So, I was chatting with my friend Mirai on Twitter one day, and she told me that her Casio Baby-G watch is able to store information inside the watch! So me being the curious girl I am, (and since it's the examination period, maybe I can cheat... HAHAHA, JUST JOKING! Don't wanna risk being debarred or kicked out of school x.x) I went to check whether my watch has such a special function.

I took my Casio watch User's Guide and flipped through the pages... Nope! :/ While my watch doesn't have such a function, lookie what I found while reading it!

I know that a lot of people don't really bother reading it...
BUT! The information given is very important, especially if you want your Baby-G to last for a long time! It's also a way to save $ from buying another watch *(*´∀`*)☆


(I painstakingly typed all of this out, so you better read! xD)

  • A dirty or rusty case or band can soil the sleeves of your clothing, cause skin irritation, and even interfere with watch performance. Be sure to keep the case and band clean at all times. Rust tend to form easily after the watch is exposed to seawater and then left without cleaning.
  • Sometimes a smudge like pattern may appear on the surface of a resin band. This will not have any affect on your skin or clothing. Wipe the band with a cloth to clean it.
  • Keep a leather band clean by wiping it with a dry cloth. Both resin bands and leather band can become worn and cracked over time when subjected to normal daily use.
  • Should your band become badly cracked or worn, be sure to have it replaced with a new one. Request band replacement from your original retailer or an authorized CASIO Service Center. Note that you will be charger for band replacement costs, even if your watch is still covered by its warranty.
  • Remember that you wear your watch next to your skin, just like a piece of clothing. Because of this, you should always keep your watch clean. Use a soft, absorbent cloth to wipe off any dirt, sweat, water, or other foreign matter from the case and band.


  • Though the stainless steel used for the watch is highly rust-resistant, rust can form if the watch is not cleaned after it becomes dirty. Failure of oxygen to come into contact with the metal because it is dirty causes breakdown of the oxidization layer on the metal surface, which leads to the formation of rust.
  • Even if the surface of the metal appears clean, sweat and rust in crevasses can soil the sleeves of clothing, cause skin irritation, and even interfere with watch performance.
Premature Wear
  • Leaving sweat or water on a resin band or storing in an area subjected to high moisture can lead to premature wear, cuts, and breaks.
Skin Irritation
  • Individuals with sensitive skin or in poor physical condition may experience skin irritation when wearing a watch. Such individuals should keep their leather band or resin band particularly clean, or switch to a metal band. Should you ever experience a rash or other skin irritation, immediately remove the watch and contact a skin care professional.
Battery Replacement
  • Leave battery replacement up to your original retailer or authorized CASIO Service Center.
  • Have the batteries replaced only with the type specified by in this manual. Use of other types of batteries can cause malfunction.
  • When replacing the batteries, also request a check for proper water resistance. Note that you will be charged separately for water resistance inspection.

Initial Batteries
  • The batteries that come loaded in your watch when you purchase it are used for function and performance testing at the factory.
  • These types of test batteries may go dead quicker than the normally rated battery life as noted in the User's Guide. Note that you will be charged for replacement of these batteries, even if replacement is required within the watch's warranty period.
Low Battery Power
  • Low battery power is indicated by large timekeeping error, when display contents are dim, or when the display does blank.
  • Operation while battery power is low can result in malfunction. Replace the batteries as soon as possible.
For normal everyday care, I'll use a little bit of water to 'wash'  my watch, then clean it with a tissue. Lastly, I'll wipe it again with my spectacle cloth. See, it's so easy!

It's small little steps that doesn't require too much effort or even money. It's just things that you'll have to look out for if you want your watch to have a longer watch life. So and take care of your watch now, $ is hard to earn, save your $ ok! (∩_∩)

For more information about Casio watches, you can visit Casio Timepiece Singapore's Facebook page, or Casio International's website!
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