Some time ago, I visited the Yishun branch of Luxe Women! They are an award-winning nail trending salon. You can find them at 418 Yishun Avenue 11 #01-413 Singapore (760418) Tel: 6755 5539.

It was my first time there! The pink exterior definitely shouted "Girls Only!" They are very particular about hygiene; it is their main priority.

I went down with Rui Ting and Deenise for a little pedicure party. Look at the board, the whole place was specially for us! ;D

It was my first time doing a classic pedicure! I will be showing you the steps and process that I went through.

I was amazed the moment I stepped into the place. It was so pink, fluffy and has got everything girly!

Check out the numerous achievements and awards Luxe Women received over the years. Impressive indeed! ;O

Not just in paper, they have trophy recognitions too *.*

All of us listened attentively as we were told to a lot of stories and learnt a lot more about taking care of our feet.

Super cute Hello Kitty coaster and rabbit mugs! I felt like a princess! *holds tiara*

First step, I had to cleanse my feet by soaking in spa salt warm water. There is an aromatherapy effect by the way!

Next was the applying of callus gel.

I was served by Jaclyn, Founder and General Manager of Luxe Women! I love how she took special care of every step of the process, I felt so pampered and safe in her hands. Not forgetting that she was very informative about all the questions we asked her!

Then, I got my feet wrapped to absorb the callus gel and soften the cuticles. I look like a bandaged mummy, hehehe...

While waiting, there was a tv to watch and relax. With Lee Min Ho on screem, I was DEFINITELY relaxed! ;P I looked around and saw many many many nail polishes! It's like a dream for people who are into nail stuff.

With that many nail polish bottles, comes many nail colours to choose from. I was so spoilt for choice!

After the towel was taken off, it was exfoliating time! Luckily I didn't have a lot of dry skin for a first timer.

It was followed up by a massage and application of base coat for my nails.

Painting of nails time! I have no idea how people manage to paint so well and precise. I always paint mine with excess at the sides =.=

I got my feet painted in black for my base colour. Can you guess what design am I about to do?

Thanks to Jaclyn's professional advice, gold glitter was added to my feet for a special and pop-out effect!

Lastly, an acrylic 3D bow design was added to my toe nails, followed by application of a top coat!

Ta-dah~ End result! My feet is now so pwetty, no? ;D

Check out these chio nail designs you can do!

Even the calculator is so kawaii neh~ ^_^

Deenise, mine and Rui Ting's now very chio feet, all cleansed and ready to show the world!

For more information about Luxe Women, visit their website at

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