It is that time of the year to groom ourselves and look our very best, since the Chinese New Year is approaching! Looking good is important when visiting relatives and friends you haven’t met in a long time. In this New Year, I am proud to announce that Headlines Hairdressing is now the official hair sponsor for my manes! ♡^▽^♡

Located at China Square Central, cosplay and anime lovers should be familiar with this place since there are so many toy shops around. The retail oasis is located within the bustling CBD, only a short walking distance from Chinatown MRT station. It is the best place to give your hair a fix this CNY; you can do your CNY goodies shopping in Chinatown before or after your hair appointment since it’s so near! Talk about convenient!

Once you enter the building, it is easy to spot Headlines Hairdressing amongst the toy shops. If you didn’t know, Headlines Hairdressing is the brainchild of Gary Lee, one of Singapore’s most renowned hairstylists! I guess that was why I felt so comfortable stepping in - I know that I will feel and look confident when I step out later on.

Everyone there was warm and welcoming! I noticed that they use a whole range of Mucota products. I did an advertorial for Mucota before (, so that made me feel even safer putting my hair in their care!

My hairstylist was Max, and he is definitely the person to look for! With so many hair colours and styles to choose from this season, I was so spoilt for choice and couldn't make up my mind. Thankfully, I consulted (and kind of debated) with Max and Gary about what to do about my cmi (cannot make it) hair beforehand. They examined the condition and colour of my hair before recommending what was suitable for me. For example, I wanted to perm my hair, but they suggested otherwise as my hair was not in a good condition to do so.

I think this is very important – a hairstylist’s job is to transform a customer’s locks into healthy, shiny hair. They should not be baselessly recommending services just to milk extra money from their customers. In fact, they gave and showed me various examples of what they visualized would look good while working on my problems and concerns!

To top off the fantastic service, Max lent me an iPad to watch shows on to cure my boredom. Daebak (Y)! This is the Super Idol Top 10 Finalists episode btw, in case you’re curious.

And I present to you... My atrocious hair before =.= Please clear this horror image of me away from your mind. I've wanted to hit the salon for the looooooooooongest time, so I thank all the Gods there are for bestowing such a fantastic place for me! ┗(^0^)┓

Being the *ahem* unique girl that I am *ahem*, I wanted a look that was different from others. Max was also seeking the same thing - a whole new transformation. After almost an hour long of discussions, he decided to experiment with the funky colours Purple and Midnight Blue since I was so fickle minded. Off we go!

Max managed to handle my hair with care despite it being crazily dry and tangled! I also got to play around with another staff whom I respect a lot. He was really talkative and cheeky despite being hearing impaired. Despite his disabilities, he was such a funny guy to be around with! Every time he swings by, I always anticipate what he was going to do next.

And here are the results after sitting on the chair for nearly 5 hours, getting my hair done. Drum rolls please! .........................................................

TA-DAH! MY HAIR CHIO OR NOT??????????? (((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))

I am IN LOVE; I've always wanted something colourful! Didn't dare to do it previously as I fear that I will look ridiculous. BUT LOOKIE!!! I really did not expect Max to add in so many colours and make it look gorgeous as the same time, omg! (o;TωT)o

He is really creative and attentive in the small details. As I was still attending school, the loud colours are hidden underneath my mocha-coloured hair. When I want to show them off, I can just put up my hair!

I also did a hair treatment! Max gave me a lot of hair tips like the need of applying hair masks often, for example. Realized that I’ve been using the wrong type of shampoo too. ;/

More pictures for you green-eyed monsters! Jealous right? ;P

I swear, Max is super duper talented can!? He did all sorts of pretty hairstyles on me that I was so ashamed to call myself a girl.

It looks good when curled! I was taught how to curl my hair with a hair straightener, hahaha.

With the man himself! For some reason, he resembles Alien Huang/Huang Hong Sheng/Xiao Gui, doesn’t he!?

Good news for you guys! When you visit Headlines Hairdressing,
Quote “Joey” to get 15% discount! ヾ(@^▽^@)ノ

Headlines Hairdressing
Address: 18 Cross Street #01-15, China Square Central, Singapore 048423
Telephone: 6221 6866
How to get there: Take a train to Chinatown Station (Exit E). It is approximately a 5 mins walk away.


  1. WA! So chio! Did you have to bleach it?

    1. thank you! ;) nope, no bleaching! but had to dye my hair to a certain colour first, so that the colours will show.