Remember my post on the New Crocs New You II Giveaway? Read it here:

Thank you every single one of you who participated. I am pleased to announce that I have *finally* picked the winners for this giveaway! The picture below are records of the people who took part in the giveaway, commenting on my blog post and tweeting it on their Twitter accounts.

I used to pick the winners.

And the winners and lucky people who are walking away with a pair of Crocs shoes goes to...........


As for the winners of the $10 Crocs voucher:

CONGRATULATIONS Candy, Fionn, @venzzie, Valentine, michellefei, @rubenplease, @tsezi, Grace, @xyanying and @CYunxin! ;D

All winners please e-mail your Name, Contact Number, Email and Mailing Address to Latest by 4 November 2012, if not I will give the chance to someone else!

For those who did not win this time round, don't be upset because I have a lot more giveaways coming up (Psst.. It'll be a weekly thing) in conjunction with celebrations of my new blogskin and domain which is currently "going through constructions". *wink wink* Stay tuned for that! ;)
South Korean rapper PSY's eccentric K-Pop hit, Gangnam Style, has taken the world by storm. Love or hate the song, you have got to admit that a mere mention of it will lead to many singing and dancing along to the catchy tune.

For those who are still clueless about what I am talking about, here's the YouTube video that skyrocketed to fame:

I was walking around Toa Payoh hub just now when I saw many stalls selling these tees:

It seems like my dad is diggin' it.

My question - Would you buy them? How would you feel if you saw someone wearing one of those? Comment your thoughts on this post! ;)
Greyson Chance - I am sure that many of you are familiar with this name. I personally am a fan! Some people even say he is the next (or an even better) Justin Bieber! You should find his songs very familiar:

If you aren't, then you should watch this video. This is the very first video I watched of him performing, and also the video which shot him to fame:

I have good news for all of you Greyson Chance fans out there!

The American pop rock singer and pianist will be coming to Singapore for the fifth episode of MTV Sessions! Presented by F&N Sparking Drinks, he will be showcasing his skills in an intimate studio environment. Remember my post on Kyle Patrick's MTV Session? Yup, you will be THAT close to him!

Want to be part of the session?

MTV Sessions – featuring Greyson Chance! You can check it out here:

Date: 8pm, Friday, 9 November 2012
Place: Waterfront Studio at Resorts World Sentosa


It's very simple! F&N is giving away 20 pairs of invittes.

1. Take a fun photo of your favourite F&N Sparkling Drinks and create a caption for it.

2. Send an email to with the title: F&N Sparkling Drinks – MTV Sessions Contest. The email must include the following:

Your Full Name (as it appears on your NRIC or Passport):
NRIC/Passport No.:
Mobile Number:

A fun photo of your favourite F&N Sparkling Drinks with caption

3. Remember to state that you are a reader of; it may increase your chances!

Contest ends 26 October 2012, at 23:59.
Good luck! ;D
"Be it kawaii or being fashionable, it is an attitude. It is portraying your own taste, image and style after knowing yourself and knowing the trend. It is all about loving life and living your life to the fullest."

I agree thoroughly!

Was watching the new and highly-promoted show on Channel U called Kawaii Style, or 《哈日时尚风》, featuring Joanne Peh.

According to descriptions, "Kawaii Style is a co-production with Tokyo Broadcasting System (TBS) featuring all things fashionable, beauty, lifestyle and mouth-watering bites, filmed entirely in Japan. Discover the charm of Tokyo's latest attraction - Tokyo Skytree, the beauty of vintage with dainty food displays, kawaii accessories of all sorts (for mobile phones, wallets etc), and be dazzled by Joanne Peh's catwalk appeal for the Sendai Collection 2012!"

They featured the Tokyo Girls Collection in Nagoya. Here are some tips that were seen on the runway show!

- The “in” colour for this season is BLACK!

- Matching black with different styles is the season’s latest trend!

- Supermodel Karina commented although the outfit she wore for this year’s Fall/Winter TGC has flower prints, but was heavy in terms of colour and material.

-When you turn around, the back of the dress is a bare-backed design. This bring a girl's cuteness factor to a whole new level!

Moving on, they headed to Japanese brand BEAMS for a outfit recommendation.

- BEAMS recommends: The blouse above that is very ladylike and casual at the same time. It has the trend of puff sleeves and peplum. Match it with a pair of matching shorts, and off you go!

