Oh nga nga the NgaKei got me try this sweet that her sister gave her recently (her sister forever has sooooooooo many sweets to give away, I've no idea why. She's like some living candy machine!)

"Super Lemon? Seriously, how sour can it be, it's only a sweet...." was seriously what I thought at first.

Such a yellow sweet. Love it!
Don't you just love bright coloured things~ It makes me very happy :D So nice my nails also yellow hahahahaha! #fatedtoeatthissweet
My fav colour is not yellow though..

Immediately after I put it into my mouth, I realized something:

NEVER EVER EVER underestimate Japanese products.
NEVER. I swear the Japanese are freaking geniuses!

I was like: "DAMN! I shouldn't have 'looked down' on this sweet! Freaking sour ahhhhhhhh get out of my mouth!"
It's like one of the most sourestistismzxzxzxz sweet I've ever had, & I am so not a fan of sour stuff!
I checked the contents at the back.....

It is freaking coated with Lemon Taste Powder!

I finished the sweet in the end. The more you suck on it, the less sour it will taste.
Actually the climax is when you first put it into your mouth!

I don't know where to get this sweet though. But if you happen to see it, do give it a try! You'll be sure to be soured awake during a sleepy lesson!


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