Is there someone special who's constantly running in your mind? Would you like that special someone to stop running, and keep him/her physically by your side? (´ ▽`).。o♡

I know of too many people who obviously like each other, but never had the chance to say it out, in fear of this scary thing called rejection. Only after they've moved on, then they realized that they had a crush on each other, but by then it was already too late because they have someone else in mind.

Do you want to live in regret for not trying your luck and confess to the person you like when you should have?

Cornetto (yes, that yummy ice cream!) is the manifesto of courage, fun and more importantly love. It enables you to make that leap of faith so that you have the courage to confess your love for the other party. Cornetto will always be there to bring you and the one you love together!
If you haven't already know (which you should because their advertisements are like everywhereee), Cornetto recently launched 2 new Cornetto Enigma ice cream recently this year! Cornetto Engima is THE ice cream with a soft, rich inside.

There are two flavours in which you can choose from - one of them is the Cornetto Enigma Raspvan!

The Cornetto Engima Raspvan is an enchanting, tangy raspberry sauce, filled with pieces of dark indulgent chocolate, enfolded by the finest vanilla and raspberry ice cream. *salivates*

Be really amazed because the Cornetto Engima Raspvan has got a raspberry soft centre!

The other new flavour is the none other than the Cornetto Enigma Nociola!

It is a smooth gianduja sauce, filled with delicious chocolate and crunchy nut pieces enfolded by premium hazelnut and chocolate ice cream. Sounds good to me!

As for the Cornetto Enigma Nociola, they have chocolate as the soft centre. Yum yum, I loooooove chocolate!

The people at Cornetto were feeling all pumped up with their newly defined purpose and wanted to do something to help their audience reveal the love inside. Want to know what it is? I do! (≧∇≦)/

Do you know of any 2 friends that you think are perfect for each other... Or they just look really good together? Chances are, you'd try to get them together, right?

Well it happens to me all the time when I'm randomly browsing through my Facebook & have a sudden thought: "Woah, this girl is so pretty now! Hey, this guy is also looking good. Actually, their personalities kinda match. Hmm... I wonder what happens if they get together. Their baby confirm will be really cute and bubbly!"

But I always left it at that and never tried to do more to make sparks fly, because it'll be kind of awkward.

Well, apparently the people at Cornetto felt the same way too, so in order to make our lives as a *ahem* matchmaker *ahem* so much easier, they created a platform to facilitate this!

Introducing... THE CORNETTO LOVE MACHINE! (*^▽^*)

If you have 2 friends whom you’ll like to match (or simply just sabo!), then process them through the Cornetto Love Machine! All of the matches will be kept as a secret; your friends will not be informed that they've been matched. Well, not unless someone told them.

Then, submit their profiles to the Cornetto Love Machine, which will be powered by fairy dust and teddy bear juice!

Next, share the match with your mutual friends to get them to vote (up to 50 friends at each time).

If the friends you've hooked up turns out to be the top four couples-to-be, the lovely people at Cornetto will take over to help get the sparks going between them FOR REAL! *wink wink*

As for yourself, YOU GET A CHANCE TO WIN THE NEW iPAD! Think about it: Sit down in front of your computer, shake leg and match people up also can win iPad. Shiok right!?

For more information, visit Cornetto's Facebook page:


After all that icy goodness, it's giveaway time! I'll be giving away really cute Cornetto Bears to 9 lucky readers!
Every bear has got a zip behind that opens up to a recycling bag; talk about convenience! There's also a 'Press Here' button on it's left leg that lights up at the tummy area. Cho kawaii one I tell you!

Here's how it looks like up close.

All you have to do is:

1) Leave a comment on this post! It must be something related to "LOVE". Some examples include what is your perception of love, a true story of where you and your first/current love met, what is your dream love story like etc. ANYTHING! Be creative!

Example: My boyfriend is incredibly intelligent, handsome and talented. The first time we met was at the library in Bugis. He helped to pick up the books that I've dropped. Our eyes met and it was love at first sight. Blahblahblahblah.

2) REMEMBER TO LEAVE YOUR NAME AND EMAIL ADDRESS at the end of the comment so that I can contact you!

3) I'll pick the 9 winners using a random generator. But of course, if I feel that your comment is really true, good, creative and detailed, then you'll get the priority!

