July has been an awesome month this year for my blog & I! So to put a happy ending to this happy month, I'll be sharing with you guys the discount codes & coupons for Blogshops, Online Stores and even physical stores from the many brochures I got during the STClassifieds Fashion & IT Showcase. You can read about the showcase here: http://iisjong.blogspot.sg/2012/07/stclassifieds-fashion-it-showcase.html

Do note that I am doing this willingly on my own part. I gathered and typed out everything painstakingly. I'm doing this because I don't really shop online, but am aware of many people around me who do. Better to share than let them go to waste! Enjoy your shopping~

& You're welcome! :D

If any of the store owners or in-charge listed below feels uncomfortable about this, do e-mail me at contactiisjong@gmail.com and I'll have it removed immediately!

Valid at Parco Next Next Flagship store.
$10 gift voucher, min. purchase $50. Not applicable to accessories and discounted items. Valid till 31 December 2012. E-mail me for details.

10% off everything online. Valid till 31 August 2012. Quote "GET10".

Valid at Far East Plaza.
20% off haircut and all Chemical Services, 50% off all Second Chemical Service. Terms and Conditions apply. E-mail me for details.

Drifters by whiteroom
Valid at 141 Jalan Besar.
$20 voucher. Expires 31 October 2012. E-mail me for details.

Eating Zombie
10% off storewide. Only valid for purchases above 2 items. Expires 31 August 2012. Quote "EZxST10".

$5 off, no min. purchase. Free local postage. Valid till 31 August 2012. Quote "FIVEOFF".

Essensuals Hairdressing Bugis
Valid at Bugis Village.
$15 Cash Voucher. E-mail me for details.

Feist Heist
10% off all regular priced items. Expires 31 August 2012. Quote "ILOVEFEISTHEIST".

Gipsy Scarlet
$15 off min. purchase $60. Expires 31 August 2012. Only for regular-priced items. Quote "ST15OFF".

Glitter Glam
Valid at Glitter Glam shops.
$10 Voucher. Minimum spending of $50 is required. Expires 31 October 2012. E-mail me for details.

Her Jewellery
50% discount. Expires 31 December 2012. Quote "HJSPH50".

Her Velvet Vase
10% discount. Quote "HVVSUMMER32188".

Valid at Luxe Women stores.
$5 Discount all nailart services & treatments. FREE membership. E-mail me for details.

15% off all apparels purchase. Not valid for sale item(s) or any other discount(s)/promotion(s). Valid till 31 October 2012. Quote "MGPX15OF".

$2 voucher. Expires 1 October 2012. Quote "MMT2FM".

Valid at International Plaza.
$50 Shopping Voucher with min.purchase of $120 in one receipt. Valid until 31 October 2012. E-mail me for details.

Montrose Desires
$10 voucher with a min. purchase of $50. Expires 31 October 2012. Not valid for sales items. Quote "STMONT10".

Reebonz SPACE
Valid at Clifford Centre.
$100 voucher with min. purchase of $1000. Expires 31 August 2012. E-mail me for details.

$100 voucher with min. purchase of $150. Expires end January 2013. Quote "ST Fashion & IT Showcase Voucher".

10% off. Limited to one person only, so first come first serve. Quote "STC12".

The Design Closets
$5 gift voucher for non-promotional goods. Valid till 31 August 2012. E-mail me for details.

The Scarlet Room
10% off total. Does not include postage rates. This code can only be used once, first come first serve. Expires 31 August 2012. Quote "STCTSR201210".

The Stage Walk
$5 Shopping Voucher. Only be used on full-price merchandise. Valid till 31 August 2012. E-mail me for details.

$20 off with min. purchase of $50. Expires 25 August 2012. Quote "STCLASSVIPLcr".
Over the weekends, Suntec City was very happening because of the first STClassified Fashion & IT Showcase! This event is a congregation of local designers, premium online retailers and your favourite blogshops. Thankful for STClassified for supporting local businesses!

I love fashion and I'm a IT student; with this 2 combined, it is the perfect event for me. :D My love for fashion is stronger so I'll be posting more on that! Fashionistas alike, are you all ready? Then let's go!

