Went to Kallang recently (ok I admit, I went at the beginning of the month & it's the end of the month already, so.... YA LAH I LAZY!) because IT IS SO BORING BEING STUCK AT HOME!

Did ice skating! It was me who gave the suggestion & me who wanted to back out last minute also -.-
I kinda have a fear for ice skating because

#1) I don't know how to skate at all. Yes, I don't even know how to roller blade.
#2) I am afraid of falling.
#3) I kinda swore off ice skating after going once when I was in Sec 2. I remember it was with MinHui & Wisman & some other ppl. It was scary, I fell on my butt. Till now, my butt bone still kinda hurt sometimes.

They only sell tickets for 2 hours so you can imagine how desperate I wanted to get out  ~.~

Crazy little kids skating like professionals, making me look like an idiot!
I kept holding on to the sides.. It's unfair how the little kids have the metal thing to hold on to & push around but adults don't :(

Can you spot Chester? He looks like he's dancing hahahaha!

Pro liao lor.


Where was I?
Uh.. skated one round, sat down, skated one round, sat down, skat.....
Yeah you get it.



Was sososososo glad when 2 hours passed. Went to Nex & it was time for dinner! :)
Ate at Prata Wala; I was craving for North Indian food!


This' Chester's mutton rice thingy. It tastes really good!

My butter chicken  + plain naan, & teh tarik.
Tastes so-so.. I still love the one at FEP! Mad yums!

If you're really my friend, please don't ask me to go ice skating! I only went because I forgot that ice skating was the last thing I would wanna do again & because the boy wanted to try it out.
But if you're gonna have North Indian food, jio me out ok! I'll be most honoured & glad to accompany you ^^

I'm sure everyone is aware about the disaster in Japan by now. Earthquakes reaching up to 8.9 magnitude + tsunami, wrecking the country & wiping towns out of maps.

I love Japan. It's a wonderful country full of amazing food, creative & beautiful people, awesome culture & to-die-for fashion sense. I've been feeling upset over the disaster that has been going on there. It was a pain as I watched the disasters on videos. Can you imagine, those Japanese houses that are so strong because Japan is earthquake-prone, falling into pieces?

My mum told me to eat less of Japanese food from next week onwards as the radiation in Japan is currently very high. Who knows, we might be eating seafood that's affected by the high radiation.
I'm sure many people think that way too, & it will affect Japan's economy even further.

Yes, the Japanese have done things that many people don't approve of, but everybody makes sins, no one is a saint.
Please pray for them to tide through this crisis. Just a little effort like donating money means a lot to them. All they need is our help & support now.


The Singapore Red Cross is accepting monetary donations towards this disaster.

Cash Donation:
For walk-in donations, the SRC is open during the hours:
Mondays to Fridays 9.30am-9pm,
Saturdays, Sundays and Public Holidays 9.30am – 6pm.

Cheque Donation:
Cheques to be made payable to the “Singapore Red Cross Society”.
At the back of the cheque, please indicate:
i) Name
ii) IC/Passport No.
iii) Address and Contact Number
iv) “Japan Disaster 2011”

SMS Donation:
Donors may donate via their mobile phones to 75772. For every sms, S$50 will be donated to the “Japan Disaster” fund.

You can find out more here.

Alternatively, if you're out shopping in town during the weekends, do drop by Takashimaya. They're collecting cash & cheque donations on behalf of the Singapore Red Cross Society till the end of the month.


I'm donating as soon as I get my pay. Will also be going to the temple on Friday to pray. I really wish for no more disasters.
What is Kidult, you ask? Well.. HAHAHA it's some random bullshit that I came up with!
It combines the words 'Kid' & 'Adult' together. Don't judge me, a lot of people do that!

所谓, 十八一朵花 ; A girl at at 18 is like a flower.

On the 24th of February, Allison (the girl in the middle, duh!) turned 18! Yay! She bloomed from a seed to a flower!
So does that make Yanni & I seeds o.O!?

To me, turning 18 is very important. Which is why even during the midst of exams, I prepared a lot, discussed here & there with people to make sure everything goes well~
Ok lah, I admit I wasn't studying anyway :X

Can see that she had a great time loh!
Her classmates were super niceeeeeeeee, they did this super yummy brownie domo cake for her!

So, Yanni & I decided to surprise this *ahem* innocent *ahem* girl at the last part of her birthday! Finale, you know?
Contacted her classmates, kpo bout where she will be, where is she at, stalked her twitter, stalked her facebook.... #ultimatestalker

& that was how we landed at the Loft (school's hostel of some sort)!
I was holding on to the birthday cakes while Yanni was holding on to a paper & the domo file we gave her as a present containing other presents.
We were so excited that we could not stop smiling as we stood outside her room!
It was so epic when Ally came out & saw us~ :D

Her expresson was like, whaaaaaaaat!-omg-what-is-going-on-no-they-are-not-my-classmates-am-I-seeing-things-wait, who-are-these-people-hmmm-they-seem-so-familar...-OH!!!!!! HUHHHHHHHH?-:D

Ally thought we forgot her birthday so she teared awwww :')
We were all very happy hehehehe I wanna go back to that moment! Real happiness coming from within, you know!

