The WorldSkills Singapore competitions kicks off today! ;D

Together with the other official bloggers from the different institutions, I checked in the Hotel@College West yesterday evening.

I was definitely taken aback when I first arrived at this place. Never did I expect a HOTEL here at ITE College West. And I honestly was expecting hostel standards.

Although it is just a training hotel, it totally looks like a real, luxurious business one as stated on their website here: Impressive!

Checking in......

The staff were really friendly in assisting me & we even joked around. Great service! *thumbs up*

Located at Level 7 were 22 deluxe rooms and a suite.

This is how my room looks like. Please pardon me if you find it very messy!

I am bunking in with Sara (ITE College West) and Vanessa (Nanyang Polytechnic) till Saturday! I am glad that all of us clicked really well. I like my roommates; we're kinda similar in our views and in many other ways.

In fact, we stayed up till late last night just chatting with each other. It's amazing, how I feel so inspired by them. Thank you all Gods for blessing me with such awesome roomies! ;D

There is this docking station at the bed side where you can charge your Apple products, if there are any Apple fanatics out there reading this. *insert screamings and squealings here*


You can like, control practically everything in your room with this device! The TV, the climate (temperature), the lighting AND EVEN THE CURTAINS. YA, I KNOW RIGHT!

Even the toilet was beyond my expectations. They have a bathtub! I'm gonna find a free day to relax and soak myself with a bubble bath *.*

The room is really well facilitated, I must applaud and praise.

Alright! Ending this post abruptly with my Outfit of The Day.
It's been really long since I bothered to dress up. Finally I'm not in t-shirt, shorts and my ugly looking (but they're really comfortable!) shoes. Brought Weelakoomah along because I can't sleep without hugging it.

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Thank you so much for reading! ;D

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