Common test starts in a week's time. The stress is kicking in. I'm someone who likes to procrastinate when it comes to studying, but I know this time, I've to force myself to start doing something.

Work hard, play hard. After CT it's the holidays! :)
Will be busy filming! Yeah, you never read wrongly. I'm going to be on teeveeeeee! If you follow me on Twitter, you'll know! But that shall be revealed next time..
Hopefully I'll get to be on a lot of episodes *prays*.

May work at PC Show for Avira again, so hopefully my CT & filming dates do not clash. I need moolahs $.$

The Muttons from 987fm came down to NP a few weeks ago to promote the latest Ribena Strawberry drink! Do give your support, it tastes really good!

I guess that's all. Time to start studying! :/
BTW, please do my survey on clothes if you haven't. I'll appreciate it a lot, thanks! :)

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