Recently, there seems to be a "trend" of hostility happening on public transports here in Singapore.

I was browsing through my Facebook News Feed just now, when I saw this video dated back in January this year showing a couple of old folks fighting and hurling vulgarities at each other over what seems to be like a misunderstanding over bus seats. You could even see one of the man with a bloodied face (see 1:25 onwards).

Also, remember this "Polite Ah Lian VS Auntie" video on the MRT that became the talk around town recently? It seems like no matter what the young lady ("Ah Lian") did, be it giving up her seat or not, either way it is wrong.

Not forgetting the huge Alex Ong accident that happened just a few weeks ago because the old lady pressed the bell late, resulting in the bus stopping past the bus stop.

I was quite shocked to find so many other videos of Singaporeans quarelling in public transports on YouTube. I pondered over this question just now: "If there's an argument going on in the MRT or bus that I am in, how will I react?"

  • If I stood up to say something and tried to stop the fight, some people might applaud me for my bravery, but at the same time, I might also end up being called the busybody. Who knows, I might also risk getting pushed and hit in the face because nobody knows what could happen in a fight when everybody's just so pissed off (if Alex Ong could push an old lady, he could definitely do the same thing to me, right?).
  • If I sat down and asked them to stop fighting, at least I'm doing something to stop them. But what if they hurl nasty words back at me? I might also be called a coward by others, all talk and no action.
  • If I sat down and watched the "show", I'd be wasting so much time watching them, not forgetting the time wasted on waiting and getting questioned by the police after that. Also, what if someone's injured right in front of me, how could I be so bo chup (couldn't care less) about it?And what if I am rushing to an appointment and am already running late? If I wanted to alight, do I just walk past them like that?

To react or not to react, that's the question. So what's the right thing to do?
What would YOU do? Leave a comment on this post and share your thoughts with me, I'd love to hear them!

Anyway, here is a classic incident on the MRT that happened last year. Some auntie went berserk out of nowhere, shouting at people for no reason. Definitely one that I wouldn't forget.

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