Bubble Tea Stores

There have been soooooooooooooooooo many bubble tea stores in Singapore recently! To name a few: Sweet Talk, Each A Cup, Koi, Gong Cha, Cup Walker, Drink Tea, Come Buy, Cuppa!

You thirsty yet? :)

But of course, there are so many more that I've lost count of. Those are the ones I've tried so far!

Walked around town recently & found this new store!

It's called Share Tea 歇脚亭, located at Wisma Atria Basement 1.

I absolutely LOVE milk tea, so I ordered the Share Tea Classic Milk Tea!
But of course, I can taste that it's not bad! Not very diluted, unlike some stores.
The last I searched on Google, they have a very strong base of loyal fans in Taiwan!

Actually I don't know what's the difference in milk tea's, they're just really refreshing & quenches my thirst!
Plus I keep having the mentality that it contains milk so it'll give me calcium. #notafanofmilk

This is from Eskimo at Dhoby Xchange. I got the Hazelnut one & I love it!
This store has been around quite some time I think! It has a lot of fans also. Plus the store provides desserts!
Will definitely go back for more! ^^



This is the new popcorn stall called Cornery - The Popcorn Gallery located at Ion's basement level!


Look at the burst of flavours! :O
You get to sample each floavour & see which one suits your taste better.
They have flavours like tandoori chicken!!!

It's available in 2 sizes: Large, Regular & Grab.

The kind sales assistant who assisted me :)
I got the Butterscotch one is regular size. It's really, really yummy! The best amongst the rest (in my opinion).

I know there's a really popular one called Garett Popcorn along City Link Mall!
I tried The Chicago Mix; Caramel Crisp + Cheese before. Super duper yummy & there's a long queue of people buying it.
It is said that it is one of 'Oprah's Favourite Things"! :O

Spotted any new & interesting stores in Singapore? Do share! :D

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