A very important booth that day was the STClassifieds' booth! This is the place where you can direct your queries and drop your lucky draw coupons at. There were a lot of Macbooks there where people can log on to the website (http://events.stclassifieds.sg/showcase2012/).

Thankfully, there were a lot of friendly staff there to help me that day!

Log on for what, you ask?

Well, you can take a look at what the whole event is about, what segments and highlights you can look out for. You can also look out for hot deals at my favourite part of the website - the Fashion & IT specials!

I bought a really pretty dress from Earl Grey Party for only $9.90. CHEAP OR CHEAP YOU TELL ME!?

This was how the exhibition roughly looked like when you first step in. There were so many pop-up booths, mostly from online websites and local designers, that I was so spoilt for choice! But of course, this was only a small part of the whole exhibition.

Thirsty? Thankfully, the awesome people from sjora were giving out free drinks for those who want to quench their thirst! I took cups after cups of their mango peach flavour (buay paiseh hahahaha!) because it's my favourite drink ever since it first launched. It's so refreshing and yummy, how can anyone not be tempted to crave for more?

Here are some of the pop-up booths at the event! If you missed it, then too bad. :/

The first pop-up booth I visited was maryjulian's! Their booth is located right at the start of the exhibition, really easy to find.

Not only do I love their clothes, I adore their staff too! They are so friendly and sporting in taking pictures. :D Oh yes, they are also the only booth with a picture booth. So thoughtful of them to prepare a lot of ready-made props for customers to quirk up their pictures.

Here's a cute picture of Christina and I! I'm the King and she's the Queen, hahahaha~

Look who we met! It's maryjulian's owner, Jade Seah herself. She's looking good in real life! :)

For your shopping convenience, you can visit their website here: http://www.maryjulian.com/

Moving on, another booth that caught my eye was Rezilienz. They have really beautiful designer jewellery and accessories that are all handmade and unique! The jewellery are made from swarovski crystals by the way. You can also customize your own jewellery for someone special with your own unique twist. *hinthint to the guys out there*

This necklace was one of the many pieces that caught my eye!

With the man behind the brand. Everyone, meet Jeron! He is incredibly talented, and has been designing jewellery professionally way back in 2006.

I saw some of the latest collection on the Rezilienz website, and I must say that I fell in love with them all! If you're interested, you can visit http://www.rezilienz.com/ and get awed too.

One of my favourite pop up stores was definitely Modparade!

I love how colourful and loud the whole booth is. Their pieces are so unique, which was what drew me in even more!

Everyone just LOVED the accessories there. They are quirky, edgy, and definitely creative. I feel like buying all of their stuff!

You can visit them at http://modparade.com/.

Next up, another favourite brand of mine is Revasseur! When I first looked at the clothes in the booth, I was shrieking "OMG LIKE LIKE LIKE x MILLION TIMES!" inside of me!

Stated on their Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/revasseur): "RÊVASSEUR is a mix of whimsical and avant garde designs, with strong silhouettes, a play on textures and prints, and some down-right outrageous OTT novelties.
RÊVASSEUR, which means ‘daydreamer’ in French, aims to bring "fun" back into fashion, to encourage its wearers to experiment and to make a statement with a personal style that is uniquely theirs."

That is definitely so true about the designs I saw! I'm so going to drag my mum to their store. Meanwhile, you can visit their website at http://revasseur.com and squeal with me! :)

One hot favourite booth was hervelvetvase!

Their neon pink banner and stylish looking clothes definitely captured the eyes and heart of many young woman. Check out the crowd at their booth! :O

You can visit them at hervelvetvase.com.

Away from the accessories and clothes, there were tonnes of bags on display at the Reebonz booth! But of course, they are no ordinary bags because..............

......... They are all branded designer bags!

I love this handbag by Prada (I know nothing about designer bag names, so sorry!), but it is like a far-fetched dream for me.... So near yet so far~ I am only but a poor student :( $$$$$$$$

Will work hard for you! Ganbatte! *punches fist up in the air*

For the guys, don't worry, nobody forgot about you!

