Got to love Gardens!
There's so many good food here, be it crazy expensive or dirt cheap!
My parent's & I were looking for a place to have our brunch, so we settled for Bakerzin at the new MyVillage mall.



I love free flows of bread. So high class & angmoh-style! *act atas*

Dad's blueberry tart thing.
Was hoping for something to ooze out as I bite into the tart, but there was nothing. Quite a disappointment :(

Mum's I-don't-know-what-this-is.
Too cheesy in a way, so I found it kind of weird?

Ok I admit, I'm afraid that it's very fattening!

My mango soda!
I don't know why, I like soda's a lot. BUT THEY'RE FATTENING!
Every time I drink sodas, there's this voice inside of me that says to heck care because it's the taste of heaven~

My, erm.. Full set meal xD

Hey, don't judge! I can't finish the whole of it actually, KO-ed while eating halfway! I don't know why I keep having this mentality that I still have a humongous appetite like before. Maybe my puberty age is slowly saying byebye?

The curry is the Japanese type of curry; sweet & not spicy. That's what I like!
The soup tasted weird though. Not a fan of weird looking & weird tasting soups.
LOVE THE CAKE! Big fan of chocolate here *does the excited wave*

But it was too chocolatey so I didn't finish all of it. Super duper sinful! Oh hello, fats!

Banana split that we shared!
We got served the wrong flavours. The 2 white ones were lime; super duper sour!
So yeah, we changed it.

Mmmmm ^^ Finally got to eat! *rub hands together*
Vanilla, Chocolate, Black sesame. Got to love desserts! <3

The bill was quite.. Shocking, for a breakfast meal. But worth it for the ambiance.
Satisfaction? I'll give it a 8/10.
They have a bakery there where you can get cakes & breads btw, so do drop by & take a look if you have the chance!
Maybe you can look for me also, as I stay nearby :)

Bakerzin is located at MyVillage @ Serangoon Gardens, 01-27/28