- Joanne peh added that if you wear something like that, you'll be sure it won't go out of trend because it is of a classic style.

Don't say I neh share. Run along and stay chic, fashionistas! *flicks hair*

All photos were taken from Channel U's Facebook page,
"What goes around comes around." I firmly believe in that statement. People are always clueless about what they can do to give back to society.. Well, here's a chance for you!

Happening just TOMORROW, I am pleased to announce that the Singapore Red Cross will be organising its signature fundraiser, the Red Cross International Bazaar! Held at *SCAPE on Orchard Road, the event will be from 10am-6pm. Even better news - President Tony Tan will grace the International Bazaar as the Guest of Honour and open the event!

Expect more than 80 stalls with an array of food and beverages, products and games from around the world will be on display, and there will be performances throughout the day. Examples are cultural performances like Brazilian Samba, Tahitian and Mexican dances, and vocal performances in a variety of languages – all while savouring delights such as American steak sandwiches, Taiwanese pineapple tarts, Thai green curry, Turkish ice cream, Japanese mochi, washed down with Arabic coffee, French or Sri Lankan teas or ice popsicles. If you're a shopaholic (like myself *ahem*), you can look forward to a kaleidoscope of good buys, ranging from handmade jewellery and swimwear to bean dolls and teddy bears!

Good karma are meant for those who deserve it. Do your part for the society, start your day by saving lives; there are many people who need it. Trust me - that sense of happiness and achievement is priceless.
Crocs shoes - if your impression of them are the classic (ugly or genius design, you decide) ones, well, you are obviously out of date.

Step out of your tortoise shell, because Crocs shoes now comes in a wide variety of fashionable designs and colours, you will be so spoilt for choice! Crocs has announced their exciting Fall Holiday 2012 Collection, and a brand new online contest in Asia.

I recently went for a Crocs bloggers gathering to try out the new styles and find out more about the contest! TV Star Oli Pettigrew was also present, but I did not take any photo with him :( Anyway, we got to pick a shoe of our choice, and this was what I got:

Say hi! Women’s LoPro Full Vamp Canvas Slip-on Sneaker in Yellow/Light Grey colour! *.*

Within half an hour, all the invited bloggers had to creatively capture a picture of them as the model posing with their choice of shoe, then upload the photos online. Special guest Oli Pettigrew will then select the winning photos!

This is... Err.. My winning photo, hahahaha! I was one of the 3 winners that night. HUAT AH! ;D

Anyway, to view Croc's latest Fall Holiday 2012 collection, visit!

Here's what you can expect from the Women section. THERE ARE SO MANY MORE CHIO ONE! :O

And here we have the Men section!

PLUS! Do you want a FREE staycation for 2 at the Capella Singapore, with dinner, a massage, and limo service? *wink wink* :D

Find out more by visiting: for the New Crocs New You II Campaign!

Click on 'Your Path, Your Style" and follow on the interactive journey! Then, fill in your details, share your journey, and... good luck! P.S. Crocs is giving away a pair of shoes every week, and EVERYONE gets a Crocs discount coupon! It's so easy pleaseeeeeee. Awesome or what!?




- 1 (any) pair of Crocs shoes for 2 lucky winners
- $10 Crocs voucher for 5 lucky winners


Simply just leave a comment in this blog post (click and scroll down: telling me which shoe did I choose from the Fall Holiday 2012 collection? REMEMBER TO LEAVE YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS SO I CAN CONTACT YOU!


Of course can! Follow me on Twitter ( and tweet this: "Wah! Crocs shoes are so fashionable now. I want to win 1 from @iisjong blog!"

Giveaway only applies to people residing in Singapore, and ends on 25 October 2012, at 2359pm. Winners will be selected randomly and contacted soon.
So sorry for the long wait for Part 2! My laptop was sent for repairs, that's why this post is so delayed. :(

Nevertheless, Day 3 Part 2, LET'S GO!

All the pictures seen in this blog post are taken with the Panasonic Lumix DMC-GF5. Thank you Panasonic for the sponsor of the camera for our trip! 

I think it is obvious where we went to - it's The Venetian Macau!

The place was really beautiful~ *.*

We visited QUBE @ The Venetian. Prices start from MOP/HKD90!

