This will be my last post for KOSE SEKKISEI! Have you read my previous posts on Save the Blue campaign yet? ;)

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Anyway, do you guys want to win fantastic prizes the easy way? *eyes bling bling*
I do! Well, KOSE Singapore has recently launched a Facebook game called "Save the Blue".

All you have to do is to hop on over to KOSE Singapore's Facebook page here:

Spotted SAVE the BLUE game? Click on it!

You will be directed to this page. Click on the button "> Let's Play"

You will then be directed to this page. Press on the START bubble to start cashing in some ka ching ka ching $$$!

How to play?

Firstly, you will have to create your own sea creature avatar by answering some questions.

I am a Butterflyfish! It looks like a happy fish. ;) What are you?

Then, choose your reef location by clicking on the button on the right bottom corner.

You will then have to choose the location where you want to live and decorate your aquarium. I chose St. John Island!

There are coral reefs living in these islands here in Singapore you know! Isn't that awesome? We really need to protect them ♥

This will be how your aquarium looks like. Mine currently looks really empty, can't wait to get more coins and decorate it really beautifully!

Want to earn more coins? Simply invite your friends to play with you! You can also gain points by requesting items from your friends by clicking the "Request a Gift" button on the menu.

Similarly, you can give points to your friends by sending them gifts by clicking on the "Send a Gift" button on the menu.

What are coins for?

Coins can be used to purchase items to decorate your aquarium and earn points. The more points you have, the more gifts you can earn from KOSE! There are Weekly Bonuses of 1000 Coins that will be given out randomly for frequent players.

When you have enough points to earn gifts from KOSE, there will be a pop up for you to fill in your e-mail address.

For 50 Points, you can claim a SEKKISEI Lotion (24ml)
For 125 Points, you can claim a SEKKISEI Emulsion (20ml) + SEKKISEI White Liquid Wash (20ml)
For 200 Points, you can claim a SEIKISHIO Mask White (75ml)

They are some really good prizes. I want to win, I want to win! This is a very good game to learn about the marine creatures under the sea. You can even take snap shots of your aquarium in the game to show off to your friends. The game is only until 31 August 2012, so what are you waiting for? Go on and invite your friends to play with you!

Have fun! ;)


So I headed down to some KOSE stores recently to asked the Beauty Advisers for their expert views on the KOSE SEKKISEI Save the Blue products. Here's what I've got!

"Why should people buy KOSE SEKKISEI Save the Blue products?"

Firstly, this campaign is for a very environmental cause! For the Save the Blue Limited Edition Travel Set ($142), it is so convenient for people to bring along when they travel. Also, it is cheaper to buy in a set with so many of your favourite KOSE products, especially more now since it is having a promotion now. For the Save the Blue Limited Edition Lotion ($121), it has been really popular all these years. It smells good and has whitening effect. All of us Asian girls like that, don't we? ;)

"Are all the products suitable for everyone to use?"

Normally the SEKKISEI range is suitable for all ages and skin types as the ingredients are herbal extracts. Even though our skin are catered to different needs, you don't have to worry because our friendly KOSE staff will check on your skin condition first before recommendation.

"Which is your favourite product from Save the Blue?"

The SEKKISEI Lotion. It smells good, is very moisturising and has the whitening effect! It is better than regular toners. The alcohol in it is not the bad kind of alcohol that is made from chemicals. In fact, the alcohol found in our Lotions have antibacterial properties.

"Any beauty tips?"

Use a cotton pad to dab on the products onto your face. You can also use the Lotion and make your very own Lotion mask! You can soak the lotion into paper masks and leave it on for 15 minutes. It helps in brightening, hydrating and whitening your skin. It is recommended to get the paper masks from KOSE counters which are made of 100% cotton. 15 pieces are sold for $7.

One beauty tip from me is not to neglect your neck, behind your neck and behind your ears. Remember to apply your beauty products there.

Also to remind you, Limited Edition Save the Blue products will only be on sale till until 31 July 2012, so go grab them! Stay beautiful everyone! ;)

For more information on KOSE products, do visit KOSE Singapore's Facebook page here!

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