It's the last episode of the Channel 8 drama Joys Of Life 花样人间 today (just finished broadcasting!), and I'm really honoured to be a part of it! It's my very first calefare experience with MediaCorp, so I was definitely thrilled and clueless on what to expect.

A lot of people have been asking me how was it like and stuff, and I'm going to say it once and for all here: "If you want to do this, you should be doing it because you truly enjoy it, and for the experience + star gazing. If you want to do it for money, then I say go somewhere else and earn more money."

In this blog post, I'll be splitting the few pictures I sneaked here and there during the days I did filming into the following categories: Le Experience, Le Friends, Le Outfits, Le Celebrities. Do take note that I cannot post pictures of the old buildings you see on tv up due to strict orders from the police, so if you are interested in viewing them, I can only show you personally.

Pictures speak louder than words, so I'll just bombard you guys with them with a little bit of descriptions!

Le Experience

Woke up early in the morning just to make my way down to MediaCorp to prepare for filming. This is the very first picture I took! Long queue that morning.

Sat on the chair where most of the celebrities sat at before.. Got my hair done by the hairstylists. Whoo, damn shiok! Bad part was that I had lots of hair spray on my hair. Had to spray my hair black as it's a drama based on the olden days, and another layer of hair spray to make my hair stay. Super difficult to wash off one, had to rinse a few times :(

Then we're on the bus, and off to the shooting location!

Le Bus

Le Props in one of the episodes!

Beautiful vintage car *.*

... And look who spotted herself on screen! :D

Le Friends

Thank you so much Xing Yu, for jio-ing me in; everything was wonderful! Much appreciated!

Meet my newly made friends!

Le Outfits

I really like most of the outfits they gave me. When the wardrobe aunties saw me, they were like: "Ah girl, you very tall, very good! I give you pretty dresses to wear!" Hehehe...

Le Celebrities

It's Alien Huang Hong Sheng, aka Xiao Gui! I jumped out in front of him while he was riding the bike to ask for a picture, if not his manager sure don't allow, lolololol. Super regret not bringing his art book I bought & ask him to sign. :(

It's Xiang Yun! She's not a part of the show, but I met her while waiting for the bus so I seized the chance.

It's Chen Li Ping! Aiyoyo lao shi~

It's Kate Pang!

It's Rui En! Very hard to take pictures with her T^T

It's Kate Pang's back view, as we waited for the drizzle to stop.

It's Zhang Yao Dong's back view, as we waited for the drizzle to stop. 

It's Si Yu (Ho Ai Leng) & Ru Hua (Tay Yingying)~

Had a short chat with them, they're really hilarious!

It's Andie Chen!

It's Chen Shucheng! Met him in the make up unit!

It's Chew Chor Meng!

And look what I found, one of the props! Ok, ok... Stop drooling, hehehe.

Hope you enjoyed this post! :D


  1. Hi,

    I dont know how I came across your blogspot and I don't wish to sound like a stalker! hahaha anyways read about your experince on filming joys of life and I've always wonder how does it feel to be a calefare and you get to see rui en too! I love her and love the show too (:

    you're such a lucky girl to part of the show!


    1. Hi Fazlin! Hahaha, nah I don't think of you as a stalker! ;) Thank you for your comment, and also for your support! I love Rui En too, she's really nice! Being a calefare is tough, nonetheless.. But it has it's ups and downs! I'm just really glad for this experience, hehehe..

  2. Hi Joey,

    Wow! It was a good experience for you! Did you have to go through an audition? But I don’t recalled seeing you in some of the outfits here, did I miss it? I actually liked you in the picture with Chen Shucheng most. Your image there was very comfortable-looking! Too bad no chance of seeing it in the show. And I really admired your courage for asking to take photos with the stars. =)

    1. Hi Kolina! Yes, it was! ;) I didn't really say go through an audition, my friend was asking around for people on twitter, so I went for it! I'm everywhere so you can't really spot me, but it's ok! Personally, I felt really comfortable taking pictures with the 2 girls as they helped me relax a lot with their jokes! But it's nice to hear someone else's point of view! If you want, I can help you ask if they're looking for ppl and jio you in!

  3. Hi Joey,

    I see! I was just curious about it as I thought everything on the set has got to go through auditions. I can feel that they are funny in private too. And you are too nice to offer, but it is okay. =) Hope to be able to see you on TV screen again next time! =)

    1. Depends lah, normally calefare is not that much since there's no lines hahaha! Soon, soon! hahaha xD

  4. I am interested to experience it!;) how can go about doing?

  5. I am interested to experience! How to go about it?

    1. I am not too sure actually! Look around? My friend recommended me in, that's why!

  6. Hi! How's the pay for being a calefare? :) as in how much do you earn in an hour and how much will you earn in a day? Haha thanks :D

    1. Hey! The pay was.. Not very good actually hahaha. We earn veryyyyyyyy little (actually mediacorp actors earn little as well), so most of us are there for the experience and to get close to the artistes! :)