As some of you are aware, my dad recently bought me a new Macbook Air! \(@ ̄∇ ̄@)/ It definitely came as a surprise for me! My birthday was still far away, and Christmas was long over. My dad - surprising me every day since 1993.

Along with the laptop, my dad also bought me a ugly and boring looking grey cover to go along with, as well as to protect my new toy. Initially, I didn't quite want to use it... But because it's pretty expensive, so might as well.

Of course, I couldn't just leave it looking like that right! I had to to something! And that was how I started digging up for craft items in my room, looking for an inspiration for transformation.

How did I do it?

- Firstly, I visualized how I wanted the design to be like. I was very sure that I wanted "iisjong" as my main design since it's my online persona. Also, in case my laptop gets stolen *touch wood*, it's much easier to find me.

- I found felt cloths I bought from Daiso a long time ago. Only used a bit of them. They were suitable for my design, plus there're all in different colours. I love colours! Ding ding ding, they fit the bill!

- I have this old dress that I was about to bin a week before I got my Macbook. The lace details were too gorgeous, so I didn't bear to throw it yet... I chucked it aside first, thinking that they might be of use another time. One week later, I was right! So I cut them out and stuck them together.

- Found some old stickers and those stick-on thingys for phone I got from Daiso (oh, you fantastic place!) but never used. So I stuck them on too.

- I had scissors, but no glue. So I went down to a craft shop in Ang Mo Kio and bought fabric glue. Costed me $3.90.

- Kiapped the whole thing in-between the cover and laptop.

Ta-dah~ End product!

I also found a picture of me on the brochure for Safer Internet Day, so I cut it out and stuck it too!


- Because there are holes on the lace, you have to be careful not to do it on tables and newspapers etc in case they stick together. I had to stick on another layer of lace because I couldn't get the newspaper bits out that got stuck with the glue!

- I found a brilliant idea to conquer that problem, and that was to hang it with your laundry. Use a clothes peg to kiap it. Good way to dry it too, since there's more... Air ventilation?

- Remember to glue the stickers too! They drop out pretty easily.

I hope you'll have fun making your own! Take pictures and show me if you do  ☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆
Top Zara | Shorts Giordano HK | Shoes Mum's, from Hong Kong | Skull Bucket Bag

"It's not about the brand, it's about the style."

Some time ago (actually very long ago ;X), I was invited to Moleskine Asia's Workshop - Make Words Dance Beyond Paper. This is Moleskine's very first workshop in Singapore! Thought that the pictures turned out nice, that's why I am sharing HAHAHAHA.

I made a really short video so you roughly can see how it goes. Thank you Elrica for helping me with the pictures and video! ;D

Basically what we had to do was to customize our own Cahier to be exhibited at Kinokuniya.

We had 150 word stamps to choose from to formulate our own story.

What we had to do was to tell a story with the Moleskine Words rubber stamps, then share and exhibit our tales.

Deeply immersed in my own story-telling... Stamped a whole lot of crap, hahahaha!

"Love what you do."

I saw a few pretty interesting stories that made me want to read the whole thing! Ahhh... The beauty of words.

For more information, visit:

Recently, I found out about the search to be the next host of Rediffusion. I emailed my registration video and details, but I probably don't have hope anymore because I submitted it late and nobody got back to me.

I admit that I am a little disappointed about it, but in life, if it's yours, it's yours. No point forcing it. Anyway, through this contest, I got to know more about Eva. She's the Chairman of Rediffusion, and the Principal of Eduplus Language School. When I was young, I used to attend Mandarin courses at Eduplus Bishan as I stayed nearby. My mum told me the place was well-known for producing students with excellent results. That explains my rather strong foundation in Mandarin. Eva visits the centre frequently, + I studied in the centre for years. I also remember her face plastered on the walls, books etc, that was why I vaguely remember her. But because I was still so young, I had no idea that she was actually someone so influential in the media industry.

