So it's the examinations week for poor me.. But not to worry, because I've got some interesting posts lined up; do be sure to check back often! It will be more on personal stuff o(*^▽^*)o

Also, I've realized that my blog's fonts are all screwed up ever since blogger changed my domain to .sg. I re-did everything already, but it's still like that. I'm really sorry, please bear with the ugly fonts for a while! I'll do a blog transformation during my holidays.

If you happen to know how I can revert back to my old font, please e-mail me at! Thanks in advance ❤


Meanwhile, here is a teaser of what went on during the weekends:

I got to meet Ariel Lin & camwhore with her!

Yup! I got a upclose and personal time together with some KOSE bloggers when she was in town during the weekends for the promotion of KOSE Sekkisei's Save The Blue campaign. She's really cute and her face is really machiam like flawless one lah! I will be blogging about the event really soon p(*^-^*)q

Read back on my posts here: and also



(ノ´▽`)ノ♪ Hey, I might not know you.. And this is crazy! But I'm a finalist in SBA2012, so vote for me maybe? *wink*

1. All you have to do is to head over to
2. Register an account with
3. Verify your email
4. Head over to
5. Scroll all the way down.

6. See my name and happy face? Yup, click "VOTE FOR ME"!
7. System prompts for confirmation (lololol too much programming). Click on YES.
8. YAY! You're done!

Voting is everyday. So *ahem* you know what to do! Do help me LIKE and TWEET about it too alright. Tag me on Facebook or Mention me on Twitter if you have, or maybe you can take a photo of it if you want! Thanks ♡^▽^♡

Alright, that's all for this update. Time to bury myself in books and notes! *le sigh*

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