Hello everybody! If you didn't already know, voting for My Baby-G Style is now open at http://contests.omy.sg/baby-g till 21 December 2011! Have you voted yet? :)

Wait..... What do you mean by NO?


What..... Prizes? You want to know the prizes!? Tsktsk, looks like the saying "There is no free lunch in the world" is true. Alright, here you go:

*In a Tyra Banks voice* So many lovely voters, but there is only 1 lucky voter that can win..... THIS LIMITED EDITION BABY-G WATCH DESIGNED BY TAIWANESE SINGER RACHEL LIANG WEN YIN!

Woah, so nice loh! If you win it but don't want it, give it to me lah xD

Hmmmm, prize is not enough? Ok then.....
Since it's the season of giving, on top of the chance to win a watch, I am also giving away prizes to my own voters! I have prizes from Coach, Dr Martens etc. up for grabs, or you can choose to have a meal together with me. Yes, the meal is on me! ヽ(*・ω・)ノ

All you have to do is to vote for me at http://contests.omy.sg/baby-g & take a screen shot of the it together with the time and date:

Don't worry, you can take a screen shot w/o your personal details first, because I understand that it is very sensitive. Btw, the details circled in red are very important ok! It must be included in the picture. Remember to click on the circle button next to my picture, on the left!

Then, take another screen shot indicating that you have already voted for me, like this:

Email your name, contact number and the picture to jiahui_0509@hotmail.com! You can vote one time each day, so the more you vote + email to me = the higher chance of you winning my giveaway!

It's just 3 steps! Just use the Snipping Tool. Sorry if it's very troublesome; but think about the prizes to be won ok! It's not bad one, I never bluff (^_−)☆ If you want the prizes, then don't be lazy! It's free leh, hehehe.... Good luck!
The entry I get the most will automatically be the biggest winner.

But of course, for the really, really lazy ones.. I'll bribe you with my upcoming posts, you bribe me with your votes. It's a win-win situation. Cool? ヾ(@゜▽゜@)ノ

Here's a sneak picture of one of my upcoming post:

Since Christmas is coming, I'll show you how I styled myself! Other posts include why I think Baby G is awesome and some random styles with the Baby G. Excited? (((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))

A vote a day keeps your bad karma away. So don't wait anymore, vote now here :http://contests.omy.sg/baby-g!

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