On the last week of school before all the Common Tests started, I attended my first IS module lesson for this semester. It is none other than..... *drum rolls* Photography!!! ヾ(^∇^) For those non-Ngee Ann Polytechnic students, IS means The School of Interdisciplinary Studies, where students can choose to study something else other than the things they learn in their own course.

Some of the IS modules we can choose from includes Business (Entrepreneur & Law, Starting a Business etc.), Arts & Humanities (Understanding Relationships: Love & Sexuality, Social Psychology (I took that last sem), Foreign Languages etc.),  Science & Technology (Animation, Life Sciences Revolution etc.), and Design (Interior Design, Fashion Design, Photography (what I'm learning now) etc.).

For the first lesson, I had to go around school to shoot photos according to the different themes. All photos are unedited, and taken with the Nikon D90.

1) People
Critique: This is a good picture, and it made the class laugh! Wheeeee! :D

2) Landscape
Critique: This picture would've been better if I showed more road.

3) Nature
Critique: There shouldn't be too much cement in the picture because it's not "natural" anymore. But I chose this because of the aesthetic purposes. That space can be used to put all the emo quotes & stuff, LOL!

4) Self-Portrait
Critique: This is taken by the teacher actually, because I asked him some questions regarding my camera hehehe.. I thought self-portrait means camwhore (why am I so dumb, seriously =.=), but I don't really camwhore so I just put this picture up. It would've been better if I cropped it.

5) Isolate a single subject
Single Subject
Critique: Isolate means focused on one object, so it would have been better if everything behind (all the grass & cement) was out of focus.

6) Show details from foreground to infinity
Foreground to infinity
Critique: I forgot, hahaha!

Here are some of the other pictures I took:

This is my teacher, Mr Peter Yeo! He is the only teacher teaching this IS module since it is first introduced. He also teaches in one of my dream school -  the School of Film & Media Studies.

This is part of the new Blk 73 that is newly opened this year!

Stalking people dancing... Hahaha!

Cleaner auntie arranging the chairs outside of Munch, the new canteen.

People going back home yet I still have class o(╥﹏╥)o

Teacher said this nature shot was ok, but quite boring.

People from Power 98FM recording something.

Some random shot.

Really nice guy allowed me to take a picture of him. Teacher said this self-portrait picture is not bad, but would've been better if there wasn't the background (railings & the things behind it).

Zebra crossing near Makan Place, FMS and Convention Centre.

Random artsy fartsy photo of the stairs at Blk 73.

That's all for this post! If you have any comments or critique regarding the pictures that can help me improve for the better, do comment or drop me an e-mail. Also, if you're a Nikon D90 user yourself, teach me some of your tips and tricks to operating the camera. Greatly appreciated, and Happy Christmas Eve everyone! Have a good day spent with your family & friends! (★^O^★)