How did you celebrate your Mothers' Day? I had a party at home with my relatives! ^^
We also kinda celebrated my Grandmother's birthday.


My little monkey cousins! It's true that kids bring joy and laughter to the house. Though they can be really annoying at times..
My youngest cousin was sosososo ultimate cute! He also loves Doraemon ^^

He went into my room, first thing he saw was the Doraemon toy on my bed! He then ran to it, hugged it so tightly, then checked the belly & went: "Where's your package?"

The day before, I gave my mum her present while we were having desserts at our favourite dessert shop near our house.
Yeah, my mum looks young & chio, doesn't she? & she's not even 50 yet.
*sings Doncha wish your mama was beautiful like mine*

Got these at a little Japanese store at Ion's basement level where all the food are. Pretty, aren't they :)
It's like mochi. The fillings are either green bean or red bean. I must say, it tasted really good!

Got my maid a little something also, because she's also a mum! She always tells me bout how much she misses her kid :(
She's like a mum to me, treating me really well & stuff.
Glad to see her really elated when she saw my present! True happiness that comes from within :>

Got her a hand cream from Sephora, since she does most of the chores at home. Hands are important for us ladies, so we must protect them!
The price was ok, plus it's under one of Cleo's Must Buy items. Smells nice & the packaging is so pretty!

So, what did you get for your mum?
Happy (belated) Mothers' Day to all Mummys! All of you are the winners of the 'Most Beautiful Mother' award! :D

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