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With the advent of urbanization, the ever-changing lifestyles and a rapidly aging population, it's no wonder that our lives are more demanding than before.

Have you thought of the following questions:

"How can we help better people’s lives, by balancing their physical, emotional, and mental well-being? How can we ensure that cities, communities and homes are more energy efficient, and more livable, so that we are safe, secure and comfortable in our environment?"

"How can we make a change in Singapore that can help people live better healthier and more meaningful lives?"

Well, Philips did! That was why they launched The '+' Project. You can find out more here: http://www2.yourhealthandwellbeing.asia/singapore/

Through The ‘+’ Project, Philips is underscoring their commitment to helping the local community. They aim to work together with the community and other stakeholders, combining their expertise, innovation technology, and funding to face these challenges and address health and well-being challenges in Singapore.


Step 2:
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Giveaway is only open to readers residing in Singapore. It ends on 7th December 2012, 2359pm.


  1. Working in preschool has made me realized that well-being for children begins at a young age. Kudos to this idea and I hope it will be a reality. Referred by iisjong.blogspot.com

  2. Parent's university as parenting and family skills are important for a good family.
    Maybe can have some national certification =P Referred by iisjong.blogspot.com