Hello everyone~ It's been quite awhile since I've introduced music that's pleasing to the ears, huh! So today righttttttttttt, I'm really, really pleased to share with you guys this super duper incredible singer in this space! Her name is Charice Pempengco, and she's quite young (1 year older than me only! WHAT AM I DOING WITH MY LIFE!?) and amazingly talented. I first got introduced to her via YouTube, because a friend of mine told me to listen to her.

This was the very first song I heard from her. You MUST listen! Heck, the first few seconds are good enough to lure you in & continue listening!

All By Myself
How was it? She's amazing and you got the goosebumps, didn't you? Damn it, how did she hit all the freaking high notes!? Some people even feel that she's better than Celine Dion!

I suppose not many people know much about her, because so far she seems really underrated here in Singapore.. Some of you might recognize her from Glee Season 2 though!

As Long As You're There
I didn't really watch Glee, so yeah. :/ At least I know her now!

Because You Love Me
This video made me cry! :') I guess that was the start of her fame? Singing with Celine Dion is no easy feat, furthermore she looked really young at that time.

Here are some of the classic songs that she sang and I really enjoyed:

I Will Always Love You

Unbreak My Heart

Before It Explodes

I really love hearing her singing live because it brings out the awesomeness in her voice. So pure, so real, so emotional. For your information, she released a single called "Louder" which you can download on iTunes! This is one of the songs that you can find:

One Day

That's all for this week. I hope you've enjoyed my post!
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  1. You said it right - her voice is "So pure, so real, so emotional". Charice truly has a golden voice.

    1. Glad that someone appreciates her voice like I do! ;)