Sorry for the lack of updates recently! Busy with events, school, family, friends...  Sometimes I wonder whether it's worth being so busy and doing so much that I tire myself out. I haven't been feeling well since Friday.. I know this is really personal, but my monthly thing has been here for more than 2 weeks now.. Losing a lot of blood that I feel worried for myself. Google-d and a lot of people say it's due to stress. Went to the doctors but didn't come to any conclusion. I guess I juggled with too many things till I forgot to take care of myself. Everyday I go home, have dinner, bathe, then head for the bed. I don't have much energy like before anymore.

I've got my pictures uploaded already, just need time to finish my posts with words. I will do a update really soon, I promise! Am really thankful for all of you who are still checking out my blog, waiting for updates. I promise to blog my very best!

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