I had the opportunity to attend the Samsung Galaxy Note user trial last month, where 100 people got their hands on this device that's currently out of stock, and review on it. Since I've to send Samsung my review after trying it out, so I thought: "Why not I make it into a blog post and share my thoughts with my readers?"

Do note that I am not a professional technology reviewer, so please don't expect too much from me! I'm just reviewing how I feel <(。_。)> Alright, here we go!

This is how the packaging looks like when you first get it. We were asked to review on the following categories:

1) Performance

As I am a heavy tech user, the moment I saw the Note, the first question that struck was how long the battery can last me. Since it's a smartphone and a tablet all in one, I tend to depend on it A LOT. Even though it boasts a 2500mAh battery, I found the battery life just slightly above average due to the large battery consumption used by the apps. There were times when the Note lagged for awhile, but most of the time it was quite speedy.

2) Display

First look at it, I liked how stylish and simple this product is. For a device that is 9.65mm thin, having a big 5.3" screen was a plus point for me. It didn't have a lot of buttons, which made understanding which button is for what function so much easier. Take a look at the rectangle button at the bottom, and you'll know that it's a Samsung product.

I also liked how there is a front and back camera on this device, because I love taking photos!

Initially, I thought that the speakers looked rather small, so the sound quality would get affected somehow. Surprisingly, it was not as bad as I thought it would be.

3) S Pen

The S Pen looked rather normal, with a nice metallic end. I like how it wasn't annoyingly retractable like other retractable stylus pens for phones.

There is this small little 'pen' function button in this pen (PENCEPTION~) which I didn't notice at first. Take a closer look, and you'll find it camouflaged as it is also black in colour. As it is too small, I tend to miss it sometimes. Although it is very convenient to just press on it to navigate my way through the Note, it tends to be quite troublesome to find and press it.

The size was just right for my fingers, but it seemed a little too small for people with bigger fingers, like my dad.

4) S Memo

As I am a rather forgetful person, I tend to write down my thoughts, notes and homework in a little notebook to remind myself. The S Memo is just like a notebook, but even better - very useful, convenient and saves money.

I can type on it, though it tends to be a little unresponsive when I use my fingers as compared to using the S Pen. Also, it saves me the trouble from blanco-ing it as auto-correct is here to the rescue!

I can also sketch or draw my self reminders on it, and change the colour even!

I'm all praises for the S Memo! (´∀`)ノ♡

5) S Planner

The S Planner is the calender for the Note. Admit it: you can't possibly remember ALL your schedules, and ALL your friend's birthday, can you? With just one click, I can see what's my schedule for the day, the week, or even months and years from now. I see it as another money-saving app, haha!

When 2 of my fingers are pinched & pressed on the screen like this on the selected date, I'll spread my fingers to open up a bigger and clearer calender like this:

Reminders can be set, and you will automatically be reminded when you have an appointment coming up.

You do the opposite (pinch the screen), and you'll go back to the smaller version!

What I didn't like about the S Planner was that it tends to be a little sensitive. I meant to open up a certain date, but my fingers were a little too big that it pressed and opened up to another date.

Other things that I played with! ヾ(@^▽^@)ノ :

There are so many hand motions you can use to navigate around the Note. I find some quite pointless though =/

You can take a screen shot by pressing the pen function of the S Pen while tapping once on the screen.

You can also draw on your screen shot!

From what I know, Samsung was the first to come up with this function where your notifications will not pop up while you are doing your work halfway and interrupt what you're doing. In fact, all notifications will go up to the notification tab; you'll just have to pull it down and check what your notifications are when you're done with what you're doing! O(≧∇≦)O

The back camera is a whooping 8 megapixel with LED flash. The picture quality was rather good, coming from a phone camera.

While the front is only 2 megapixel, I thought it was good enough to take rather decent photos. That's me with my blogger friend Jeremy by the way!

There is also a video maker app which is very convenient for vloggers!

That's all for this post! I hope it wasn't too bad....
Thank you for reading~ ☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆


  1. Its a pretty decent phone to have. As I do take lot of photos & videos it is highly useful with this resolution. But I feel the shortage for "my folder" to move SMSes & I could not open SMSes from log directly.

  2. Maybe you can address this problem to the people at Samsung? :)