As many of you know and noticed, yes, I was on Let's Talk 3 last Sunday! :D

My apologies to you guys as I accidentally deleted the pictures I took during filming (trying to retrieve back for weeks already but they're still lost in SD Card Wonderland T^T), but I do have some snapshots of me on tv!

Jong the Brinjal Warrior. Haaaaaaai-yah!

For Episode 5, the topic was about peculiar habits.

As shown on tv, my peculiar habit is that I do not like eating weird looking vegetables, and basically all the vegetables that are not green in colour. For example brinjal, tomato, corn, carrots etc. That's because when I think of vegetables, they're just green in my impression. It's very difficult for me to accept vegetables of other colours; my brain automatically shuts and pukes them out of my mouth. I don't know why, but it's just me.

Of course, I do not like all green vegetables too. Like humans, no vegetable is perfect. I do not eat lady's finger and green capsicum to name a few. They're just so weird and gooey and plain disgusting!

Other peculiar habits of mine (I think. They're not the worst coz I'm not telling in case more people judge me!), on top of many others, include:
- I hate to drink milk. I'm not lactose intolerant or anything, just hate the taste and smell.
- Washing my hands with soap repeatedly when putting on make up. I don't like my hands to be overly dirty.
- Replying to Twitter mentions only when a lot of them are accumulated, so that I can reply all together (unless otherwise).
- Do not like chatting in Whatsapp groups. People flood, there's too much to catch up, and it seems like nobody is interested in what I have to say as I am too lagged behind.

Yeah, I'm weird like that.

Anyway, I was browsing through the official Let's Talk Facebook page (, and a comment got my notice. It goes like this: "After watching the programme, there's only one conclusion and confirmation. 你们这年代太好命了。 简直就是草莓族。none of them is a 病态; just bad habits。 what a waste of one episode to encourage such indulgence。"

I think the person was referring to this episode. Why, I beg to differ. If Google did not fail me, peculiar habits literally just means the unusual habits we have, and not bad habits.

While Strawberry Generation, according to Wikipedia, refers to "people who get "bruised easily" like strawberries – meaning they can not withstand social pressure or work hard like their parents' generation; the term refers to people who are insubordinate, spoiled, selfish, arrogant, and sluggish in work."

I see no link.

No matter what habits, don't we all have them? What I am trying to imply is that, relax~ It's only a youth talk show! Why get so uptight and "disappointed" over a bunch of youths trying to express their own honest opinions? Yes, generations have changed, but don't every generation have their good and bad points? I don't think we're entirely that bad. This is the generation where we dare to stand up and speak out for ourselves. Which is also what this show is trying to do as a platform to help us.


If you have too much "fire" in you, why not get angry at parents who pamper their kindergarten kids with iPads, and those who scold teachers at the slightest of issues instead? The future generation is the one we need to worry for. Our generation where got like this!?

Let's Talk 3 is a youth talk show broadcasted on Channel U. It is shown every Sunday at 7.30pm.


  1. " Every generation have their good and bad points?" Fully agree with you. Many older Sporeans of my generation are too quick to judge the youngsters, and generalize.

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    Lam Chun See
    " Every generation have their good and bad points?" Fully agree with you. Many older Sporeans of my generation are too quick to judge the youngsters, and generalize.