Back to school today!
Definitely dreaded it. Programming lesson at 8am in the morning is not cool at all.

Decided to wear something nice since it's the start of the semester, so I wore my beige jumper.

Matched it with my new Chanel-inspired kind of heels, in hope of helping me 步步高升! #nonsensical
Mum got it in Hong Kong & I love it! It is very comfy & is of ultimate chioness!

Armed with new laptop case, new bag, new handphone case... Oh yes, I'm ready for school!

It was kinda horrific today. All I see are bunch after bunch of humans EVERYWHERE!

Saw the new S&W shirt! It was dark blue in colour. Looks.. Ok? I kinda prefer the shirt our batch had more though.

Human jam!? See how packed the atrium was!

First lesson was alright. 8am hor! #lifeisawesome
It was pouring, so dad fetched me to school. We got stuck in the damned jam for almost an hour; it was really terrible! I was superrrrrrrrrr late for my lesson. What a great kickstart to the new term.

Anyways, this is my new programming teacher. He got the Lifelong Learner Award hor, don't play play! Click here to see:

First meal!
It's from the Korean stall at Makan Place. They changed their menu! This used to be honey sauce with chicken, but it's now spicy chicken :(

Guys forever with their half-eye shots.

Waited for 4 hours for the next lesson. When I reached the classroom, THERE WASN'T A SINGLE SOUL IN THERE!?
Wtf, was mad worried! Went to the general office, even called the tutor! But he just kept denying that I was in his class >:(
Went down to the staff room, & mentor told me that I was taking a repeat Year 1 module. & there's no lesson for Year 1 the whole of this week because of orientation #FML

Headed down to AMK with Chester to watch Justin Bieber's Never Say Never instead!

It was not bad, very inspiring actually. I didn't know he was so talented & stuff!
Don't wanna be a spoiler, so go watch it yourself!

Was a little hungry, so....

We tried this bomber prata at AMK's little food stall at level 2. It's prata with kaya & butter; tastes oishii (Y)

Camwhored while waiting for the food #ibecomingvain
My ring nice or not! ^^

Drew my eyebrows!

I hope tomorrow will be better! Glad that I've got a lesson with my initial classmates, get to see my twinny again :)
Haven't met freshies I know yet, but I hope I do soon! & I need to look for a new CCA again. Any recommendations?

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