AHHH finally I've got time to update on this post!
It's gonna be a mass picture spam!

So on the 29th of January, Ally & I went to Super Junior's concert! We reached the indoor stadium at like, 1 or 2pm when the concert time that is stated on the tickets starts at 6.30pm?

It was madness! When we reached, there was like, a lot of people already. Luckily we got tagged! Everything was chaotic inside there, people EVERYWHERE.
Well, it's the first evening of the concert, so I guess everyone's confused..

Sorry, it's a bit laggy.. Please bear with it!
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All of the performances were highlights! Every performance was so AWESOME!
I liked the Lady Hee Hee part, so funny! & of course, when KyuHyun sang '新不了情'! WAH DAMN NICE, I LOVE THAT SONG!

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Anyway, I recorded videos with my phone for some parts of the concert!

This is SuJu's message to fans :)

This is them dancing to Bonamana :)

I had a great time there! Made new friends too!
They said they're from RJ, like woah :O Ally & I suppose that they're from RGS then > RJC

& thanks to the uncle who lent us the umbrella! Lucky for him, we got shelter to the MRT station coz it rained again after the concert :(

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