So sorry for the long wait for Part 2! My laptop was sent for repairs, that's why this post is so delayed. :(

Nevertheless, Day 3 Part 2, LET'S GO!

All the pictures seen in this blog post are taken with the Panasonic Lumix DMC-GF5. Thank you Panasonic for the sponsor of the camera for our trip! 

I think it is obvious where we went to - it's The Venetian Macau!

The place was really beautiful~ *.*

We visited QUBE @ The Venetian. Prices start from MOP/HKD90!

This children playground made me wish that I could go back to my childhood days, so fun! :(
After which, we visited Ice World @ The Venetian. It costs MOP/HKD100 per entry per person. Exhibition was until 16 September 2012!

Check out how penguin I look! Ready to look at the stunning ice carvings? *.*

After the freezing yet fun experience, we headed to Hard Rock Hotel for more surprises!

We had our dinner at City of Dreams (, Jade Dragon Restaurant. It was everyone's favourite meal during our trip!

Fine dining is really fine indeed. See all the table ware? They cost MOP/HKD10,000 for 1 set! Clumsy me took every bite with extra precaution. I don't want to risk breaking anything! :S

Our meals included:

- Deep-Fried Bean Curd with Chilli & Salt / Prime-Cut Iberico BBQ Pork / Deep-Fried Fine de Claire Oyster
- Hot and Sour Soup with Hairy Crabmeat
- Steamed Green Garoupa with Egg White in “Hua Diao” Wine Sauce
- Lychee Wood Roasted Goose
- Stir-fried Prawns with Lobster Bisque (2 head)
- Jade Dragon Signature Fried Rice with Prawn, Sakura Shrimp, Conpoy and Goose

My camera ran out of battery before I had the chance to take pictures of my dessert! ;(

Anyway, here is what we had:

- Chinese Almond Creme Brulee with Bird's Nest and Honey

- Petite Fours Selection, including:
~French Macaroons with Durian fillings
~Chocolate (sprinkle with soy bean flour)
~Handmade Mango & Cherry sweets
~Handmade Milk Tea & Black Sesame Ice Cream

Also thanks to City of Dreams, we watched The House of Dancing Water. It was a jaw-dropping show; I LOVED IT! Will show you all more on the next post! ;D

Stay tuned to & for more. Thank you Macau Government Tourist Office ( and for making this trip such a surprising and wonderful one! ;D


  1. How much would that meal cost?

    1. pretty expensive i suppose, the cutleries alone cost a bomb!