"You from Japan/Korea/Malaysia/China ah? You don't look like Singaporean leh."

- I was walking in town, when a uncle stared, came up to me & asked:  "You Japanese?"

- I knew from some ppl that the first impression they have of me was that I looked like a Korean. Maybe because my eyes are small?

- I remembered playing a prank on 2 of my really good friends during Sec 2. Texted them, lying that I was adopted by my current parents; my real dad & mum were actually Japanese & Korean.
They pondered about it for very long, in the end they bought the story. I felt really bad that they worried so much for me :(

- I went to a Big Bang SG outing. A group of girls asked if I was from China.
Even my dad said I look like a little China girl!

- I was working at the IT fair in March. A colleague asked: "You from Malaysia or China right?"


Define 'looking Singaporean'.
Is it the way I look? I've got non-Singaporean features? (What are the SGean features anyway!?)
Or is it that I don't have rebonded, layered hair?

A lot said the way I dress? I do wear shirt, shorts, slippers!..... ok, but not that often...

The way I speak? I do use lah leh loh very often! Personally, I think I do sound very Singaporean. ....... ok, my pronunciation do sounds weird sometimes.. but my English is "broken" enough! (which is a bad habit that I need to change).

Should I feel privileged? Or be upset because I look different.
I'm in a dilemma, and I don't know what to do about it. It's like you're in, but you're out.
You can't stop me from dressing up. Doing cosmetic surgery is out of the question also.

& Yes, my parents & grandparents are Chinese Singaporeans.

Well, the next time someone asks, I'll answer what Lady Gaga says: "I was born this way."

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