If you've been following me on Instagram (@iisjong), you should know that I post pictures of my Outfit of The Day pretty often. Just like any other girl, I love wearing pretty clothes because somehow, they make me feel more confident about myself.

Talking about clothes, the lovely girls from myfashionaffair recently sent me 2 pieces from their Collection 3: Summer Vacation, and I am head over heels in love with them! *.*

If you didn't know, they just started to co-manufacture their clothes! Yippee! I love how the clothes are so exclusive and versatile; you can wear it as a top or a dress to different occasions, like a casual day out or a girly gathering, without worrying about someone wearing the same thing as you!

Out of so many pretty dresses, I chose this Printed Crest Dress in Red Abstract in the end. It is simple, yet it shouts loud and fun! I looked very feminine in it; my mother approved! Hahaha :D

One thing I am very particular about when I wear a dress is being safe and don't zao geng. There's a lot of perverts around nowadays, say real one (girls, be careful of yourselves!)

I am pleased with the inner lining of the dress! It is not too sheer, and feels comfortable at the same time.

You know that a dress is not of lousy quality by looking at the zipper. Mine zips up and down well. Zip away ALL my fats!

Here's me wearing the dress! Tip: Wear a belt to look slimmer!

(Hidden) Hairband from Daiso
Silver Bracelet from a friend
Colourful Mickey Bracelet from a friend
Belt from Bugis Street
Bling Bling Shoes from Hong Kong

It is very light weight, so you don't have to worry about suffocating in hot Singapore weather so much.

The next pretty piece is the Zest Top in Sun Glow! I like wearing bright colours nowadays. They have 3 colours altogether, the other 2 are Jassberry Jam and Shamrock Green.

I love the details of this top! The collars don't start from the centre; that's awesome because it's not uncomfortably hugging my neck tightly.

 I also love how stretchable it is! Everything seems well made and the buttons are very pretty.

Here's me wearing the top! Yellow like my kiutee Weelakoomah! ^_^

Cardigan from Giordano Ladies
Jeans from Levi's
Straw Shoes from Hong Kong

Pose some more! Hahaha~

I love the bottom part; it makes the top loose on the top. Don't have to worry about tummy showing, woohoo!

Anyway, Collection 4: A Little Different is up yesterday! Here's what you can expect :

Love sparrow designs? It is now available in a more simple chic casual design. Fly Away Drawstring Top in 2 colours!

Brighten up your office attire with this classic pleated Katie Peplum Top in 5 different colours!

Feel like getting some special yet simple? Rock It Up Top in 2 rocking shades!

Lastly, my favourite piece! They are bringing back the galaxy trend, but in a more casual style. Back To Galaxy Top, available in 2 galatic colours!

Want to win a free outfit?
Visit myfashionaffair's Facebook page to find out more:  http://www.facebook.com/myfashionaffair.sg

Find their hashtag: #myfashionaffairsg


Anyway, I went to do my hair yesterday.

From this, now I look like.....


Actually it's nothing much. My curls are temporary, so I woke up to not-here-not-there hair this morning. Surprise! T^T It's a brighter shade of brown now. Actually I wanted a crazy colour, but I might be getting some acting projects, so must keep my hair safe...

At least I haz nice touched up hair to go Macau! Can take more chio pictures, lol.

I've been having a fringe (bangs to be exact) most of my life, so now it's time for a change. Since it's the 7th Month in the Lunar Calendar (stay safe people!), showing forehead got the "light" I think. Heard it somewhere before. Also, birthday is next week so I am getting more mature now.

Actually, not really. I am determined to get a Rilakkuma cake. If anyone got good lobang for my Rila cake/cupcake, email me! ;)

Anyway, my hairstylist is Stella from DA Hairdressing at Far East Plaza. Been doing my hair with her for a few years now! It is not sponsored, but just sharing in case you want to know. Of course, I WELCOME HAIR SPONSORS WITH OPEN HANDS AND A BIG HUG! Lai lai lai, come to me~ Every few months do my hair very expensive you know, hahaha!

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