This children playground made me wish that I could go back to my childhood days, so fun! :(
After which, we visited Ice World @ The Venetian. It costs MOP/HKD100 per entry per person. Exhibition was until 16 September 2012!

Check out how penguin I look! Ready to look at the stunning ice carvings? *.*

After the freezing yet fun experience, we headed to Hard Rock Hotel for more surprises!

We had our dinner at City of Dreams (, Jade Dragon Restaurant. It was everyone's favourite meal during our trip!

Fine dining is really fine indeed. See all the table ware? They cost MOP/HKD10,000 for 1 set! Clumsy me took every bite with extra precaution. I don't want to risk breaking anything! :S

Our meals included:

- Deep-Fried Bean Curd with Chilli & Salt / Prime-Cut Iberico BBQ Pork / Deep-Fried Fine de Claire Oyster
- Hot and Sour Soup with Hairy Crabmeat
- Steamed Green Garoupa with Egg White in “Hua Diao” Wine Sauce
- Lychee Wood Roasted Goose
- Stir-fried Prawns with Lobster Bisque (2 head)
- Jade Dragon Signature Fried Rice with Prawn, Sakura Shrimp, Conpoy and Goose

My camera ran out of battery before I had the chance to take pictures of my dessert! ;(

Anyway, here is what we had:

- Chinese Almond Creme Brulee with Bird's Nest and Honey

- Petite Fours Selection, including:
~French Macaroons with Durian fillings
~Chocolate (sprinkle with soy bean flour)
~Handmade Mango & Cherry sweets
~Handmade Milk Tea & Black Sesame Ice Cream

Also thanks to City of Dreams, we watched The House of Dancing Water. It was a jaw-dropping show; I LOVED IT! Will show you all more on the next post! ;D

Stay tuned to & for more. Thank you Macau Government Tourist Office ( and for making this trip such a surprising and wonderful one! ;D
Aaaaaaaaaaaaaand here we go! Day 2 of ze trip to Genting, Malaysia, sponsored by Nuffnang Singapore and RWS Genting! ;D

We woke up early in the morning for the buffet breakfast at the hotel. Food was alright, I found the omelette wrap the chef specially prepared pretty interesting!

Under the omelette are small dices of ham and capsicum. Cheese was also added to level up the taste factor!

The view on the outside from the cafe. It was beautiful! *.*

After our breakfast, the early ones (like me and Rui Ting) gathered at the hotel lobby to wait for the rest of the slowpokes. Yes, that's my Outfit Of The Day!

Here we are at the highlight and probably main reason of our trip - to visit the newly renovated SnowWorld! Wheeeeee, I am ready!!!!! ;D

Group picture of most of us before we made our way in.

Me wrapped up like a dumpling, all ready to chionggggggggggggggg inside!

Initially, I thought that SnowWorld would be no kick because a lot of people told me that it was very similar to Singapore's Snow City. However, I was proven otherwise when I was inside! It was a freezing -8 degrees; it felt like we were some frozen meat in the chiller.

Despite our numbed hands and red noses, it was pretty fun trying to breathe out smoke in the cooling air. We found it amusing, coming from people living in a country that never experienced a snowy Winter.

We played some games specially prepared by the Nuffies! Lots of pictures were taken, lots of running around were involved.

After what seemed like a long time inside, we finally made it out!

And I finally managed to get a picture with the more popular bloggers Silver, Sophie, Melissa, Randy and Benjamin! Until everyone else decided that they wanted to join in also lolololol, so GROUP PIC!!! ;D

A more proper group picture. We look so cute, don't we? *wink wink*

During the game, I was in Sophie's team! We came in 2nd for both games, in which we won the Best Overall Team! Good job Pei Shi, Sophie, Rui Ting, Cookie and myself! *pats on the back*

Rushed back to the hotel, packed our stuff, and it was check-out time.

We had our last meal in Genting at Lobby Cafe. It is situated at the Lobby Floor of First World Hotel! Check out all the food we were fed with:

Who could forget - the desserts! All of them were too pretty to be eaten. *.*

We literally swept away all the desserts they had, hahahahahaha!

Since almost everyone was taking pictures with their desserts, here's my take. Pardon me, I really mean it when I say I suck at this camwhoring thing..

And this marks the end of my Genting trip. I hope you've enjoyed reading! ;D