So, I was browsing through her Facebook page recently (张美香 EEva Show), listening to her show. And also maybe kinda stalking her. It was then I found out about how huge she was. Her voice was how I remembered it to be - so soothing with proper pronunciation to every word. But what captured me the most was her content. I get really bored easily when listening to audio clips, but for some reason, I found myself not hitting the "stop" button. The stories she spoke of were so simple, yet it left me wanting for more. I was so immersed. It was then I realized the beauty of simplicity.

I recall in one of her videos for Rediffusion, she mentioned something that struck me and got me thinking. These aren't the exact words, but roughly goes like this: "In the media industry, we are giving back to the society. Our jobs are to bring smiles and warmth to people's faces."

Same applies to blogging. What is your purpose of blogging in the first place? I was browsing through my blog recently, comparing then and now. I asked myself: "There're fewer proper content now.. Is this really what I want people to read?" After "stalking" Eva, it made me even more determined to produce good content that people, even I, lack of nowadays.

All in all, I think I'm blurting rubbish as usual. But yeah, I don't want my readers to just scroll through my blog without reading properly the post I've prepared for hours, you understand what I mean?

Every blog has it's different purposes. And for me, it's to share my experiences and maybe, hopefully, inspire others. Not through looks, but proper content. Just like Eva.
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I is proud to announce that I haz a nail sponsor - Mynte Fingers! ;D

I have to thank Mynt for contacting me just as I was all lost and having a headache about where I should head to to do my nails for the Chinese New Year. Some of you might know Mynte Fingers because they are often at *SCAPE Flea Markets! They are so popular; I remember wanting to do a manicure with them last year at the flea market, but had to queue for quite some time before it was my turn.

If you don't like squeezing with the crowd, Mynte Fingers have cozy in-house services at Yishun. Look at these gorgeous hand-drawn nail designs Mynte Fingers can do! I was sooo spoilt for choice I tell you.

The prices are SOOOOOO AFFORDABLE I must add!!

Express Manicure: $6
Express Pedicure: $10

Express Combo: $15

Classic Manicure: $15
Classic Pedicure: $30

Gel Classic Manicure: $30
Gel Classic Pedicure: $45

Of course, there are additional charges for nail art.

Bottles after bottles after bottles...

I had to choose between doing Express, Classic and Gel Manicure. Decided to do Gel Manicure in the end, because I've never done it before. Not forgetting that I am superrr clumsy! It takes just a few hours after a normal manicure for me to ruin my nails, le sigh....

My bare nails, all ready to be beautified!

Told Mynt that I wanted something colourful. Was so excited to see the results!


This was what Mynt did for me; pastel colourful gel nails with lacey details *.*

A closer look.

I don't really go for manicures and stuff, but yay! Looks like I will be having chio nails from now on. It felt good to suddenly have so many praises for my nails, hahahaha. Let me know how you find it & take pictures if you do your nails there. Also, do feel free to give me some ideas for my next nail design! We can discuss, maybe even do manicure together. ;D

For more information, visit:

CNOS is back this year, and I present to you.... My blog entry for the registration!

If you know me well enough, you should understand that I am not really fond of joining such competitions. However, since the duration of the challenges are in March (school holidays!) + my New Year's Resolution is to try something new to keep challenging myself,

I reckon it would be pretty interesting to see how I would fare in the eyes of the judges. They are amongst the top bloggers in Singapore's Blogosphere! Not only that, I can also observe the different blogging & vlogging styles my "competitors" have. Who knows, I might pick up a few pointers or even make new friends for life! ヽ(*≧ω≦)ノ

All in all, I think that it is a gain for me altogether, a learning process!

Anyway, back to the main topic!

Located just beside the Orchard Road district, this urban mall is THE hideout for the youths in Singapore. Even if you're not a youth, just take a walk in the mall and you'll feel young again because of the vibrant energy!

This is my introduction video! Wonder what my special memory at Cathay Cineleisure Orchard is? Click to find out.


Nobody would argue with me when I say that there's a myriad of things you could do at Cine!

There's the Cathay Cineplex Orchard nestled at the top levels of the building, where moviegoers can catch the latest blockbuster movies! It has been voted the "Favourite Cinema in Singapore", by the way. With such high popularity, how could you forgo it!?

