Sick of eating the usual food in school, my classmates and I head over to Bukit Timah Plaza frequently as it's just a few minutes walk away from our school. Don't judge it's old and abandoned look from the outside; that place has a lot of fantastic food left hidden for people to find that will leave you craving for more.

Tucked away in a little corner at Basement 1 was this rather normal looking stall selling Korean food that seems to be full all the time. Curious, I finally went to try it!

The stall was rather small and cozy, with seats meant for about 20 people. It is run by a Korean lady and some local helpers from what I see so far (been there twice). They serve authentic home-cooked Korean food in huge portions at the cheapest price! I remember eating at other Korean stalls and the prices are around the same, but the portion was sooooooo little.

Well, here's what I ate and my take on them!

Kimchi Pancake ($8)

This pancake tasted something like carrot cake mixed with a lot of vegetables. It's kind of sweet yet sour at the same time. It's very.. Starchy, so you might get bored eating it after awhile. Also, I couldn't really taste much of the kimchi.

But maybe it's just me.

For $8, I would say it's a little too pricey but worth a try.

Set Meal {Pork (there's chicken & beef too)} ($6)

This has got to be my favourite Korean dish EVER!

The pork was good. It's easy to chew, very juicy and flavourful. The spiciness level was very mild, awesome for someone who likes a little bit of spice!

The beansprout appealed as really weird to me at first because there's a seed at the end, so I'm not too used to that. But of course, this is the Korean bean sprout so I have to accept it right! It's really authentic and so big in size. It tasted rather normal (other than the crunchy seed).

To tell you the truth, I'm not that big a fan of kimchi because all that I've eaten before were quite horrible and super spicy. This kimchi was different. It's cold and crunchy, with a mix of bitter, sour and spicy that complements well with each other. I am surprised that it is spicy, but not that spicy spicy kind, which is awesome! I can honestly tell you that this is probably the best I've eaten in Singapore (ok lah I don't eat a lot of kimchis, but still!)

Oh by the way, the meal is super worth the price because it can be shared amongst 2 people. My friend and I shared this and the portion was just nice for both of us. It you want extra, you can always order one of the side dishes for just $1.

Black Noodle {Jajang Mian} ($5)

I've always liked Jajang Mian, but the Chinese version. Sometimes I eat the Korean ones that comes in a packet like maggie mee. So of course, I was excited to try this one made by a Korean person herself, it's like, authentic!

There's a great balance between saltiness, bitterness and sweetnesss in this noodle, and surprisingly, you won't feel bored eating it after awhile as it comes with kimchi that makes it soooo much better to eat. I'm not sure whether this is made from the maggie mee packet, but it tastes almost nothing like it because it's really soft. The sesame seeds adds to the taste of the noodles. I had a sipping good time although the "soup" was quite thick. The taste will linger in your mouth!


Overall, all of the food tasted really fresh and good. This is definitely a value-for-money and must-try place! Even as I'm typing this, I am salivating in front of my computer screen at the thought of the food! I know the Koreans in Singapore themselves frequent this because I've seen a lot of them having their lunch or packing back food home.

A tip though, is not to come during crowded times like lunch and dinner. There might not be enough seats for everyone. Also, it is not a place for catch up but rather for a quick bite.

Ming Jia Korean Food is located at Bukit Timah Plaza, #B1-07

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