What is Kidult, you ask? Well.. HAHAHA it's some random bullshit that I came up with!
It combines the words 'Kid' & 'Adult' together. Don't judge me, a lot of people do that!

所谓, 十八一朵花 ; A girl at at 18 is like a flower.

On the 24th of February, Allison (the girl in the middle, duh!) turned 18! Yay! She bloomed from a seed to a flower!
So does that make Yanni & I seeds o.O!?

To me, turning 18 is very important. Which is why even during the midst of exams, I prepared a lot, discussed here & there with people to make sure everything goes well~
Ok lah, I admit I wasn't studying anyway :X

Can see that she had a great time loh!
Her classmates were super niceeeeeeeee, they did this super yummy brownie domo cake for her!

So, Yanni & I decided to surprise this *ahem* innocent *ahem* girl at the last part of her birthday! Finale, you know?
Contacted her classmates, kpo bout where she will be, where is she at, stalked her twitter, stalked her facebook.... #ultimatestalker

& that was how we landed at the Loft (school's hostel of some sort)!
I was holding on to the birthday cakes while Yanni was holding on to a paper & the domo file we gave her as a present containing other presents.
We were so excited that we could not stop smiling as we stood outside her room!
It was so epic when Ally came out & saw us~ :D

Her expresson was like, whaaaaaaaat!-omg-what-is-going-on-no-they-are-not-my-classmates-am-I-seeing-things-wait, who-are-these-people-hmmm-they-seem-so-familar...-OH!!!!!! HUHHHHHHHH?-:D

Ally thought we forgot her birthday so she teared awwww :')
We were all very happy hehehehe I wanna go back to that moment! Real happiness coming from within, you know!

 Say yay to J.A.Y! ^^

Her classmates are supersuper nice lah, I swearrrrrr!
I can dare say that I'm willing to do anything to be in a class like that :(

I got to eat the brownie domo cake! Yumyum yes it tastes good!

Bunked in for the night, because it was late & the gates were closed.
Yanni & I were so eggcitedddddd bout it!!!
It feels good for us to meet up after such a long period of time.. Yanni forever has so many stories hahaha!

Feels scary that all of them were studying but not me! It's not my fault that I don't need to take 'A' Levels & that I only have 1 paper to sit for the following week....

Had to wake Yanni up at 5+am because her school's at the other side of Singapore :/
Then went back to sleep & when I woke up, I got this note on my bed!

I sleep like a pig, really. I didn't even know that Ally came into the room!
I woke up to an empty apartment, with another girl, because the rest went off for their exams already.
Feels so nice to be in a comfortable, huge & empty place in the morning :)

Yellow colour, sticky tape = YANNI!

Hahahaha this one confirm for me!

All these were lying on the floor when I opened the door because they were not sticky enough haaaa!

It was definitely one of the best & unforgettable moments in 2011! Ally's one good example of a Kidult ^^
Happy Birthday, Allison! 18 years old already 'genius'! It's ok, 人老, 心不老~ hahahahha!
Can't wait for our next meet up, which is sooon! :D


  1. awww hahahah :D

    thank you for the surprise! hehe

  2. I know I know I'm too awesome muahaha!
    & I re-read it, found a lot of grammar mistake T_T but its ok I corrected it woohoo well done me!