Talk about convenient! There's a convenience store at Level 1 where you can grab almost everything that you are looking for. Think mouthwash, especially when you're in the middle of a date and ate something which resulted in you having bad breath. Or that piece of meat stuck in-between your teeth that you couldn't get out (speaking from experience).

At least you won't end the date with your partner going "ewwww!"

For the vain pots, there's a hairdressing salon at Level 2 to give your hair that extra oomph factor! Making you feel SUPER confident when you step out.

For the Fan-doms, there is a cart shop at Level 2 selling posters of your favourite idols. Or should I say, everyone's imaginary girlfriends and boyfriends! Can buy home paste on the wall and kiss all you want!

Fashionistas alike, listen up! There's a wide variety of fashion labels throughout the mall (there're local ones too!) to choose from to complete your runway-worthy outfits. You'd be sure that even the Fashion Police would go "I approve of what you're wearing!"

I am always so spoilt for choices when I am shopping at Cine! *.* Prices vary at every shop, but overall, they are pretty affordable. Many shops often have quite a lot of clothes made with good materials on the sales rack!

Of course, which outfit is complete without accessories!? There are so many great finds around the mall that shouts "UNIQUE!" Just have to dig only!

...... But with so many shops to choose from, which one exactly is MY favourite shop?


Deng deng deng deng~ It's Graffiti Cafe! ☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆

I know what you're thinking.. "Huh!? Out of so many shops, why did you choose this?"

It's simple. "能吃是福, 填饱肚子最重要!" is my belief. For the non-Chinese friends, it means that being able to eat is a blessing, and filling up my tummy is the most important thing! I am *ahem* a glutton *cough* so food, to me, comes before everything!

I almost always eat at Graffiti Cafe when I go to Cathay Cineleisure Orchard. They have earned a great reputation, having opened so many stalls throughout the island. Also, this was the place I had dinner at during the first few dates in my life. *blushes* It definitely brings back memories!

Environment is good, most of the crowd eating at this place are fashionable youths. The place was clean, and service was also rather fast despite it being a peak hour when I was there. I have to add that there are many seats, so you do not have to worry about not getting one. Unless, of course, you're in a big group.

The good thing about this shop is that it has a queue number system, so you will be assured that NO ONE WILL CUT YOUR QUEUE!

The concept of this shop is really interesting - you can draw on the tables, walls and chairs without ANYONE (cue parents and teachers) chiding you! It's really a place for "freedom of speech". In fact, the people at Graffiti Cafe encourages you to "vandalize". SEEMS LEGIT!

This is my favourite - Pontian Wanton Mee!

Don't look down on this bowl of noodles! It is the heaviest noodle in the world, because ONE TONNE MEE! BWAHAHAHA! ;X

At only $3.50, it is more than enough to fill my tummy despite it's small portion. It is definitely a good alternative in town for students on a budget, or for cheapo people like myself!

Every bowl of noodles come with a bowl of soup with wantons. I don't always drink soups, but when I do, it's this Pontian Wanton Mee's soup! There's something about it that tastes really good.

We get to choose from chilli sauce, black sauce and tomato sauce for the noodles. I always order it in black sauce, with a little bit of chilli sauce. There will be a mix of sweetness, saltiness and spicyness all in a bowl of goodness!

*drooling as I think about it*

The noodles are very "Q" and bouncy, really easy to chew off. I personally think that it is very important for the noodles to taste good in order for the whole dish to be superb, because it is the main thing that I am eating. The char siew is chewy, and the wanton is unbelievably crispy. Definitely worth every penny!

とても美味しいです!Totemo oishii desu! (Y)
It was delicious, and I ate well!

Grafitti Cafe
Cathay Cineleisure Orchard
8 Grange Road, Somerset, Singapore 239695

... Aaaaand this marks the end of my blog post! Thank you for reading, and good luck to me~ (。・ω・。)ノ♡
If you haven't read my previous entries:


As mentioned in my previous blog post, I went for facial at Derma-Rx Clinic on the 16th of January!