Access-ed is an online fashion boutique that specializes in male apparels. They are affiliated with http://ohvola.com! You can check out their website here: http://www.access-ed.com.sg/

I went down to the STClassifieds Fashion & IT Showcase Runway Show on Saturday. Here's what you've missed!


Run by the Zhou sisters Lucinda and Jolene, Ohvola's apparels are dainty, sweet and feminine. Not forgetting to add that they are uniquely designed and exclusively manufactured. It's amazing how their old livejournal platform evolved into a e-commerce website with thousand of customers now!

Owners of the different runway participating brands were invited up on stage to share with us more about their journey to where they are now.

Meet Lucinda, owner of Ohvola! :D

Montrose Desires

Their pieces are very high fashion, and they bring out the right curves in a woman! If you've got it, flaunt it with Montrose Desires' clothes!

Sharon, owner of Montrose Desires! :D


My Glamour Place is trendy, stylish and elegant. They definitely redefine feminine with their sweet-looking pieces that my mum would approve of me wearing!

Angela, owner of MGP, was not there that day. Her boyfriend took over her place instead! :D


At SandyJoy, they believe in comfort clothing, and I like that! It's very important for you to look good and feel good at the same time.

Owner of SandyJoy! :D


At Catwalkclose, you can find a wide range of clothes that you will be spoilt for choice!

Owner of Catwalkclose! :D

Glitter Glam

Glitter Glam takes conventional work wear on an exciting fashion edge, letting women exude confidence in silhouettes that eccentuates their curves.

Last but not least, we have Glitter Glam's Marketing Executive, Dorcus Ling! :D

And that's the end of the Runway Show~

A big thank you to one of the sponsors Earl Grey Party for your goodie pack! Other sponsors include:

Her Velvet Vase
MGP Label
Multimedia Integrated(S) Pte Ltd
The Scarlet Room
The Stage Walk
Bugis Essensuals
Arty Lily
Rezilienz (Swarovski)

Stay tuned as I share with you the discount codes for the online stores in my next post! Don't say I never share! *winkwink* :D

Check out the event on STClassifieds today @ http://events.stclassifieds.sg/showcase2012
Like their Facebook @ http://www.facebook.com/STClassifieds.SG
Follow their Twitter @ http://twitter.com/STClassifiedsSG
If you haven't read Part 1, read about it here: http://iisjong.blogspot.sg/2012/07/truth-about-this-quiet-girl.html

So, I've received quite a handful of comments from people, be it on my blog post, through texts or Twitter. I am sincerely thankful for that. I am somewhat glad that at least I am not the only Awkward Penguin around, and many people could relate to how I feel.

I'd like to address that yes, I cherish friends of quality. A lot. My issue is that I often question myself whether I am the one who's weird. Why is it that the rest can click with each other so well, but not with me? If it happened to any one of you reading this post, I'm sure you'd fret about it too. I felt lost and alone, coming from someone who was never afraid in taking the first step when it comes to making friends in the past. I'm not used to not talking much, and it's even scarier without my crazy friends beside me to assure me and stuff. As a girl, I tend to over think.

As I am typing this post on the bus, I looked out of the window and into the sky. I saw this small fluffy cloud among the bigger and fluffier ones. Somehow it's similar to me. But the sky is never ending, and the winds are unpredictable. Someday we'll open up and find our own group of clouds that we are comfortable with.

With that note, here's a message to myself, and to all the Awkward Penguins out there. We're worth better than this. Maybe being alone kind of makes us stronger and clearer about the people around us. So say it with me: "Fuck it, I'm FABULOUS!" *flicks hair* *blow kisses*

One of my favourite Korean artiste, BoA, recently made a comeback and released her 7th album, titled Only One! Now, I say first - I'm not very into this whole K Wave thing, so when I say it's good and I like it, I really mean it.

The song "Only One" is written and composed by BoA herself; it contains her "more matured and musical sensitivity and various types of music", as stated on the description of her YouTube videos. It is expected to draw the attention of music fans - *points* you, you and you included!

