On the last day of school (which is the last day before study break week starts), NP's ICT had this ICT Day event!

Oooo yeah, discount coupons, vouchers... Everyone loves them! :D
I almost thought I couldn't get the coupon & thought that it's for people who took part in the class games only, but luckily I was wrong!

Hehe yes I admit I actually went for the food! Hai glutton iz me, call me Glutton Queen kthxbye.

Jasmine Hu took my phone & played with the Lomo app!

3 of my class guys. Don't know why they look cool here lolwtfbbq

Wore ICT shirt because I thought everyone from ICT would be wearing, but I was only one of the few, FML T_T

Haha, they're waiting for the captain's ball game to start!

This is Jasmine Lau's bag!

Aww isn't this nice? I took it!
The 2 Jas' in my class & SuYing! :)

Event was outside eGarage!

Are you thinking what I'm thinking, jong 1?
Oh, yes I am, jong 2! *Salivating*

Me & Jessicaaaaaaaaa! Long time no see even though we study at the same block!
Ok not really the same block, hers is opposite of mine.. But it's still the same building!

Yay Nga Kei! :D
So happy she finally took off her jacket coz she's forever in it. This girl is crazy, she said her shirt doesn't look nice. Hello, a lot of places sell that shirt ok! Sho kawaii!

No need to further introduce my food, do I?

Played with XBOX Kinect at eGarage! Zul was in charge of the game station.

It's ma fan because it's a sensor machine. If there are a lot of people around, it'll be hard for the machine to detect your movements!

NgaKei & I versused each other to this basketball game! Super eggciting! I was jumping around when everyone was like asking me to stay still...
NgaKei used to be in her Secondary School's basketball team, so it clearly explains why she won twice & I only won once.

The last time I played basketball so intensively was in Primary School so I'm old player already, time to retire, which explains why my skills suck #liesandexcuses

JEFF MENGCHUAN! Heee, he played with Chiu Hui some cool game!

& then we moved on to play Uno Stacko!
We totally didn't follow the rules & anyhow piah....


After that we went on to play Taboo when Monkey came. Good way to put English to use!
Yeah, I was good at it. Guessed many right! :D

Yes, there was a Frolick stall there on the day, & guess what?
I was already preparing my money, then the seniors suddenly gave me this & said "No need, free one!"
WHEEEEE! I guess they were about to pack up, that's why I got it free! Wo zhuan dao le! ^^

Frolick attracted me because of their cup design!
It's so colourful & youthful.

I'm glad I went to this event. I almost walked off when I thought I couldn't get the food :X
Chatted a lot with the people around :)
It's crazy how I stayed till like, 6+ when most of the people went off already? Time passes so fast!

Oh, & I found out a lot of stuff bout MengChuan & he taught me a lot of stuff. Pervertic ones, that is. #helloIamaveryinnocentgirlok
OI JEFF LIM MENG CHUAN! You must bring Nga Kei & I go clubbing ok!

Can't wait for October (because Nga Kei & I will be 18 already).

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