Sorry, I just HAD to do that because the Common Tests are finally over for the year, yippee! \(@ ̄∇ ̄@)/
..... Though my freedom is only for 2 weeks -.- I'll definitely be enjoying myself for as much as I can!

Anyway, my dad fetched me to town yesterday afternoon after my paper & I met up with my mum to do some shopping!

This hat is from Forever21 @ Orchard Xchange by the way, for anybody who wants to know.

With mummy! She's also camera-shy like my brother. And yes, she looks really young for her age. Heck, even my dad also looks young for his age!

We ate at Wendy's Wheelock Place. Didn't really like the chicken burger I got, I still prefer the fish burger. The fries were not bad IMO!

Was walking around town when I spotted these girls doing charity outside of Ngee Ann City. I'm feeling proud of myself coz they were just standing there, so I did reverse psychology or whatever it's called. Approached them & told them that I wanted to donate. I think they stunned for a while, hahaha.

Did my fair share of giving by buying lots of stuff from them. If you see them or any other charity groups that are doing things for a good cause, do donate generously and do your part for charity! It's the Season of Giving, so no excuses!

Seeeee, the cookies are so kawaii~ *squeal* O(≧▽≦)O

Headed down to the talk around town - Abercombie & Fitch!

I didn't see the whole line of A&F topless models when I was there, maybe because it's raining heavily or no more liao~ o(╥﹏╥)o

Spotted these in the store that looked quite cute! Anyway, conclusion of A&F:

One word: dark. The concept of their store is to make it feel like a club; dimming of lights, club music etc. Maybe it's because I'm getting old or something, but these kinda things are not for me. I felt so giddy that I almost banged into a mirror!
Oh yes to all the vain people out there, their mirrors are EVERYWHERE. Also, all the staff there kept going "Hey, how's it going!", so it's only polite if I reply "I'm fine I guess!" back to so many of them. After that it became an awkward silence *insert silence.mp3*.

I liked their clothes though! Simple yet chic, and the material's really good! (Like duh~)

Got myself a Polaroid shot with the only topless man in the store. My mum saw the picture & exclaimed: "Why you never take picture with Ang Moh!?"

Lol, I also wish! But they're all not there leh, what can I do :/

Lookie what I got - my first pair of Dr Marten shoes!

These babies are the 3989 BROGUE CHERRY RED by the way, $189! A big "THANK YOU!!!" to Zouk and Dr Marts for them. I took part in ZoukSG's Twitter contest in which I had to retweet something, and was chosen as one of the three winners! Gotta love these Twitter contests coz I won sooooo many things from there!


My mum went off to her hair appointment halfway through, so off I went shopping around town! But of course, shopping is an overstatement because I don't have money ヽ(●゚´Д`゚●)ノ゚

Here's my secret to curing boredom - To try on pretty clothes.

Scenario: A certain dress on display caught your attention. It's damn pretty but soooooo expensive. You cannot own it because you don't have the money, or your parents will sure to be nagging from day to night. So here's the solution - You try it lor! That's what I did, coz trying is free one so just try only! Got try before shiok enough liao. #auntiephilosophy

Here are the different type of styles I picked out at the different stores. See how well they matched with my Baby-G BGA-200PD-4B watch!

Massimo Dutti @ Wheelock Place

Lacey top for those who like to show a little bit of skin.

Sweater and leather shorts for a cold, casual day out.

Dress with a ribbon in the front for the cutesy and feminine side of you. (I bought this btw!)

River Island @ Ion Ochard

Simple t-shirt that's great for concerts or a casual day at school.

All glammed up for events with this shimmery dress.

It's so pretty, I wanna buy! But no $$$ (。┰ω┰。)

Lacey romper for a sweet semi-casual day out.

Zara @ Ngee Ann City Shopping Mall

Translucent top for the cool, rocker-chic in you. There is a big hole at the back, bonus points for sexiness! Also, the back is longer than the front, it's like a train (?)!

Black dress with really nice lacey details. It gives a hint of mysteriousness and sexiness and is good for clubbing.

Furry coat to keep you warm in this Winter season!

Topshop @ Knightsbridge

Loud, unique dress that's great for fashion events! I lovelovelovelovelove this dress a lot, but it costs like $800+!!! *heartpain*

And the reason why I'm 'kiaping' the dress so tightly is because I took the wrong size (XS) and I can't zip the dress up at all #failmax

Show your inner wild side with this sexy punkish dress!

Lastly, pyjamas for plonking into your comfy bed on lazy days!

No lah, just joking! But of course, if you like my posts, do vote generously!

Last lastly, 4 more days till the end of voting. Remember to vote 'Joey Ong' at, top row fourth from left, best if it's daily!

*In Barbarella's voice* Tanks everyone, tanks! ヾ( ̄ー ̄)X(^∇^)ゞ

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