There are 2 versions of the Music Video - the Dance version and the Drama version. The videos got viewed almost 3 million times in less than 1 week, and is the #1 Popular Music Video in Singapore. I can see why!

Which version is your favourite?

Personally, I prefer her dance version! I've always been a sucker for her dances, especially when I first appreciated her yearsssssss ago. Her dance moves are slick and strong, she's definitely the Best of Asia (pun intended. BoA, get it? Lololol)!

But of course, her drama version is more appropriate for the song.

With such a pretty face, beautiful voice and awesome dance moves, it's no wonder she got me addicted again and again.


For people who are not fluent in the Korean language (it sounds like really nice sounding jibberish to me, hahaha!), here's the English translation of the song. Credits to: http://www.kpoplyrics.net/boa-only-one-lyrics-english-romanized.html#ixzz21hKQMFg0 

You’re only getting farther – you’re the only one
As much as I loved you, you’re the only one
It hurts and hurts and it’s foolish but good bye
Though I may never see you again, you’re the only one
Only one

We awkwardly sit across each other,
Making small talk and asking what’s new
The moments when the conversation stop for a moment
The cold silence freezes us

We will become strangers at this place right now
Someone will shed tears and be left alone but
I hate seeing you try not to scar me and feel ill at ease
So I’ll let you go

My love, good bye now – you’re the only one (you’re the only one)
Even at the moment we break up, you’re the only one
It hurts and hurts and it’s foolish but good bye
Though I may never see you again, you’re the only one

Only One
You’re the only one, Only One

At my sudden works, you seem to be relieved for some reason
Where did we go wrong?
Did we hope for different places starting from long ago?

The sharpness of the vast difference of our start and end
And the pain that stabs my heart – why is it so similar?
My overwhelmed heart crumbles emptily in just one moment
How can I stand up again?

My love, good bye now – you’re the only one (you’re the only one)
Even at the moment we break up, you’re the only one
It hurts and hurts and it’s foolish but good bye
Though I may never see you again, you’re the only one

When will my head erase you? (I will let you go)
One day, two days, one month, if long term then a few years (My baby can’t forget)
And someday in your memories,
I won’t live in it, you will erase me

Only One Only One
You’re the only one, Only One
The annual Singapore Blog Awards is back, woohoo! Into its 5th year, the theme for this year's ceremony is "Super Hero". This is the first time I am attending the ceremony, and you should know lah..... *ahem* Yours Truly is one of the Finalist for the first time also! *ahem* *winkwink* ;D

There was a splendid radiant of hot sun rays on the 21st of July, Saturday. I thought that EVERYONE would dress up according to the theme, so I dug up the only Super Hero-ish item in my wardrobe - Superman hoodie I got from Universal Studios in Brisbane, Australia. I must be insane; learnt that the hard way!

Made my way down to Singapore Food Trail @ Singapore Flyer where the event was held at. Didn't take a lot of photos with the rest of the bloggers and guests that day as I woke up late and rushed my way through, which explained why I was in a really horrible looking state! So sorry everyone! (╥_╥)

It was people mountain people sea when I arrived! I literally went @.@ as I squinted my eyes and scanned through the crowd to find people I know. That was when it struck me: there are soooooooooooo many bloggers but I don't even know more than half of them.


Thankfully, I managed to squeeze my way through the crowd and found the lovely omy staff in pink for registration!

As I was queuing up, the first performer left me pleasantly surprised with her booming voice. She sounded... Familiar. Turned around and saw Miranda on stage! I love her outfit (especially those heels); she's Poison Ivy by the way!

The moment I saw her, I ran to the front to take this photo lolololololol! YOU GO GIRL WOOHOO! ;D

Our emcees for the day. They're really fun and witty, I LIKE! (Y)

First up! I present to you...... Our 5 Super Bloggers!

From left: Eunice, Catherine, Peter, Yong Wei and Christine. Thank you for enriching the blogosphere with your invaluable blog content! ;D

We were given a speech by Guest-of-Honour, Mr Heng Swee Keat. If you think his face and name sounds familiar (you should), well yeah. He's the Minister of Education in Singapore!