Giveaway ends on 30th April 2012, at 2359. Comments without a email address or has got nothing to do with "LOVE" will be automatically disqualified. Good luck! ヾ(@^∇^@)ノ


  1. I love my wife so much that I will always forgive her (usually after 5 mins agony)whenever she made me sad.
    Winston Chua -

    1. Hahahaha awwwww so cute! Christina is so lucky :)

  2. I feel I should talk about my love for Rilakkuma! I

    n the midst of preparing product offers in my craft store at myblacktulip few years back, my supplier recommended Rilakkuma to me and I found it so adorable! At that time, we were preparing a huge shipment so we didn't buy it. Finally, profits started to roll in and I started to bury myself with Rilakkuma stationeries!

    My love for Rilakkuma continued till now! Pouch, plushies, pens, accessories <3 To further spread my love, I held Rilakkuma Spree at myblackgarden! Even without buying anything, it is a website where everyone who loves Rilakkuma can go there to view all the Rilakkuma items!

    I want to hear your love story with Rilakkuma too! Hope I can win!

    Name: Stephanie

  3. I am sure everyone's first kiss would be unforgettable, be it a good or bad one. My true first kiss definitely left a deep imprint on me. Some may say that this is just exaggeration, lest I did not exemplify it like the scenario of Titanic or the Last Kiss. I remembered it vividly as though it happened just yesterday.

    Kiss, Peck, French Kiss etc, the definition of kiss may span over a whole range of it.

    Mine was a peck on the lips while we were on deck of the double-decker. Our faces were a mere breath away when it was about to happen. My palms were sweating profusely and my heart skipped a beat. That kiss - it sent a fluttering sensation inside of me.

    It may be neither romantic or passionate to some, but it is of utmost significance to me. It symbolizes a budding love between us. That was also the moment I finally opened my heart to him. (slowly of course!)

    Never will I forget it :P


  4. every girl would love to have their love story just like those in drama idols. however what that is different is probably that we don't need a tall, dark, handsome and rich boyfriend. what we need is just somebody who is genuine and love us for the sake of who we are. what we need is something simple and never changes,

    Love is a beautiful thing to have, to take care of, to feel that happiness it gives you. There's no cheating, no mind games, no lies and sex ain't everything in it. Love comes from the heart. Love is not a game. Love is never ugly. Love never fails.

    Annabelle Tong

  5. I think everyone needs love in their life . To love someone, and also to be loved . Love don't necessary have to be in a boy-girl relationship, there are many other kinds of love like family love, friends love, love for the earth, love for a cause .
    I think family love is and always, will be the most important . Because your family members will always be there for you . Your parents will always care and love you .

    I want to thank my mum for her love . She's been very patient with me . In my rebellious teenage years(some years back), she will be patient and try all ways to "know" and "understand" the teenage me who's always giving her trouble . She never gave up, even when I left home, she still hang on and love me dearly . I want to tell her, "i love you mommy ." :)

    Lulu Joys

    1. Awwwww I feel you! I love my mum too :')

  6. About Love.

    Hmm can i talk about my K-idol? Since i don't have any bfee before, hehehe ♥

    Idols are everyone favorites right?
    They have many many many fans in all-around the world so is hard for them to even notice us.

    Always going for their concerts/fan-meet/sign events just to see him in real life. And that moments of second can just be really really happy. *unspeakable* feelings <3

    I think is the same as true love but which is a 'One sided love' then, Always trying to give him everything you had/have to him just to see him being happy , getting healthy.

    Always mention him in web hopefully waiting for a reply. Wish if he had saw my tweets to him. Make him know that i really really love him and hope he know that i really support and ♥ him .

    Being a fan is also tiring but talking about LOVE ♥ , I think all this is worth doing so.

    Love is not a forceful thing. Love is somewhat called 'willing' to sacrifice for your love ones.

    As being a fan of k-idols. I really want to say.

    I love my idols and I respect them for doing what they want, since they are also a human.
    I give them my 101% support for the right things they did. Because I LOVE them.

    I want them to be happy.

    Hehe ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

    Joey Ong

    1. Yes, k-idols work very very hard to do their best on stage! Respect to them! :)

  7. name : chee hui jin cookie
    email :

    I think Love is a big word to use, am going to talk about LOVE to the people around me.

    I Love my parents, and I know they love me too.
    Whenever I am hungry, mummy cook for me and daddy will always think I will have not enough food to eat.
    They nag, and nag and nag but I know that's their way of expressing they care and concern, and of cause their love too.

    I Love my boyfriend for being around me when I need him, letting me vent my anger if I get sad and angry, letting me bite him anytime I want.

