken chop & drinking papaya milkshake while shuttling between passing the phone, guiding Fionn?
Siao or not!? YES, SIAO!

Us with an unintentionally taken extra person. Yes I know my camwhore skills very #fail
This girl just rebonded her hair the day before that's why she had flat & ah lian looking hair =.=

& then we got in!
I loved what the 'security' students said to the students who aren't NP students trying to get in, behind of us (we had to show our student cards): "Sorry, priority to NP students." (Y)

Lucky for us, WE'VE GOT SEATS! :D

Something VERY funny happened when Cai was sitting down!

She was talking to her friend beside her, & she thought she put down her seat already.
But I think because she cannot think properly (she's a huge Derrick fan so she's damn excited), she forgot that we have to push down the LT seats all the way until we sit down otherwise it will go back up.
When she was done talking, she looked to the front, admiring Derrick's face on the wall, at the centre of the stage.

Then she sat down, but POOF! NO SEAT! So she fell onto the floor hahahahahahahahaha! :X
I thought she knew so I slowly watched her sit down.. but who knew, SHE DIDN'T! So I watched her fall instead =.=
I think if she sees this she will kill me..but it was SUPER EPIC, I swear! :D

OKOK back to the concert!

Allison & her classmates! :D

LiYin & Fionn! :D

Ivy from YES 93.3fm was the host.
She was sick but insisted to host because SHE'S ALSO NP ALUMNI! :)

Eager student ready to rumble!


He sung "当我知道你们相爱" which means "When I Know You Two Were in Love" as the opening song; it's my favourite song in his latest album!
It was originally sung by 郭富城 Aaron Kwok, one of the 'Heavenly Kings' in the Chinese Music Industry.
Derrick did so many nice changes to the song ^^

He learnt the dance in Korea!
K lah I know got handsome guy so you people won't pay attention to what I type. PICTURE SPAM TIME!

I recorded a small part of his performance secretly... Then got caught because no videography :(

Ask ask ask ask ask!
Talk talk talk talk talk!
Still talking haaa!

Singgggg, sing a songggggg~

Singing to the crowd!

She's very funny, didn't talk much because she was too excited xD

Derrick wrapped up with " 你。我" (You. Me)

It's really nice! Found a video of it:

The concert was A BLAST!
He sung a lot of hit songs from his previous album that me likey very much, like:
"你走天桥,我走地下道" (You Walk Overhead Bridge, I Walk Underground Pass)
"空位" (Empty Seat)
"咬字" (Pronunciation)

Do Singapore proud Derrick Hoh Wei Jian 何维健! :D
Follow him on twitter: @derrickhoh
Day 3 of the CNY!
Very happy, because I had dinner with family friends!
Got to see Fionn hohoho so happy :D The only friend that I 'knew my whole life'. Only sad thing is Odelia's family migrated to New Zealand, so less one family of people since 4 years ago :(

A lot of people ask what's my relationship with them. Well, our parents used to be colleagues. About the why-do-we-meet-every-year part, I don't know. I guess it's the same as why you meet up with your 'old' friends every year to celebrate CNY too.

We went to this place in Balestier called Whampoa King.

It's a very famous place in SG & they serve super yummy fish head steamboat! I'm not a fan of soup, but their soup base is really damn good (Y)

They got features on so many magazines & newspapers!

Photos taken with celebrities were EVERYWHERE around the shop.

I'm sure you can recognise some of them! The top middle photo is our famous Mediacorp Ah Ge, Li Nan Xing with the boss!

I seem to be eating yu sheng every day of the CNY @.@

Nice drink to 'open' your appetite! (Sorry, direct translation from Chinese!)

Waitress preparing!

Ooooo yeah ^^


Me & Fionn! <3

Cute ang pow I got from JunWen's dad!

The famous fish head soup. Omg so damn yummy, I feel so hungry nao! *Saliviating*


Chicken! My zodiac! So I'm eating.. Myself........ Err.. Ok..
ANYWAY, chicken with chicken floss! Me likey!

The adults ask me to take a photo of Gaius, Odelia's elder brother aka ARMY BOY!
I swear the adults are super funny! The reason behind this photo is that they want Odelia's parents in NZ to see that their son is well taken care of by them & old enough to drink beer & a lot of rubbish! So that when we go to NZ to visit them, they will take good care of us xD



Some yam thing.

JunWen's family went to Japan & brought their photo albums! JEALOUS MAX!!! I ALSO WANT TO GO T_T
This is part of the house they stayed in. Mad nice & vintagey!


Some pork thingy! The fats contain collagen, lol.

Dessert is red bean soup!

Some got mango pudding.

Brother, dad, mummy (sorry it's not at a nice angle =.=)

Outfit for the day!
Dress from Zara, shoes from Everbest.

Check out the back! Chio not!?

Before we went off...

Parents then sent Gaius back to his auntie's house. We kind of disrupted a house that was having lion dance, twice! Super funny, we're like some VIP stopping something important, hehe oops sorry :X

It was an awesome night :)
The adults are forever very crappy, sometimes even more crappy than us kids! So many logical nonsense =.= There were laughters all through the dinner, which I like very much. Plus they were super nice! They waited for me to take pictures first, even asking me to take a photo first before they start to take the food, that is why all the photos of the dishes were complete.
It really felt like we're a family.

Looking forward to our next meet up! :D