 Say yay to J.A.Y! ^^

Her classmates are supersuper nice lah, I swearrrrrr!
I can dare say that I'm willing to do anything to be in a class like that :(

I got to eat the brownie domo cake! Yumyum yes it tastes good!

Bunked in for the night, because it was late & the gates were closed.
Yanni & I were so eggcitedddddd bout it!!!
It feels good for us to meet up after such a long period of time.. Yanni forever has so many stories hahaha!

Feels scary that all of them were studying but not me! It's not my fault that I don't need to take 'A' Levels & that I only have 1 paper to sit for the following week....

Had to wake Yanni up at 5+am because her school's at the other side of Singapore :/
Then went back to sleep & when I woke up, I got this note on my bed!

I sleep like a pig, really. I didn't even know that Ally came into the room!
I woke up to an empty apartment, with another girl, because the rest went off for their exams already.
Feels so nice to be in a comfortable, huge & empty place in the morning :)

Yellow colour, sticky tape = YANNI!

Hahahaha this one confirm for me!

All these were lying on the floor when I opened the door because they were not sticky enough haaaa!

It was definitely one of the best & unforgettable moments in 2011! Ally's one good example of a Kidult ^^
Happy Birthday, Allison! 18 years old already 'genius'! It's ok, 人老, 心不老~ hahahahha!
Can't wait for our next meet up, which is sooon! :D
On the last day of school (which is the last day before study break week starts), NP's ICT had this ICT Day event!

Oooo yeah, discount coupons, vouchers... Everyone loves them! :D
I almost thought I couldn't get the coupon & thought that it's for people who took part in the class games only, but luckily I was wrong!

Hehe yes I admit I actually went for the food! Hai glutton iz me, call me Glutton Queen kthxbye.

Jasmine Hu took my phone & played with the Lomo app!

3 of my class guys. Don't know why they look cool here lolwtfbbq

Wore ICT shirt because I thought everyone from ICT would be wearing, but I was only one of the few, FML T_T

Haha, they're waiting for the captain's ball game to start!

This is Jasmine Lau's bag!

Aww isn't this nice? I took it!
The 2 Jas' in my class & SuYing! :)

Event was outside eGarage!

Are you thinking what I'm thinking, jong 1?
Oh, yes I am, jong 2! *Salivating*

Me & Jessicaaaaaaaaa! Long time no see even though we study at the same block!
Ok not really the same block, hers is opposite of mine.. But it's still the same building!

Yay Nga Kei! :D
So happy she finally took off her jacket coz she's forever in it. This girl is crazy, she said her shirt doesn't look nice. Hello, a lot of places sell that shirt ok! Sho kawaii!

No need to further introduce my food, do I?

Played with XBOX Kinect at eGarage! Zul was in charge of the game station.

It's ma fan because it's a sensor machine. If there are a lot of people around, it'll be hard for the machine to detect your movements!

NgaKei & I versused each other to this basketball game! Super eggciting! I was jumping around when everyone was like asking me to stay still...
NgaKei used to be in her Secondary School's basketball team, so it clearly explains why she won twice & I only won once.

The last time I played basketball so intensively was in Primary School so I'm old player already, time to retire, which explains why my skills suck #liesandexcuses

JEFF MENGCHUAN! Heee, he played with Chiu Hui some cool game!

& then we moved on to play Uno Stacko!
We totally didn't follow the rules & anyhow piah....


After that we went on to play Taboo when Monkey came. Good way to put English to use!
Yeah, I was good at it. Guessed many right! :D

Yes, there was a Frolick stall there on the day, & guess what?
I was already preparing my money, then the seniors suddenly gave me this & said "No need, free one!"
WHEEEEE! I guess they were about to pack up, that's why I got it free! Wo zhuan dao le! ^^

Frolick attracted me because of their cup design!
It's so colourful & youthful.

I'm glad I went to this event. I almost walked off when I thought I couldn't get the food :X
Chatted a lot with the people around :)
It's crazy how I stayed till like, 6+ when most of the people went off already? Time passes so fast!

Oh, & I found out a lot of stuff bout MengChuan & he taught me a lot of stuff. Pervertic ones, that is. #helloIamaveryinnocentgirlok
OI JEFF LIM MENG CHUAN! You must bring Nga Kei & I go clubbing ok!

Can't wait for October (because Nga Kei & I will be 18 already).