    I Love my friends, for being there for me. Helping me as much as they could, taking care of each other like we are just one big family.
    Though there are tons of arguments and conflicts, we patch up and make up cause we know we love each other that much to see pass those negatives thoughts and thinking.

    sometime, words ain't enough for us to describe what is love.
    Love is everywhere, and everyone should feel it and give a part out to it.
    love is a feeling, an emotion, that everyone have, and should have.

    1. Very very true!!! I love everyone around me too :)

  8. Well, I'm not sure of my own definition of Love, for I've not have any before but I'm sure during my schooling days, there are really some who ran after me like crazy. (Yeah, it's really funny!)It's like he's stalking you everyday, boarding the same bus to school, going back together and happens to be the elite programme which was run by the school.

    I remember that there's once where the guy confessed me by a postcard given to me personally. The postcard was really funny, I'm supposed to decode it using the periodic table(yeah, that chemistry one!)and I've consulted my senior(a girl lah)to help me decode. By then, I've no idea why does he want As usual, I was always the spoiler and rejected him :D And that's why I've got to enjoy life till now! (my secret lah!)

    But I love my brother to bits, he's like another nice friend of mine, although he always poke me- I've no idea why:/ I used to buy his favourite magazine for him when I was shopping, Times. Probably he's just my ideal brother after all :D

    Name: Krystal Tan

    1. But whyyyyyyyyyy! He confess until so creatively leh!!! hahaha <3 Yes I love my bro too although he irritates me a lot!

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  10. I feel that love cannot be explained with words. It is a feeling, something that might not be easily expressed.

    Just like my family, we don't put the "love" word around our mouth every single day. I don't think it is necessary to do it everyday, perhaps once in a while. But in our hearts, we know we love each other through our little actions daily. This morning, even though both my mother and I were rushing for work, she still helped me to make milk shake when I asked for help. To me, that is love. Despite having a temporary full-time job, I still receive some allowances from my father. I believe he might not afraid that I would not have enough money to eat since I'm saving up. The parental love is so great that they sacrificed their time and money for us, in hope that we will be filial and perhaps pay them back in the future.

    I chanced upon this article ( when quite a few people started sharing on FB. It suddenly dawned upon me that I need to make more sacrfices to repay the love from my parents as well. I had a confusing situation whether I should complete what I am studying or pursue my dream of studying what I like. The former is a shorter route, but the latter is longer. Even though I'm still in a mess, I would seriously and carefully consider my decision, which will affect my entire life. After all, my parents are the ones who raised me up to who I am today, even though I'm pretty much the one who will decide who I will be tomorrow.

    About siblings love, even though I had a horrible experience with my brother, I still love him. When he totally ignored me, I cried as though my heart was broken into pieces. (Opps, that was the past. We are ok now.) I guess I still love him even though he behaves that way. It's weird, isn't it?

    Let's not talk about friends, but rather true friends. Enough of those cliche stuff about not wanting a hypocrite as a friend etc, nobody is perfect. True friends throw sacarstic remarks yet not get angry with each other. We love each other so much that we can give up our ego for our friendship. I love my thick-skinned BFF, who is my friend for more than 7 years and coming. I believe one day, we will be each other's bridemaids.

    Even though I don't have a boyfriend, that doesn't mean I don't know what love is. I believe it is not necessary to have a boyfriend to feel loved. Yes, I understand that the love from the boyfriend can be different from that from the parents/friends - it is special. And one day, I hope it will be.

    Recently, I read an article ( about this 22-year-old graduate (female) getting married to a 32-year-old chicken rice stall owner. I felt that it was very brave and courageous of her to ignore the society's views and opinions of marrying "down", especially to someone who doesn't match your educational qualifications. In this competitive society, some woman would still have the mindset of marrying to a rich husband who have better qualifications and jobs, in hope for a better life. But this girl who is born with a silver spoon, sacrificed all for the sake of love. Truly and honestly speaking, how many of us can actually do such a big sacrifice for the ones we love?

    Their love is endless. There isn't any limit - not even that piece of paper qualification. Finding someone who shares values etc in common and yet find love in the process is an amazing thing. I think love is powerful.

    One thing for sure, love is not just about yourself. It is also about those around you.

    Name: Xue Ling

    1. Awwwwwwww why your comment so long & got do research one! <3 I've read the articles too, and I almost teared! Especially the chicken rice one because it made me feel ashamed of myself, made me realize that it doesnt mean I have to be a princess to be happy. Yes, love is a powerful thing, and is all around. It is selfless :)

  11. Name: Sherlyn Lau

    Love is sweet and at times bitter.
    But it's all those bitter times makes the sweet times more define and more awesome.

