Have you ever wondered: "What makes a good watch?"
I believe that there is a story behind everything, so to me, a good watch must be able to make me look back at the past and smile.

I vaguely remember in Primary School, I was always taking my mum's pink Baby-G watch to wear whenever she didn't use it. My classmates in school would look at me in envy whenever I wear them to school because not many people owned a Baby-G back then.

In Secondary School, my dad bought my mum a white Baby-G watch one day that was very pretty, so I got really jealous that he didn't buy any for me. I pity the Daddy's in the family because they have to please everyone in the family, hahaha! Anyway, because I am daddy's awesome little princess, he went back to the shop and bought the same one for me the next day. It made me feel so loved (ღ˘⌣˘ღ)

I have so many other Casio watches, and all of them bring back really funny and heartwarming stories that are too long to be filled in this little space.

So one thing's for sure:


What is your definition of a good watch? Not because I am obliged to say this because I'm writing for them or anything, but I think my new Baby-G watch, BGA-200PD-4B, that I received is a good model example.

Don't believe me? Here are some points in which I think makes up a good watch!

1) The first criteria that everyone looks for in a watch is that it must look decent and be match-able to our daily outfits. Not only that, it must be affordable because I am only a student p(´⌒`q)
My new Baby-G does match well with most of my outfits, be it for school or for events. And to be worth only $100+ is a steal!

My Baby-G has got a distinctively energetic look, because of the popular square-faced analogue design and pop colors. The lustrous finish of the cases and bands add on to the overall pop look!

You know how sometimes your watch tends to stick on to your wrist when you're very sweaty? Well, the band for mine totally doesn't! It may look very plasticy, but on the inside, it is very comfortable.

2) It must help me to keep track of the time.

Like, DUH! If a watch doesn't help you to keep track of the time, then what for get one in the first place =.=
Great for people who are always running late, like Yours Truly.

Not only that, my Baby-G has got special functions that include a daily alarm, full auto calender, countdown timer and 29 time zones all in one! \(@ ̄∇ ̄@)/

3) It must be able to have light. If you don't already know, my Baby-G watch has got a LED Light with Afterglow.

At times when I suddenly wake up in the middle of the night, I will want to know what time it is. So with this light function, I get to know my time well, even at night!

4) It must be tough and durable! Who wants to spend money on a watch that spoils easily? My Baby-G is Shock-Proof you know! *show off*

Don't believe me? Then let's put it to the test:

Preparing to drop it.....

Dropped!!! :O

All's good!

Notice the rib lines in the bezel? It serve as protectors to enhance shock resistance while also adding design accents that give a sense of the watch's functionality. I love how the face pops with candy numbers painted on the underside of the glass for a floating effect, creating a distinctively energetic, fashionable, cute and fun impression.

5) Last but not least, the most important criteria that makes me go "Yes! This is the watch I want and need!" is that it must be waterproof!

I was washing my hands one day, and being the blur girl I am, I actually forgot that I have a watch on my wrist! When water started splashing onto my new Baby-G watch, I panicked like maddddddd... Then I realized that actually the watch is WATERPROOF! Almost scared die me, hahaha!  (⌒▽⌒)

I laughed at myself and continued to let the water flow.

Did you know? This stylish Baby-G watch has a water resistance of 10bars, or 100m - which also means that it's good enough to be useful under water while keeping it's eye-catching look at the same time! (*^▽^*)

Anyway, look what I found in class one day~

My watch's same "species": FOUND! A classmate of mine owns this G-Shock, and he told me that he has another G-Factor labelled watch at home. Good choice!

Fun fact: The Baby G is more feminine while the G-Shock is more tough.

Another one!

......Hey, wait a minute...


Both of the watches look similar, but the one on the right is neither a Baby-G nor a G-Shock. With the amazing capabilities my watch possess, everyone should have themselves at least 1 Casio Timepiece!

For more information on how amazing Casio watches are, visit Casio Singapore's Facebook page here: https://www.facebook.com/CasioTimepieceSingapore



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