Bubble Tea Stores

There have been soooooooooooooooooo many bubble tea stores in Singapore recently! To name a few: Sweet Talk, Each A Cup, Koi, Gong Cha, Cup Walker, Drink Tea, Come Buy, Cuppa!

You thirsty yet? :)

But of course, there are so many more that I've lost count of. Those are the ones I've tried so far!

Walked around town recently & found this new store!

It's called Share Tea 歇脚亭, located at Wisma Atria Basement 1.

I absolutely LOVE milk tea, so I ordered the Share Tea Classic Milk Tea!
But of course, I can taste that it's not bad! Not very diluted, unlike some stores.
The last I searched on Google, they have a very strong base of loyal fans in Taiwan!

Actually I don't know what's the difference in milk tea's, they're just really refreshing & quenches my thirst!
Plus I keep having the mentality that it contains milk so it'll give me calcium. #notafanofmilk

This is from Eskimo at Dhoby Xchange. I got the Hazelnut one & I love it!
This store has been around quite some time I think! It has a lot of fans also. Plus the store provides desserts!
Will definitely go back for more! ^^



This is the new popcorn stall called Cornery - The Popcorn Gallery located at Ion's basement level!


Look at the burst of flavours! :O
You get to sample each floavour & see which one suits your taste better.
They have flavours like tandoori chicken!!!

It's available in 2 sizes: Large, Regular & Grab.

The kind sales assistant who assisted me :)
I got the Butterscotch one is regular size. It's really, really yummy! The best amongst the rest (in my opinion).

I know there's a really popular one called Garett Popcorn along City Link Mall!
I tried The Chicago Mix; Caramel Crisp + Cheese before. Super duper yummy & there's a long queue of people buying it.
It is said that it is one of 'Oprah's Favourite Things"! :O

Spotted any new & interesting stores in Singapore? Do share! :D
Have you eaten at Shokudo before?

Well, I did!
I was at the Bugis Junction branch.

Very funny, how my family ended up there.

We were discussing where to eat, so I recommended many Japanese restaurants. But my parents insisted that it's best to avoid consuming food from Japan when we can, because of the high radiation in Japan; in case the food has got radiation & it passed on to us.

We actually settled for something else & was about to get seats already, when my parents decided last minute to eat somewhere else.

Say it with me: "@#$^*)!&#^% WHAT!?"

*Breathes in breathes out*
Alright, as long as we're eating something! Food solves everything :)
My brother ordered matcha float!
It tasted not bad, one of the better ones in Singapore.

Very.. Green tea-ish.

My lychee float.
I loved it! The 'ice cream' was actually lychee sorbet.

I forgot what this pizza is. I think mushroom with something?

Got to love their pizzas!
They're not very cheesy like pizza hut's. I kind of avoid eating overly cheesy & milky stuff because it seems 'fattening'. I don't know if anybody else feels this way too. Maybe it's just me.

I am pretty sure this is the unagi one.
I love it om nom nom! I'm a big fan of unagi! ^^

Dad's (half taken) pork chop! Tastes like......... Pork chop =.=

Thinking about it, actually all pork chop tastes the same! You can't really define a 'good' & 'bad' pork chop, can you? It's more about the sauce, maybe?
Unless of course, the meat is really horrible. Unchewable, maybe?

Curry omu rice! My favourite dish!

What I liked about it is that you can choose the spicy level of your curry. Very special for the Japanese to come up with this. Plus it's sweet!
Normally when I eat Indian curry, my mouth is about to explode from all the burst of spicyness!

& with that, I shall abruptly end my post here.
Do check them out & tell me your favourite dishes!

Shokudo is located at
Bugis Junction, 200 Victoria Street #01-53
"You from Japan/Korea/Malaysia/China ah? You don't look like Singaporean leh."

- I was walking in town, when a uncle stared, came up to me & asked:  "You Japanese?"

- I knew from some ppl that the first impression they have of me was that I looked like a Korean. Maybe because my eyes are small?

- I remembered playing a prank on 2 of my really good friends during Sec 2. Texted them, lying that I was adopted by my current parents; my real dad & mum were actually Japanese & Korean.
They pondered about it for very long, in the end they bought the story. I felt really bad that they worried so much for me :(

- I went to a Big Bang SG outing. A group of girls asked if I was from China.
Even my dad said I look like a little China girl!

- I was working at the IT fair in March. A colleague asked: "You from Malaysia or China right?"


Define 'looking Singaporean'.
Is it the way I look? I've got non-Singaporean features? (What are the SGean features anyway!?)
Or is it that I don't have rebonded, layered hair?

A lot said the way I dress? I do wear shirt, shorts, slippers!..... ok, but not that often...

The way I speak? I do use lah leh loh very often! Personally, I think I do sound very Singaporean. ....... ok, my pronunciation do sounds weird sometimes.. but my English is "broken" enough! (which is a bad habit that I need to change).

Should I feel privileged? Or be upset because I look different.
I'm in a dilemma, and I don't know what to do about it. It's like you're in, but you're out.
You can't stop me from dressing up. Doing cosmetic surgery is out of the question also.

& Yes, my parents & grandparents are Chinese Singaporeans.