    There are many kind of love. It could be kinship, relationship, friendship or etc.
    I love reading your blog cause you always tell us where those nice food are located
    which normally we only hear people saying that they ate "blahblah" food but not telling
    where is the place located! Thanks for sharing so much information with all of your readers. Most importantly i get to see you before in school, Ngee Ann Poly because we're under the same school of ICT (Corrects?) cause i always see you around in ICT blocks. Anyway, is glad to read your blog.

    With Loves.

    1. Woah, really? Thank you so much! Next time when you see me around, say hi alright! :D

  12. The first time I met him was just a seller/buyer type soon we became to know more each other though hobby but that time was not really close. Some way or somehow the relationship I have turn bad and I got no one to turn too constantly he giving adsive on the relationship and that how I been "transfer" to him. Not just that althought he is kind of smaller size compare to me, we both found out that we have same "hay wire" thinking. And from there we make our relationship at a point where heat came up to us, making us breaking apart but soon we were back to normal again. So now I feel like I cant live without him, NOT THE MONEY PART. But the love we sharing

    Kurumi Sato

    1. It's good to have found someone you truly love! I wish both of you the very best, and to go through all the odds together strongly! :)

  13. There are 2 Love role model couples whom I thought are sweet and am envious of.

    The first couple is my grandfather & grandmother. According to my grandmother, their marriage was arranged by matchmaker when she was still in her teens and he was 11 years older than her. As time passed by after their marriage, they gradually got closer than they were in the beginning of marriage. Although their age gaps were 11 years apart, he treated her very well and showered a lot of love and care on her. It is amazing how they went through from unfamiliar to each other to the time they genuinely loved each other. And even when they had several children, his love for her still continued and went on increasingly. When I learnt about their past, my heart melted and went ‘Aww… their shared love was so sweet! Despite the age gap, they were still so loving.’ I believed that even till the end of his life, his love for her never died nor decreased and that he still loved her very much, and always would infinitely. And I believe too that the same goes to my grandmother, that she still do love him deeply.

    The second couple is my uncle & aunt. They are already in their fifties and they were married for at least 20 to 30 years but I can still sense the love between them. I heard that they rarely had a tiff and would give in to each other when needed. Even if there is, it is only a minor bicker like any young couple would have and never once had they raised their voices at each other. In fact, they would always speak in soft, gentle voices in a lovingly way. Though they had no child of their own, I can see that they do love each other deeply as they still behave lovely-dovey who show their love for each other by actions. The PDA they engage in are not those mushy acts but purely by holding hands, glazing lovely glances and whispering to each other sometimes. And they would occasionally crack jokes with smiles and laughter among themselves as though they are still in their courting days. What a loving sight to witness of the day!

    To me, they are the real live examples of true love.

    Kolina -

    1. Indeed! It's very difficult for people to stay so true and loving to one another nowadays, with all the temptations here & there. You are very lucky to have such great examples right in front of you! :)

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  15. Separated by circumstances, we rarely meet and we never had any long conversation. But everytime we did, I cherish the opportunity of the chat and of your reply.

    Love, they say, is the unbreakable bond between two person. Mine? It's more of a one-sided crush/infatuation/liking...and as they call it "unrequited love".

    Regretably,I didn't profess myself to her when i had the chance as I feel that we were not right for each other. we are just too different for each other, but love works wonder doesn't it? When you like someone, it doesn't matter how much you will be hurt or how much you will have to give up, but what matters is how much the other person is happy.

    As of now, she doesn't have the slightest hint of it and I feel that she probably doesn't need me to be a another distraction in her life. (Or I'm jus way too shy and afraid she would rebuff me =X )

    Call my romantic attempt as cliche, but regardless, I really want to try to make her the happiest girl ever and I do hope that ( if/when I give her) the cornetto bear, it would brighten her up and make her smile, even if it's for a split second.

    P.S though I know we are from different world, I won't foolishly miss the second chance that I will get again. Although I have an inkling that she probably doesn't like me bak and would probably rebuff me if i make any advances. I would still try to make her the happiest girl in the entire world!

    1. Sorry my email is

      Complex Homme

    2. Awwwwww!!!! I believe your sincerity will touch her heart one day. Don't be afraid & tell her how you feel! Who knows, she might have feelings for you too. All the best to you, Complex! :)