That's right.

I know I haven't been updating the blog as much (guilty as charged), because my life has been hectic until cannot. For new readers or people who forgot how I look like (STM much?), this is me on a normal day:

November is the start of many awesome things, and I am ready for them!

So what have I been up to? Well, the usual stuff like boring school work and endless of procrastination... As you can see, I am proud to announce officially that iisjong is now a part of the Myfatpocket community! *squeal* You can check me out here:

I spend a lot of time reading interesting articles on the website about all the girly stuff (I am probably one of the most ungirliest girl around so I learnt quite a lot). Being part of this community has been an aim for me ever since it first started out, because a lot of popular (and super pretty) bloggers like Miyake and Celestina are a part of it. It's almost like every girl blogger's dream?

Now that I have "fulfilled my dream" (am very thankful :']), it's like *ding ding ding* Achievement Unlocked! To celebrate the happy occasion, I am holding a giveaway that's coming up this week! Stay tuned for it!

Also, I will be taking part in a fashion competition which will be shown on MediaCorp Channel 5 (fyeah, no longer need to stress about speaking proper Mandarin like in Ch U's Let's Talk hahahaha). You can say that I am currently spending all my effort on it, doing all the fashion research and stuff coz I WANT TO WIN! So kind souls, please bless and mention me in your prayers that I win this thing, ok? I also pray to all the Gods! Good people will have good karma ;)

Other than all those, I am also in the midst of talking to my blog skin designer, because is getting a new face lift (no botox involved) and a domain! *insert screams and applause* I find my current blog skin very messy, but I am lazy to re-do everything, so I push everything to someone else hehehehe xP

Life is looking pretty positive, and I hope it stays this way! Juggling with everything is tough, especially more for a struggling student like me, but I CAN DO THIS!

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