Finally after much procrastination and unbelievable laziness, I got down to starting my travelogue on ze trip to Macau. YAY! :D

Many of you asked about my trip, and there's only 1 word to describe it: Awesome. The food there is so yummy, it wins Singapore hands down! The best part of the trip was that I was travelling with bloggers. It's nice to hang around these people because nobody chided me for being a slowpoke and hurried me to be quick when taking pictures! We're all just equally slow, hahaha! :P

This is the very first time I travelled overseas without my parents, so I felt like I'm all grown up. Very shiok indeed; I can spend my money on anything I want without having to worry about whether they will approve.

Up till now, I think I'm still having withdrawal symptoms. Oh well, I won't be going back anytime soon, so all I can do now is to look back at the pictures I took and reminisce.....

All the pictures seen in this blog post are taken with the Panasonic Lumix DMC-GF5. Thank you Panasonic for the sponsor of the camera for our trip!

On the morning of 8 September 2012, a group of 10 winning/finalist bloggers from the Singapore Blog Awards ( and their "nannies" headed to the Budget Terminal to catch their direct flight to Macau!

We cannot thank Tiger Airways enough for sponsoring our flight. *cue claps and whistles*

For more information about Tiger Airways, you can visit them at, or contact the Tiger Airways customer service (+65 6808 4437 Monday to Sunday 9am-9pm).

After the 4 hours flight, at last we reached Macau! *breathes in Macau air*

We headed to Grand Lapa Hotel, Macau ( upon arrival. It was where we were stayed at during our 4D3N there. Thank you Macau Government Tourist Office for the sponsorship of the hotel (1 person 1 room some more) and Wifi connection! AND ALSO THE 3G DATA SIM CARD! Can't imagine being without 3G for 4 days, I will cry T^T

You can visit them at

While the rest decided to stay in their rooms to freshen up, I roamed around the streets of Macau (near the hotel of course) with some bloggers. We randomly settled for Can Ji Noodle House.

I ordered the Pork Bun Set that came with milk tea. It costs MOP$20, roughly SGD$4.

The meat was a little bit thinner and not as meaty as expected.. As for the bread, it tasted different from the usual ones in Singapore because of the crispiness of the crust. I have to add that it didn't taste very "plain"! It was not that bad, I felt like I was having a crispy burger!

As for the milk tea, it tasted a little bit bland, which I learnt that actually most of the milk tea in Macau are like that. You have to add in sugar according to your own preference. It was weird for me at first because I was used to my milk tea sweet when served, but then it was also a wake up call for me to stop drinking so much milk tea judging by the amount of sugar added! So horrifyingggggggggg :O

After that we headed to the Macau Tower!

It costs MOP$120 per adult, and MOP$60 per child (age 11 and under). Luckily ours was sponsored, doh jeh (thank you)!

You might want to visit them at

There's this place in the Macau Tower that is used to function all sorts of events! During the time we were there, they were busy with the preparations of the Global Tourism Economy Forum.

A look out of the window is the M & M Bridge. Our "nanny" Iris from MGTO kept telling us about this bridge, and we saw it pretty often when we were travelling around!

After the tour around, we headed to the Observation Lounge. It is a breathtaking 223m above the ground. That's equivalent to 61 stories high! :O

We were marveled at the panorama view as it offers the best view of Macau.

Of course, who can forget about the World's Highest Bungy Jump?

Initially, I was all daring and gamed on to try! I did my research and looked at a lot of videos before I went. It looked like no kick, such a short distance only! But when I was there, it was a totally different story. Imagine the height from 61 stories high, and you have to jump down.......... That is why they say do not trust everything you see in the internet.

Not only that, it costs MOP$2,488 per person for that 1 jump. That's almost SGD$500!? But... I'm only a poor student :'(

I have to thank Money (yes, that's her name. I NEED TO CHANGE MY NAME TO A SWAG ONE LIKE HERS) from Macau Tower for touring us around!

Was very eager to shake her hand, hahaha! I shook hands with Money everybodyyy! (Pun intended)

The fun did not end there!

We had a buffet dinner at their revolving restaurant, 360° CAFÉ. The view was so beautiful and the chefs were lovely. There was even a chocolate fountain! :D

Stunning night scenery from on top *.*

After our dinner, we went to the outdoor plaza to enjoy the 24th Macau International Fireworks Display Contest. Heard that the budget this year is higher! *wink wink* This row of people are obviously the judges, all preparing their professional stuff.

As it was the first day of the competition, we watched Team Korea and Team Thailand doing their thing as they were up first!

While waiting, all of us were snapping here and there....

The following pictures, including the one above, were taken with the Night Scene modes, namely Clear Nightscape, Cool Night Sky and Warm Glowing Nightscape. They are all in random order.

I apologise for the shaky pictures of the fireworks. Lesson learnt - Bring a tripod if you were to shoot fireworks!

Team Korea

Team Thailand

I personally prefer Team Korea because they did not waste any opportunity in shooting the fireworks. It was boom all the way!

However, I have to applaud for Team Thailand. It's their first time in the competition! Although the time between each firework was rather slow (felt kind of impatient waiting) and there was a lot of smoke, I felt that they did produce fireworks that were surprisingly nice and according to the music!

All right, so that's Day 1 of my Macau trip for you! Stay tuned to and for more updates! :D

WATCH! Video of us on the Macau Tower specially produced by ze "nanny" Rui Long and filmed by videographer Ming Choy!

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