The facial was at The MediSpa instead of The Clinic. Dr David recommended me to do the Essential Facial (Plus). It is a highly popular award-winning program that has won the CozyCot Holy Grail Award 2008 and the All Time Favourite Facial of Elle Magazine's Beauty IT List 2009.

Wahhhh, not bad wor!

This was the reception area where I waited for my turn.

Numerous DRx products on the display shelves.

DRx sure has got A LOT of award-winning titles!

I was then ushered into a room for my facial session. The Essential Facial is DRx's fundamental treatment for the maintenance of a good complexion. Because every customer has got different skin types, the facial is customized to skin suitability, and to suit different skin needs.

Pardon the super messy bed after my treatment, oops!

Here was what I did! I consulted my therapist, and these are the steps I went through:

The facial started off with Double Cleansing. This is to increase absorption, and to cleanse the skin from dirt.

Next, was Microdermabrasion. DRx's Microdermabrasion was rated a 4-star "Must Try" rating by Female magazine! ;O It removes the superficial layers of the skin with a special machine using fine crystals or a diamond-tipped hand piece, or both. Some people might know this treatment as Diamond Peel. It results in clearer looking skin and, in the long run, gives skin a smoother texture with reduction of fine lines, pore size and superficial scars.

Then, we proceeded on with Ultrasonic Cleansing. It is to clear blackheads and whiteheads, loosen impurities and oil with an ultrasound device. This is so that blackheads are easily extracted without damage to the surrounding skin. Exfoliation of the dead skin cells also allows for more effective penetration of therapeutic substances that follow.

Moving on, was THE KILLER. EXTRACTION. I've done sooooo many facial extractions that I've lost count already. This is the worst part of any facial, a horror. Luckily for me, because I have been using DRx's Comedone Formula (CF), the blackheads came out easily as compared to before! BUT STILL SUPER PAIN MAI GAWD.

Thereafter, was the Ultrasonic Nutrient Delivery. It penetrates vitamins into the skin. An ultrasound device was used to deliver Pharmaceutical Grade vitamins and essential compounds into the skin for various benefits.

Afterwards, was the PG Vitamin C. It stimulates the production of collagen in the dermis for firmer, smoother and younger looking skin. It is also known to produce an overall skin lightening effect and a more even skin tone. I noticed that it indeed had effect on my skin tone after just 1 treatment! WHAT SORCERY IS THIS!?

Lastly, the session ended with a Therapeutic Mask. For me, a seaweed mask was used for hydration. DRx's mask are made from high quality marine-derived ingredients with remarkable therapeutic properties! I loveddddd the cooling effect it gave, very relaxing!

At the end of the session, with my therapist Kuan! She was very informative and provided me with all the information that I wanted to know. Was pretty weird + awkward camwhoring in front of her, and my skills aren't that great to begin with.

My Say:

Normally I'll walk out after a facial with a mask on because my ENTIRE face will be full of red, angry spots! Really is 没脸见人, or no face to meet anyone, that kind! I did ask Kuan whether similar things would happen to my face before the facial started, and she replied that it would not be that bad... So yeah, it wasn't, and I actually prepared a mask, but didn't feel the need to use it.

I enjoyed my whole treatment, especially the mask at the end, EXCEPT the extraction part. Although I am pretty numb to extractions by now, but I still could feel the pain and felt like crying :'( But like I've said, luckily I have been using the CF all along, so the blackheads came out easier. I remember my therapist from another facial had to squeeze 5-6 times to get a blackhead/whitehead out? This facial was probably at most 2-3 times? Don't judge me hor.

Anyway, Kuan also trimmed my eyebrows for me. Thank you. From a busy girl who don't have time for such things.

A lot of people have been asking, so here you go! This is Tong Building, next to Paragon, where the Derma-Rx Clinic is located. Just take the lift up to the 16th floor!

If you think that I am not informative enough, you can visit their websites:

Just sharing my experience! Even my dad, who is forever complaining about my skin, suddenly told me 1 day: "Woah, your skin is getting better." Hearing that is like miracle come true, lol. I hope you guys faster get better skin too! ;)

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Can be worn in 2 different ways!