Look who I spotted just a table away! The two really adorable YouTube sensations, Dr. Jiajia and Big Bro. I was so tempted to pinch their cheeks! Coincidentally, people called me Jiajia back in Secondary School, hahaha!

They are raising funds for the Dyslexic Association of Singapore by the way. Like their cute t-shirt for National Day? You can purchase it here: http://www.das.org.sg/tshirt

Kee Chiu! ^_^

I like the pamphlet for this year's awards! So colourful & comicy. Spot me!

..... And here are the results! Hop on over to http://sgblogawards.omy.sg/ for the links, pictures and video interviews!

Group picture! Congratulations to all winners and Super Bloggers. I feel so happy for all of you, say real one! :')

Photo credit to omy.sg.

There you have it. Me! ;D Photo credit to omy.sg.

Y-Bloggist finalists had to do a video with the Panasonic camcorder they loaned. You can watch mine just below the SBA badge on the right ------->

For more pictures, you can take a look at my Facebook album here: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10151030464167367.446868.670457366&type=1&l=864a7b0e85


For the people who happened to stumble into this blog, you're probably wondering: "Who is this girl? Haven't heard of her before and she won an award!?" I know, I know.. I don't even have a Facebook "LIKE" page to start with. That is why if you ask me how I feel about my win, I'd reply you "Like Tin Pei Ling", because honestly..... I really don't know what to say.

Well to start, I've had many setbacks and failures before this. It was not easy for me to accept them. So finally, winning such a prestigious award this time at the age of 18, after 7 years of blogging here and there........ Honoured and overjoyed, yes I am. In fact, I feel exceptionally proud of myself for my achievement! I have this crazy urge to make a huge poster plastered with my face on it, and run around Singapore screaming with it!

It's not easy to maintain a blog, and I know of too many people who simply just gave up. If you own a blog, you should understand that our blog is our everything. We spend so much time on this little space using our blood, sweat, tears and whatnot to express how we feel inside of us. Sometimes to the extent that we don't have time for ourselves and the people we love. It's just.. Difficult to explain (especially to my parents).

Winning a blog award is like... Every blogger's dream. It's nice to know that all your hard work paid off! But of course, I believe that every blogger is a winner in their own way.

Yeah, I feel blessed all right. But at the same time, my heart feels as heavy as my winning trophy (I kid you not, that thing weighs a tonne! WHAT IS THIS SORCERY MADE OF!?). I know that I am just this small little dot in the blogosphere, I am very aware that the public, even some of my friends and family, don't take me seriously.

Not trying to be emo or anything, but I just feel that... I worked so damn hard for something I love so much, but why can't people recognize my efforts and sincerely congratulate me? Deep down, I know that I'm not really there yet. Still have a long way to go! Being a Singaporean, I am kiasu. I want to strive forward and be the very best that I can. Not only for myself, but for the readers of this blog.

It's only after taking part in so many of these competition did I realize who were the people who are truly supportive and happy for me, and I am eternally grateful for that. I may have a change in "title", but it serves as a reminder that I need to stay humble and work so much harder than before. I am thankful for this process; it evolved me into a more matured individual.

There are just too many people I want to thank. Firstly, there's Rui Ting who nominated me, the judges who picked me, the omy staff for being so awesome, Chester for helping me with the video challenge, the usual's on Twitter; we voted for each other almost every day and created new friendships (I think we stand a chance to walk away with the prizes for Voters lololol). And the friends who have been really super helpful and supportive of me, those who have been quietly supporting me and the readers for making my blog going.

All of you know who you are, and I may not show it, but really, I sincerely am grateful! Words can't express how much I want to bow down and thank every one of you! Lots of love, hugs and kisses for y'all! ❤

This does not mark the end of me. Rather, it's the start of something new. And I hope that you'll continue to be a part of my remaining long journey.

Joey Ong Jia Hui
Winner of Best Y-Bloggist
Singapore Blog Awards 2012