2 weekends ago, I went to Tampines Mall for the KOSE SEKKISEI Save the Blue promotional event! I was super excited because I got to meet their new brand ambassador, Ariel Lin. I LOVE YOU, LIN YI CHEN! *waves air banner & screams like a fan girl*

If you've missed out my previous posts about Save the Blue Campaign, you can read them here:
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I looked super horrible that day because I had to rush down :/ Anyway, thanks to the lovely staff at KOSE, I had a specially reserved seat in front of the stage. PLUS! I got a special fan which was signed by Ariel herself after the event! *squeal*

I'm the fan holding on to a fan. Get it? Omg why am I so punny!

Check out the massive crowd behind us. I seriously didn't expect such a huge turn out. Also, I met a lot of people whom I know at the event, so thank you all for coming down and showing your support! ;)

The event started off with Q&A session with the audiences by Lee Teng, the host for the event. All of us were hyped up and everyone wants to win the special prizes given by KOSE!

I NEED to share with you this auntie! She has been faithfully using KOSE products for the last 20 years, and she totally looks younger than her age, how amazing is that!? She deserves a shout out. Kudos & respect to you, Madam!

After interviewing some people, at last, the Princess is here! Time to shift all the interviews on her.

Ariel has been using KOSE products since she was in high school. She was captivated by the blue packaging, because it reminded her of a medicine bottle, leading her to the impression that it would be effective.

Having experimented with all sorts of products, she chose KOSE in the end. A few years back, she thought: "How wonderful it would be if I became the brand ambassador for KOSE! *.*"

A few years later, her dream came true!

Here are some beauty tips from her at the roadshow (there's a lot, too bad if you missed it. I told you to come already right!)

- Ariel loves KOSE products because it's made up of ingredients from oriental plant extracts. She avoid products that are made up of artificial products because it may harm the skin.

- Cleansing is a very important step in her skin care routine. She uses a tissue to pat her skin dry as there might be bacteria on towels!

- Simple is the best. Doing too much to your skin may result in an adverse effect (I can't agree more to this).

- Her favourite Singaporean dish is laksa! However, she strongly advices us to eat less of fried and oily food.

Being an artiste ain't easy as she needs to put on thick make up every day when she's filming. She drinks red date tea in the morning as it helps in improving her skin complexion.

Next up, it's game time!

Participants will have to look at the picture, find the puzzle pieces in the messed up bunch, and stick it on the board. The fastest one wins!

This game went on for 2 rounds, with 2 participant in each game, competing with each other.

One fastest winner for each round gets a travel set, courteousy of KOSE! Aren't they just so generous ;)

There was also another game where the participants had to guess the number of KOSE bottles in a transparent box next to the stage. First one who shouts the correct answer wins.

Even though I was not on stage, I felt so tensed up for them!

Next up was lucky draw time! The winners were hand-picked by Ariel herself.

To end off the event, she signed her name on the board behind. Even her signature is so cute!

Not to forget, flowers as a token of appreciation from Isetan!

Here's a sneak preview of the 2nd brand ambassador for KOSE Save the Blue Campaign.

........... Just kidding! It's just me trying to act like one. Got the feel or not? I doubt so, I look so dark & unhealthy standing next to Ariel @.@ Anyway, I specially dressed up in blue, mitchy matchy to the event!

While the rest of the fans had to wait outside, I got the rare opportunity to get cozy & personal with the celebrities!

So happy to meet Lee Teng the 囧爸 there again. Met him just a few weeks back during filming!

Finally, with the Princess herself! *slaps self* Yup, this is all true. *proceeds on to faint*

You have no idea how much I wanted to scream when I stood beside her. She is one of my inspirations when it comes to acting. I idolize her so much that I even asked for an *awkward* handshake, hahaha!

I am very glad that the little courageous side of me came alive, so I went up to her and asked for another photo. My friends were so jealous of me, hehehe! Awwww, don't we look so cute? ;)

I swear, her skin totally looks flawless, and she looks damn good at every angle! NOW I KNOW YOUR SECRET, MUAHAHA! Gonna start using KOSE products religiously too.

Here is a brief video of the event if you're interested!

Hop on the Save the Blue project with us. We are using KOSE, are you?

Thank you KOSE Singapore for this event, and Omy.sg for some of the pictures in this blog post. *muacks*
Stay beautiful everyone!


  1. Where did you get the dress? although Ariel is really pretty, but i cant help myself and keep staring at your dress. ahahas(:

    1. Thank you! ;) I got the dress at Bossini when they first launched the BOSSINI X Rilakkuma collection a few weeks back!