On 1st December 2012, I headed down to the Singapore Indoor Stadium for my very first Korean Pop concert this year by 2NE1. This is their very first full concert here in Singapore. I would like to thank https://twitter.com/NTUCCLUB for holding the 2NE1 giveaway contest, in which I won a pair of concert tickets!

To be honest, I don't listen to K Pop that much, but 2NE1 is one Korean girl group that caught my eye. I admire and respect them a lot! They are really enthusiastic about what they do, and their songs are very relatable; many people find themselves stuck in similar situations written in the lyrics of the songs as it spoke of their inner voices. Finally, they are able to scream their troubles out loud with 2NE1.

I may not be so much of a Blackjack (what 2NE1 fans call themselves), I don't know the full lyrics to all of their songs (Korean language confuses me a bit hahaha), but I am definitely in love with their catchy music, amazing fashion sense and indisputable fun, energetic attitudes ever since they first debuted!

I brought Fionn along with me to the concert. Her reward for braving through A Levels. ;P

I had no idea what to wear, so I decided to go casual since there's gonna be a lot of pushing and jumping going on. Decided to wear my new yellow high cut sneakers to give the overall outfit a "pop"!

The concert starts at 7pm, but we went down at 1pm to queue, hoping to get a good view since we're in the mosh pit section. When we got there, there was already queue after queue of people!

I could hear the girls doing their sound checks from the outside (they sounded great even when rehearsing btw), and you could see everyone in the queue getting really excited!

There was a tent that sold the official merchandises, which resulted in another loooong queue!

Le official merchandises! I love! Wish I had enough money to buy everything ;(

Fionn got the 2NE1 Light Stick!

It is super, duper pwetty! I love the details, THOSE STUDS!!!!!!!!

..... And we're in! Fionn with her light stick and me with my handy and super useful luminous board, hehehe.

Unlike many concerts I've been to where they start reallyyyyyy late, the concert surprisingly started a little after 7pm! The indoor stadium looked beautiful with a sea of Blackjacks soaking in to the atmosphere, holding on tightly to their light sticks. If you were there at the concert, you should understand what I mean!

The concert began with some visual effects on the screen, in which was pulled down after, revealing the girls in their bright, colourful and funky Adidas outfits (I LOVE! *.*) on elevated platforms. They kicked-off the concert with their hit song "I Am The Best"!

The crowd was entertained by their fluent English and catchy songs like "Fire", "Clap Your Hands", "I Don't Care" and "Don't Stop The Music" during the first part of the concert!

2NE1's leader, CL, amazed the crowd with her DJ skills and got the energy level of the whole stadium rising with various English songs. The view was great as she was elevated to a great height (I was so afraid that she might fall~ X.X); everyone could see her do her thing!

The powerhouse of the group and my personal favourite, Park Bom, sang to her songs "Don't Cry" and "You and I". She looked so angelic and cute! ^_^

Much to our surprise, she pulled down the cover below the podium she was standing on, revealing 2 macho hunks beating it like drums.

The crowd continued to be charmed by the girls and their non-stop dancing as they appeared in cutesy cheerleader outfits, singing to the song "Follow Me".

Minzy, the maknae (youngest) of the group, did a duet with CL! They sang "Please Don't Go" and "Pretty Boy". I loved the roller coaster effects!

Amazed by how the dancers managed to get into the ball O.O Impressive, lolololol.

And it was Minzy's solo time! CHECK THAT OUT! THE GIRL'S HIP POWER IS DAMN GOOD, YO! The baby of the group is known for her dance moves, and indeed, she did an amazing dance solo! I could watch her go on and on.... Every movement was to the beat and perfectly executed.

Sandara's performance was the last solo act! "Leave the best for the last", they said. It was right indeed! Dara did a solo of "Kiss", and invited a fan up on stage. The crowd roared in excitement when she asked: "Should I kiss him on the lips?"

The concert reached a climax as she sat on his laps and kissed him on his cheeks! *squeals*

The girls continued the concert with "It Hurts", "Lonely", "In the Club", "Stay together", "I Love You", "Ugly", "Let's Go Party", "Scream", "Hate You", "Go Away" and 'Can't Nobody".

If you think that's all to it, you're wrong! The "eargasm" experience was definitely not enough - 2NE1 came back on stage with one of the best and most fun stage props I've ever seen! It's like a mini playground on stage. Us lucky crowd was treated to an encore session, where the girls sang "I Don't Care" and "I Am The Best".

See how much fun they're having, hahaha! ;D

Another climax of the concert was when CL asked: "Do you guys want one last song? What song do you want us to sing?" The concert ended with "I Love You".

2NE1 thanked everyone at the end of the show, and you could see all of them getting teary-eyed... It was their last concert of the year, and nobody would argue with you if you said it was a fantastic concert. Every pair of eyes could see that they definitely did their very best! It was non-stop fun, cheering, dancing and singing along.

"I Am The Best", they said. Indeed, they are. This is one concert that would keep me thinking back in smiles!

For full pictures of the concert, visit my Facebook album here: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10151260420887367.482125.670457366&type=1&l=a503d637e0

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