Last night, I attended the annual NP's Got Talent competition in Ngee Ann Polytechnic's Convention Centre. There were 15 outstanding acts from various schools competing for that 1 spot. I remember having my jaw hanging from all the good performances displayed on stage!

Congratulations to Chester and Shabab from School of EE, overall champions of the competition. You can check out their performance here:

Le trophy.

I found some people's reaction and the way they acted to the results of the Top 3 winners and some of the performers very distasteful though. Well like the saying goes: "Haters gonna hate", jealousy is not going to change anything. Just because the performers are not as popular as the rest or they are not your friends, it doesn't mean that you can put them down. I don't understand why you can't give them your support too.

Why did the winners win? Simply because they performed something that was different from the rest, something original. And the judges loved it, they salute them for that. You see, this "talent" thing is very subjective. Then again, who are you to judge the judges ability to come up with the final decision? Are you more professional than they are? Why can't you appreciate, celebrate and congratulate the winners for the job well done?

I understand that a lot of support were given to singing performances. Sure, it's no doubt that there were pretty good vocals and powerhouses present in the competition. I personally know the winner Chester himself, and I've always known him to be a fantastic vocalist, just that the song choice did not allow him to portray the best of his vocals last night. But at least he played the harmonica, paired with a great rapper and bassist like Shabab, making the song like their own. Also, there's a reason why it's called NP's Got TALENT and not NP SING OFF.

Anyway, congratulations to all of the performing acts. All of you are winners in your own unique way! ;)

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