Well, the next time someone asks, I'll answer what Lady Gaga says: "I was born this way."
How did you spend your public holiday?

For me, I went out with my family! <3

Headed to the huge KFC near Kallang Stadium with my parents for breakfast.
As you can guess already, this is the new blueberry pancakes with scrambled eggs!

Waffles with scrambled eggs!



Twister meal, american style!

My family likes it, tastes yummy!

My afternoon was basically a trip to the temple to offer prayings to my great-grandparents with my relatives, then a 'party' at home.
Youngest cousin is K1 already! I swear, time passes reallyyyyyy fast, it's scary.

Went to Marina Bay at night, after an amazing dinner!


This is what Singapore will be like in a few years.

I loveeeeee the scenery at night! It's beautiful, the lights & stuff.



There's this water show happening when we were there. Stunning.

The last time I came here, it was still under renovation. Look at what it has become now!



The skating rink. I've always thought it was for ice skating! But there ain't no ice & the kids aren't wearing any gloves at all.


Saw Cold Rock Ice Creamery there!
Got the hazelnut one & shared with my brother. Love it, tastes awesome! :D

I cannot believe Singapore became like this. For a moment, I thought I was in another country.
I really wonder in the future, what Singapore will be like.
Have you watched this video?
If you haven't.. WHAT HAVE YOU BEEN DOING!? You live in the well ah, lol!
It's all over Facebook everyday, & it is so, so sad :(

When two people come together, they have 2 choices: to make or to break.
I guess it applies to friends too.

It's sad to know someone so well, then become complete strangers again.
I miss my 'stranger' friends.. I'm tired of making the first move over & over again.
In the end, we'll move on. Or find someone new.

"Every relationship goes through stages. Where and how each stage develops is ultimately up to each person. While we always hope for the best, we often can't avoid the inevitable."
Did you go down to the various B&J stores for your free cones on the 12th of April?


I went to the one outside The Heeren! :D


The queue was alright; I went down at 4.30pm. Got to know through Twitter that many people waited for very long in the morning & early afternoon.

Got these vouchers for free! Time for more ice cream! Nomnomnom ^^

All flavours were snatched up by then, so only the vanilla flavour was left.

B&J Free Cone Day served up to 62,300 scoops this year!
Also, their Caring Pint donations for the Dyslexia Association of Singapore (DAS) amounted to $14,000!!! :)

Thank you Ben & Jerry's for making this possible! & of course, the staff at The Heeren for scooping moo-licious ice cream! Can't wait for next year's! :D
Tampines used to be called 'Tampenis'.

I don't have any sources to prove it, but I was at the National Museum one day, when I chanced upon this really old letter on display. It is to be sent to someone living at 'Tampenis' Road.


Since Singapore is such a "close-minded" country, maybe that's why they changed the name & stuff.
Anyone knows?
Back to school today!
Definitely dreaded it. Programming lesson at 8am in the morning is not cool at all.

Decided to wear something nice since it's the start of the semester, so I wore my beige jumper.

Matched it with my new Chanel-inspired kind of heels, in hope of helping me 步步高升! #nonsensical
Mum got it in Hong Kong & I love it! It is very comfy & is of ultimate chioness!

Armed with new laptop case, new bag, new handphone case... Oh yes, I'm ready for school!

It was kinda horrific today. All I see are bunch after bunch of humans EVERYWHERE!

Saw the new S&W shirt! It was dark blue in colour. Looks.. Ok? I kinda prefer the shirt our batch had more though.

Human jam!? See how packed the atrium was!

First lesson was alright. 8am hor! #lifeisawesome
It was pouring, so dad fetched me to school. We got stuck in the damned jam for almost an hour; it was really terrible! I was superrrrrrrrrr late for my lesson. What a great kickstart to the new term.

Anyways, this is my new programming teacher. He got the Lifelong Learner Award hor, don't play play! Click here to see: http://www.mediacorpradio.sg/LLA2006/peter2005.htm

First meal!
It's from the Korean stall at Makan Place. They changed their menu! This used to be honey sauce with chicken, but it's now spicy chicken :(

Guys forever with their half-eye shots.

Waited for 4 hours for the next lesson. When I reached the classroom, THERE WASN'T A SINGLE SOUL IN THERE!?
Wtf, was mad worried! Went to the general office, even called the tutor! But he just kept denying that I was in his class >:(
Went down to the staff room, & mentor told me that I was taking a repeat Year 1 module. & there's no lesson for Year 1 the whole of this week because of orientation #FML

Headed down to AMK with Chester to watch Justin Bieber's Never Say Never instead!

It was not bad, very inspiring actually. I didn't know he was so talented & stuff!
Don't wanna be a spoiler, so go watch it yourself!

Was a little hungry, so....

We tried this bomber prata at AMK's little food stall at level 2. It's prata with kaya & butter; tastes oishii (Y)

Camwhored while waiting for the food #ibecomingvain
My ring nice or not! ^^

Drew my eyebrows!

I hope tomorrow will be better! Glad that I've got a lesson with my initial classmates, get to see my twinny again :)
Haven't met freshies I know yet, but I hope I do soon! & I need to look for a new CCA again. Any recommendations?