If you remember about my post about DealPrimo (read it here: http://iisjong.blogspot.sg/2012/08/do-you-love-deals.html), you should remember me hinting about a post coming up on 7Adam, one of the merchants.

Well, the post is here! Me so eggciteeeeee to share this wonderful place with you guys! *scream*

Tucked away in Adam Park, I've wondered what this monochrome-themed place was every time my bus past it on my bus ride home from school. Initially, I thought that it was just another bungalow just like the others surrounding it just that it's on top of a hill. Thanks to the invitation from the DealPrimo team, I finally got my answer!

7Adam is a Gallery-Restaurant that mix the worlds of art and food. It features the works of art by local and regional artists which the public can buy and bring home. At the same time, they also serve really yummy modern European cuisine that leave people begging for more.

I frequent museums a lot, so that explained why I enjoyed my perambulate around the place thoroughly. It felt nice to be away from the buzzing city life I was used to. The ambience was great and relaxing; definitely a good place for fine dining and events.

If you've watched the Channel 8 drama 'Yours Fatefully' or better known as 《孤男寡女》, you should remember this scene when Kingone Wang put up pictures of Jessica Liu in a restaurant.

Yup, this is the place! I was jumping for joy inside when I saw this place! No wonder it looked so familiar at first sight.

Nice place to chill, no?

They also have their own outdoor space for those who want some fresh air.

Moving away from the beautiful interior of the restaurant, it's time to fill our hungry tummies!

All the food shown below will be in the promotion on  https://www.dealprimo.com/, but not in their actual menu. All of them are the chef's fusion cuisine creations. It is a 5-course set menu.

We were served by none other than the staff at 7Adam - Ratchmat, Angus and Adam!

Amuse Bouche

It's actually fried oysters! I like it because the gooey taste coming from the oyster was not very strong.

Black Truffle Broth

It has a very herbal taste. Truffle is actually a high grade mushroom. They took 2 days to soak it! For some miraculous reason, my sore throat that day seemed better because it's very soothing to the throat. I feel healthier!

House Cured Salmon

It's something like sashimi, just that it's not cooked. It's soft and very smooth; not too salty, just the way I like it! I have to add that the cream is lightly sweet and complements the salmon well.

Foie Gras

Now, to be honest I've never eaten foie gras before! This was pretty decent for a first timer like me. Pardon me if I sound very ignorant, but I was surprised that it's very, very soft! It looks like meat on the outside. Eat it with the biscuit and the sauce, and you have heaven in your mouth.

Unagi Pasta

When this dish was first laid on the table, my impression was: OMG IT SMELLS DAMN GOOD LAH! It's surprisingly really appetizing, the sauce was really good and unique. The unagi was soft and the noodles were very bouncy and "Q". I like how the chef added fish roe. It adds the fun side to the dish!

Beef Pasta

Like the Unagi Pasta, the noodles were bouncy and I love the addition of the fish roe. I like the meat because I am a meat eater, rawr!

Red Drum Popilotte

At first this dish wasn't cut in the middle, so for a minute I wondered: "What is this? Are we seriously going to eat paper?" until Adam cut open and revealed the fish inside. I learnt that the fish was wrapped up in paper so as to keep the taste of the fish after that. I am not really a big fan of fish, but it was quite flavourful!

Angus Tenderloin

I don't really eat beef like that, but this was not bad. According to the chef's theory, it is kept in boiling water of 55 degrees so that it won't be overcooked. It's not very hard because it's medium done. The vegetables you see there? It's a hybrid of broccoli and kai lan vegetable! Yes, definitely imported because it's hard to find these kind in Singapore.

Kurobuta Pork Belly

This is THE bomb! My favourite dish out of everything. It's the signature dish, and I can see why. The pork literally melts in your mouth! What sorcery is this! It is braised for 2 days, cooked in Japanese soy. You have to reserve in advance if you want to eat this. I LOVE THIS DISH TO BITS, ENOUGH SAID!

Chocolate Fondant

I have a sweet tooth, and I must have my desserts! I love all things chocolate and ice cream, so you can imagine my delight when this was served. The vanilla ice cream was really good, and the moment you cut the chocolate lava cake, out bursts out the chocolate!

Yup, like this! Super oishii!*raises both thumbs up* (Y)

Creme Brulee

The sweetness was just right, not overly sweet. It was very creamy and thick! It tasted a little bit like egg tarts I would say? There's this crispy layer on the top, I like!

Trio of Tiramisu

Lastly, we were served the tiramisu. This is definitely not your ordinary tiramisu! I'm not a fan of coffee, but I enjoyed eating this!

Served in a martini glass, it was the chef's sudden creation. Very innovative, I must applaud! You have to dip  the biscuit all the way down to taste the espresso.

No, we're not food! Introducing to you, the Primo Bloggers and DealPrimo team! All the pretty babes and handsome dudes ;) *winkwink*


The above special menu will be available at http://www.dealprimo.com/ from 1 September 2012 - 15 September 2012.

Usual Price: $127 per person
DealPrimo Price: $80 per person

• Not valid with other discounts and promotions
• Primo voucher is valid for redemption from 16th September
to 15th October 2012
• Menu is available daily for lunch and dinner

Redemption Details:
• Primo-voucher must be presented upon redemption
• Require at least 24-hour advanced reservation
• Call for reservation and state full name, voucher ID, contact
information and quote “DealPrimo”

Address: 7 Adam Park, Singapore 289926
Tel: 6467 0777
Fax: 6466 3077
Website: www.7adam.com
Open Daily from 11am to 11pm

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