"Be it kawaii or being fashionable, it is an attitude. It is portraying your own taste, image and style after knowing yourself and knowing the trend. It is all about loving life and living your life to the fullest."

I agree thoroughly!

Was watching the new and highly-promoted show on Channel U called Kawaii Style, or 《哈日时尚风》, featuring Joanne Peh.

According to descriptions, "Kawaii Style is a co-production with Tokyo Broadcasting System (TBS) featuring all things fashionable, beauty, lifestyle and mouth-watering bites, filmed entirely in Japan. Discover the charm of Tokyo's latest attraction - Tokyo Skytree, the beauty of vintage with dainty food displays, kawaii accessories of all sorts (for mobile phones, wallets etc), and be dazzled by Joanne Peh's catwalk appeal for the Sendai Collection 2012!"

They featured the Tokyo Girls Collection in Nagoya. Here are some tips that were seen on the runway show!

- The “in” colour for this season is BLACK!

- Matching black with different styles is the season’s latest trend!

- Supermodel Karina commented although the outfit she wore for this year’s Fall/Winter TGC has flower prints, but was heavy in terms of colour and material.

-When you turn around, the back of the dress is a bare-backed design. This bring a girl's cuteness factor to a whole new level!

Moving on, they headed to Japanese brand BEAMS for a outfit recommendation.

- BEAMS recommends: The blouse above that is very ladylike and casual at the same time. It has the trend of puff sleeves and peplum. Match it with a pair of matching shorts, and off you go!

- Joanne peh added that if you wear something like that, you'll be sure it won't go out of trend because it is of a classic style.

Don't say I neh share. Run along and stay chic, fashionistas! *flicks hair*

All photos were taken from Channel U's Facebook page, https://www.facebook.com/channelu?fref=ts


  1. I can't stand this show! Their subbing / voiceover all damn terrible. I watch until headache. The 9.30pm more acceptable.

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    Wa~ Something on Japanese fashion. Should really watch it...
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    Timothy Tiah
    Is Joanne Peh still in that popular TV show.. the nyonya thing.
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